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10 Reasons to Own a Dachshund Puppy

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Dog lovers have different tastes when comes to choosing a dog breed, but no one can say no to a cute little Dachshund. Dachshund is also known as the wiener dog and is a very friendly and lively breed of dog.


This breed of dog has been considered a very good hunter because of its great sense of smell and it’s the ability to use its low, long body to meet its needs.

If you are wondering why this breed of dog was bred in the first place it was specifically for the purpose of scenting chasing and flushing out of badges and other smaller preys or rabbits.

This happened because this breed of dog has big paddle-shaped paws that are wonderful for digging. What could possibly be the advantages of having a Dachshund as a pet? read further to find out.

1. Cute and Small Size

If you’ve always wanted to carry your dog everywhere you go, then the smallness of this cute breed is perfect for you. Dachshunds can fit into a bag and you can take them with you to that restaurant or when you want to go shopping.

If you are concerned about what these dogs weigh then there’s no need to worry as they weigh less than 11 pounds and sometimes up to 32 pounds. You can also get Dachshunds in a toy, standard, and miniature sizes.

2. An excellent pet

When it comes to picking a breed of dog that works excellently as a pet this is the breed you definitely want to go for. It does not occupy so much space in your home because office little size and also it is not expensive to care for since you will not be giving it too much of food or like when you caring for other dog breeds.

Dog lovers can attest to the fact that feeding their Pets cost a lot of money, so because the Dachshund doesn’t eat much, it offers financial benefits.

One problem that some people have with certain dog breeds is the fact that they shared often, but with this breed of dog, you do not have to bother about cleaning up hair as often as possible as they really shed.

If you are very lazy when it comes to walking your dog, then you should also go for this breed of dog because they do not need so much exercise. Which means that you can relax, and just enjoy your pet as it requires low maintenance.


3. Low in maintenance and cost

One of the most popular financial benefits of owning a Dachshund breed of dog is that they do not require so much money for grooming or feeding.

This low maintenance dog is easy to travel with so you do not have to get a dog sitter if you’re traveling if you have to spend a few hours outside you can also spend it with the store as it can sit calmly on your laps or in your bag.

Also, these dogs are just perfect for family people or those who are retired and just need company

4. They are funny

Sometimes, it is OK to just sit back, relax and watch a comedy to relieve stress. But if you do not want to watch television, the best way to have fun and laugh as hard as possible is to have a Dachshund around you.

The Dachshund is one very interesting and funny dog that possesses a ridiculous behavior that will give you too many reasons to laugh. If you have little children who love dogs, this breed of dog is just perfect for them.

5. Great Watch Dog

Have you heard the proverb never judge a book by its cover well this dog is a perfect example? The Dachshund breed of dog makes a wonderful Watchdog because it is known to be hyper-alert so whenever there is an intruder you can rest assured that your pet will aggressively bark.

Though Dachshund is sweet, they can become very aggressive towards people they sense a threat or people who they are unfamiliar with.

6. A very good temperament

If you have heard of many small dog breeds that are cowardly then do not assume that the Dachshund breed of dog is one of them. Dachshunds arguably are one of the most courageous small dog breeds and they’re also very loyal and playful.

If you have children around or you have other pets, you do not have to bother about how your dog would get along with them because they naturally get along fine with other pets and kids. However, this does not change the fact that they do not like strangers.

7. They are quite active

Dachshund may be small dogs but they are super active. These fellows are known to be accomplished Hunters and they enjoy running around and getting acquainted with their environment.


Even though they do not need you to walk them around as often as possible, they do not hesitate whenever they find the opportunity to play around and take on extremely daring tasks.

8. Life Expectancy

This breed of dogs can live for up to seventeen years if they are well cared for and if there are no health complications like eye disorders, urinary tract infections, heart disease, diabetes, or spinal problems.

Other than that, they will most certainly give you many years of friendship. If you want to see more information about these puppies, click here.

Do you need a breed of dog that will become a family member then you need to get a Dachshund? This dog breed lives as long as 17 years of age which means your children can actually grow up with this dog and create a good relationship with them.

However, for your dog to live that long, you have to care for it. See that you visit a vet as often as possible and take care of whatever medical conditions may arise as they grow older. In some cases, a dog may live longer than 17 years, but this is also only possible with the best form of care that any dog owner can provide.

9. Plainly adorable

These dogs are cute and adorable and you can already tell that they’re both lovable and cuddly. This dog is Lively and playful as I have earlier mentioned, and they make a wonderful companion for people who are bored or people who need the attention and love of a pet.

If you want people to turn around and look at your dog whenever you take it out for a walk, and this dog breed is just perfect for you as they always get the attention of passersby and onlookers.

10. Simple to Socialize

The Dachshund is a very intelligent breed of dog as they learn very fast since you do not have a problem with getting them to socialize.

When it comes to getting them to become acquainted with your house, you have nothing to worry about as they would teach themselves even before you begin to teach them. They adapt to new environments pretty fast and they also bond easily with new owners.



The Dachshund is friendly, loyal, sweet, easy to socialize, and completely adorable. This breed of dog will not be a threat to your kids or even to other pets in the home. Who doesn’t want to have such a sweet animal in their home?


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