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Monday, October 26, 2020

10 ‘iOS 12’ Hidden Features You Should Know

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iOS 12, the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system came in very hot after iOS 11 had seen what was called the buggiest lifecycles of any iOS version ever. I am not kidding, iOS 11 being crappy as it was, was one of the reasons I had to switch back to Android in the first place; and so, it was a great relief that I read the news about Apple deciding to focus on performance and stability improvements with the iOS 12, and so they finally did, even my old and almost destroyed iPhone 5s is now usable thanks to the iOS 12 (though i am not using it).

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However, even with all that energy on making iOS great again, the Cupertino giant put in some features like a better Battery section in Settings, Screen Time, new Animojis, you get the whole idea. But still, as always there are a bunch of hidden features in iOS 12 that you might not be aware of, so in this post, you will be learning about those hidden features.

Hidden Features in iOS 12

Keyboard Trackpad in iPhones without 3D touch

This feature is one of my personal favourites since it adds the usability that was previously only available on iPhones with 3D touch. Primarily, you can now long press on the spacebar on an iPhone without 3D touch to change the keyboard into a big trackpad and move the cursor around like the same way as you would on a laptop trackpad. It might not sound huge, but it is a change that makes it very easy to edit text on your iPhone, and it was needed anyways since the iPhone XR does not come with 3D touch, and this use case happens to be probably the only useful use case for 3D touch, to be honest.

AirDrop Passwords

With the coming of iOS 12, sharing passwords between iOS and macOS devices has never been made easier. You can now AirDrop passwords between devices and the receiver device can easily add them. Then the process is easy enough, but if you want more details, we have a step-by-step guide here.

Inserting an Additional Face in Face ID


The iPhones’s Face ID may not be the fastest facial recognition system out in the open, but it is one of the most secure ones on a smartphone. One of the disadvantage of Face ID in iOS 11 was that you could only add one face to it, meaning if you wanted to let someone (maybe your spouse or best friend) else have access to your iPhone as well, Face ID was out of the question. However, in the case of iOS 12, you can add an alternative appearance to your iPhone. Just set up the second person’s face and bingo! You can both open the iPhone with Face ID now.

Technically, this new feature is meant to let the same user add a subsequent appearance to iOS 12 (hence the christen), but this is a beta way of combining two faces to your iPhone. Here’s a quick tutorial on how it can be done.

Colour Palette in Screenshot Editor

The “Instant Markup” tool that first made its appearance with iOS 11 last year has been proved in iOS 12. There is a new colour palette in the tool that you can use to make annotations in a lot more colours than before. The palette does not offer colour-wheel anything, but instead there e swatches of multiple shades of colours that you can choose from. It might not be as robust as a colour wheel, but it will do the job of a colour wheel.

Directly Scan Documents with 3D Touch

If you are the type that likes to keep a digital copy of their documents, or receipts or anything else, this new iOS 12 feature will interest you. The default ‘Notes app’ in iOS 12 now has a “Scan Documents” option when you 3D-touch on the Notes app icon on the device home screen. With this feature, you can directly scan a document, and it will get added into a new note. It is convenient to examine a document and organise it later quickly.

QR Codes Scan Directly from Control Center


If you launch the iPhone camera app and point it at a QR code, it will scan it and show up the text or link embedded in it. That is pretty cool don’t you think? However, scanning QR codes is now stress-free than ever because you don’t even have to launch the camera. You can directly bring up your Control Center and tap on the QR code button. This action will instantly start the camera and scan the QR code you point your phone at. It is quite handy since it’s in the Control Center you can jump from any app directly to scanning QR codes without having to head back to the home screen, launching the camera and then scanning the code.

Ask Siri to Show you your Passwords

Apple’s AI, Siri is getting smarter, and while it may not be as good as Google’s AI (Google Assistant) or Alexa, it still has the advantage of being deeply tied into iOS. In iOS 12, the AI makes even more use of this integration, and you can ask Siri to show you your passwords. You can also ask Siri to show you a saved password for a specific service so that you can say something like “Hey Siri, show me my password for Facebook” and it will happily oblige.

Below are iOS 12 bonus features

Below are some features of iOS 12 though they are not precisely hidden they are useful/ or, so I think you will like reading about them and then try them out.

OTP Autofill

Have you ever used an app that lets you Autofill OTPs on your phone? iOS 12 now has that ability built-in. Anytime you are in an app waiting for an OTP to arrive, you won’t have to open the SMS to check out the OTP, and then stressing to type it back in. With iOS 12, the OTP will be suggested automatically to you on the keyboard itself, and all you need to do is tap on it, and it is done! I love this feature.


Siri Reminds You to Call Back People

Like I have said before, Siri, Apple’s AI assistant may not be the smartest assistant out there, but it is getting better by the day. With iOS 12, Siri now helps to remind you to call people back if you have a missed call from them. It even learns your calling habits over time and suggests people you may want to call based on the time of the day, the places you are in at a particular time, etc. It is quite a great feature, and you can read more about it here.

App Timer on Individual Apps

I am pretty sure that you know there is a new Screen Time feature in iOS 12 that allows you to monitor your iPhone usage, and even apply limits to how long you can use an app in a day. However, those limits are enforced on app categories by default, so if you want to apply app limits to individual apps, guidelines are floating on the internet ready to help.

Use these iOS 12 Features to Make Experience Even Better

Apple’s iOS 12 is a pretty significant piece of software. It is fast and reliable, the number of bugs discovered so far has been significantly less than what they were in the previous operating system (iOS 11), and the Cupertino is making iOS 12 even better with further updates. With these hidden iOS 12 features being brought to light, you can make your iOS experience even better and more productive as well, depending on which features you end up using more.

However, if you come across any hidden iOS 12 features that are not on the list above, please drop it on the comment section so others can know about it and possibly we can add it to the list.

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