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10 Most Expensive Materials on Earth

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Most people have a thing for expensive substances. If you’re one among them, you will surely enjoy reading this post. Here you will see top ten most expensive substances on earth.

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That doesn’t mean you will be able to buy all of these by going to some store near your house! Some of them are illegal, some are too rare to get hold of and no one is even manufacturing some of these!

1. Antimatter


How much it costs: At present, antimatter costs $62.5 trillion per gram

What is it: And thus defined mass as highly concentrated energy. With sufficiently high concentrations of energy, that energy can form matter. However when this matter is created it is balanced out by the creation of antimatter.

What does it do: It can do a lot, really! It can be used much more efficiently as the fuel for classic Newtonian rockets. Or if we manage to use it for  car as the fuel, a teaspoon of antimatter, reacting with matter, would run a car continuously for 100,000 years.

2. Californium 252

Californium 252

How much it costs: $27 million per gram

What is it: It is a radioactive transuranic element and was discovered by bombarding curium with alpha particles. It is worth noting that only 8 grams of 252Cf have been made in the western world since its discovery by Seaborg in 1950.

What does it do: Well, the answer to this question is: nothing. The thing is it has some uses, but there are better ways to achieve what it could do which is way less complex.

3. Diamonds


How much it costs: $55,000 per gram, now this differs according to the quality of the diamond.

What is it: Don’t tell me you don’t know what it is! Well, if somehow you don’t know it, it is a form of carbon. The most clear for of carbon to be exact. It is also the hardest naturally occurring substance.


What does it do: Buy engagement rings?

4. Tritium


How much it costs: $30,000 per gram

What is it: Tritium is a radioactive isotope of Hydrogen. The only way in which Tritium is occurring on Earth is by the interaction of the atmosphere with cosmic rays.

What does it do: Since this is a radio active element, it has a lot of uses in the nuclear weapons and other areas which use nuclear power. Another use of this is replacing radium for lighting which causes bone cancer. Tritium can be used to produce betalights, which are now used in firearm night sights, watches, exit signs, map lights, knives and a variety of other devices.

5. Taaffeite


How much it costs: Between $2,500 and 20,000 per gram

What is it: It is one of the rarest gemstone minerals in the world.

What does it do: Taaffeite is used only as a gemstone, thanks to its rarity.

6. Painite


How much it costs: $9000 per gram

What is it: Another rare gemstone. As of 2004, only two had been cut into faceted gemstones.

What does it do: You can make it a jewellery if you got hold of one! But keep in mind that most of these stones are at British Museum of Natural History, Gemological Institute of America, California Institute of Technology and the GRS Gem Research Laboratory in Lucerne, Switzerland.


7. Plutonium


How much it costs: $4,000 per gram

What is it: A radioactive element

What does it do: This radioactive element can be used in two ways, one for destruction and one for saving green earth. It can be used for either military purposes or nuclear reactors.

8. LSD


How much it costs: $3,000 per gram

What is it: LSD is a psychedelic drug.

What does it do: Tripping, tripping tripping and then some more tripping. It causes you to hallucinate, but often in a good way. And it can’t be fatal by overdosing yourself. But if you had a bad trip, it will be a living hell while the trip lasts. According to various studies, it can help you to cure several other types of drug addictions. It can be used to help you bear the cluster headache. Read more facts about drugs here.

9. Cocaine


How much it costs: $215 per gram

What is it: A tropane alkaloid that is obtained from the leaves of the coca plant.

What does it do: Cocaine creates alertness, feelings of well-being and euphoria, energy and motor activity, feelings of competence and sexuality. But this one is highly addictive and if found in your possession, you could face serious prison time in most countries.

10. Heroin


How much it costs: Good quality heroin can cost you like $131 per gram


What is it: A highly addictive analgesic drug derived from morphine.

What does it do: Often used illegally as a narcotic for creating euphoria. It boosts the self esteem of the individuals who tries it.

So that’s our list of top ten most expensive substances in this world. Have anything to add? Do so by commenting below.

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