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10 Best Movie Sites to Legally Watch Movies for Free

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Well, I still can’t remember the last time I downloaded a movie on my tablet or laptop. Both internet speed and streaming services have improved so much in the past couple of years that I usually stream all my movies.

My streaming habits have so much increased even more as it has become much more comfortable to stream movies than downloading them, all thanks to many great websites which offer streaming capabilities.

And while there are a lot of paid options out there, I stick to the free ones as they provide quite a good selection for free movies. It’s quite amazing to know that all these services are entirely legal so you don’t have to be afraid of anything.

So if you’re interested in streaming free movies, here are the best ten movies site that is legal and free:


Some few weeks ago, YouTube introduced a new category of movies for its viewers. Dubbed as the ‘Free to Watch’ category, it offers a healthy selection of films which can be streamed without having to pay any fee.

All these movies are ad-supported though, so they like any other YouTube video. I, in particular, love the movie collection here as YouTube is offering some of the best films that have even been produced.

The last time i checked, there are over 99 titles featuring movies such as Rocky series, Police Story, Terminator, IP Man and so much more.

If you love free movies, then you should probably consider checking it out.

  • Availability: USA
  • Pricing: Free


My favourite and maybe my pick from the best movie sites is Tubi. while most of the other services may offer movies that are pretty old, thanks to its association with movie producers such as Starz, Lionsgate, MGM, and more, Tubi gives its users access to a lot of movies which are relatively new.

One of the good parts about Tubi is that not only does it work on a browser but also has apps for various platforms including Android, iOS, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and much more.

To watch movies all you need to do is register for a free account (no credit card required) and you are on your way to watching hundreds of hours of free content.

  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Pricing: Free


Vudu is an excellent place for streaming movies which are generally considered as paid offerings on other platforms. Vudu does that by showing ad-supported contents and generating income from these ads. This is a win-win situation for the owners and viewers, and it makes.

Vudu a worthy contender for our list of best movie websites. Thanks to this approach by Vudu, it gives s you access to movies such as Predator, Rockey, Warrior, Undisputed, and much more.

Vudu also features the latest movies (though paid) just like Google Play Store or iTunes so you can save your selection of free and paid movies at the same place. If you love movies, then you should definitely check this one out.

  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Pricing: Free with some paid titles

Sony Crackle

Another excellent place for watching great movie content is Sony Crackle. Since a big studio provides the service, you will get access to a lot of great free movies along with high-quality original content.

Not only that, but the platform also features a good selection of anime movies which makes it great for anime fans. I found the service to be good for thriller and action genre of film. Some of the moves hosted on SonyCrackle include Babel.

30 Minutes or Less, Charlie’s Angels, Drive, and much more. Unfortunately, the service is only available in the US and Australia, but it’s still one of the best movie sites out there.

  • Availability: the US and Australia
  • Pricing: Free


Popocornflix is also a great place to consume movies. Firstly, it’s available worldwide, so it does not face any content challenge as Song Crackle or other restricted services mentioned on this list.

Secondly, the website is speedy, and it provides perfect streaming speeds which makes this an ideal place for streaming movies if you have an internet connection with lower speeds. And lastly, there is also a good selection of movies here that you will find something interesting to watch.

Apart from the featuring studio movies, Popocornflix also features a lot of indie movies which is great news for lovers of Indie movie. However, this is a great place to discover and watch movies.

  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Pricing: Free


This streaming service is for all anime lovers out there, and it’s the best movie site for Anime fans. While the service offers its users with non-anime content, the most prominent content genre here is anime.

You can find a lot of good anime movies and series here, more than any other free movie streaming website mentioned on this list. While I sometimes use this service, I have also heard quite a lot of good things about its content capabilities.

Concerning the performance, I had no issue whatsoever while streaming content from this platform. So, if you enjoy anime, then you should check this one out.

  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Pricing: Free

Top Documentary Films

If you’re a fan of documentary movies, then this is the best movie platform for you. Suitably named “Top Documentary Films” the service offers a wide selection of documentary movies.

The documentaries cover various topics such as art, nature, politics, mysteries, sexuality and more. I would recommend it for documentary lovers.

However, if an online review is any indication of the quality of content on this platform, then this’s the best place to watch free documentaries movies on the internet?

  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Pricing: Free

Free Movies Cinema

Free Movies Cinema is one of the best movies websites for indie and short films. Since the platform holds mostly short and indie movies you get to access them just a few months they are released which is kind of rare.

The platform also offered studio movies, but they are nowhere near as new as compared to short or indie ones.

The movies cover a wide range of genres including western, zombie flix, war, Sci-Fi and more, so everyone will find something interesting to watch here.

So if you love short movies, then here is your final bus top.

  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Pricing: Free


This is site is for all the Bollywood lovers out there. Hotstar is a studio-backed online streaming service which offers a wide selection of movies both paid and free.

Although the new movies are paid, the free collection of Bollywood movies here is not bad either. Also, if a movie does not fall well on the box office, it generally is made available in a few months.

Apart from bollywood movies, you also gain access to international movies, TV shows and more. If you love your bollywood movies, then you should check out this site.

  • Availability: India
  • Pricing: Free, ₹999/year or ₹199/ month


Another fantastic place to watch Indian movies, and definitely one of the best movies sites for Hindi movies and regional movies, is SonyLiv which bring you access to collections of free and paid movies.

Besides Bollywood movies, the service also offers a great selection of Telugu and Tamil movies along with other international movies.

Just like Hotstar, you can also find quite a lot of new movies here. I also love its streaming capabilities. While the website itself is not all that good, but the streaming speed is fantastic.

So if you like Hotstar then you are going to love this platform also.

  • Availability: India
  • Pricing: Free, ₹499/year

The Best Movie Websites for Watching Movies Legally

That concludes our article on the best movies sites that are entirely legal and free. I love streaming movies a lot as it makes the whole experience so much simpler.

Go ahead and check out these sites and see which one of them suit your viewing experience and let us know which one you finally end up with.

Don’t forget to share your thought with us in the comments section below and if we missed any great service and you want to share it with us, please don’t hesitate.

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