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10 Short and Simple Phrases to Help You Stay in Love

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When you begin a new relationship, both of you are experiencing a whole new world filled with rose-covered pathways. Everything is new and fresh. As you look at the new love of your life, you see someone perfect and exciting.

In that “new” stage of the relationship, saying loving things to each other is very easy. Those sweet heart-melting words come naturally when you are together, and when you’re apart, you text and call every second of the day.

However, things start to change over time. Flaws emerge, challenges occur. The wind of reality blows away the roses revealing patches and portholes. This is when love starts to morph a little.

In this more established love stage (basically the longest part of the relationship), it takes a bit more effort to say those love words to each other. Love takes more effort, and there’s an old saying that practice makes perfect! As you face life stressors together, you begin to love and appreciate each other more than ever.

If you’ve crossed that new fresh stage and want to support the development of more mature and genuine love, look no further. One of the greatest things you can do for your relationship or marriage is to practice using these simple phrases in your conversations as often as possible.

Thank you

After a couple has been together for some time, they start taking each other for granted. We start expecting our partner to fulfill his or her duties without asking, but we fail to notice when they’ve done well.

Saying “thank you” is one of the simplest words to say and very important as well. When you say this, you’re actually telling your partner that you appreciate everything he or she does for you. Your spouse will be happy that you noticed their effort and took the time to say so.

You look great

As time begins to tell on you both, compliments become more important than ever since extra pounds and wrinkles tend to be more visible with each passing year.

When you tell your spouse “you look great,” what you’re indeed saying is that “I’m still physically attracted to you.” So with each moment that passes, your significant other will know that you enjoy not only their inner beauty but also their outer.

I think you’re amazing

When you decide to spend most of your life with someone, sometimes we feel that the person should magically know what going on in our heads.

After all, if we didn’t think the world of each other, we wouldn’t want to spend so much time together, right? Well, there are times when we have to vocalize those thoughts.

Saying to your partner “I think you look amazing” simply implies that “I think you’re a great person and I love being with you.”

We’ll get through it

For couples, weathering the storm can mean a lot of things: losing a job, experiencing financial difficulties, major health issues, enduring death and so much more.

The most crucial element is making sure your partner feels your love through the experience. Saying “We’ll get through it” means that, “I’m on your side, and together we make a strong team.”

I love you anyway

When your partner makes a mistake, it can be hard on you both. But whatever you say in the heat of the moment will have a lasting effect on your relationship.

Telling your partner “I love you anyway,” you’re actually saying, “I will still love you regardless of your mistakes.” Even as adults, we need to know that we are loved, even though we will sometimes do the wrong things or make bad choices.

I’m here for you

One of the benefits of having a spouse is always having a shoulder to lean on. Remind your significant other that he or she can always count on you.

By telling them “I’m here for you,” you are actually saying, “I’m your partner in life.” Being partners implies that you are equals and will stick out for each other and always have each other’s back.

What can I do for you?

In the most basic definition, love means putting another’s need before our own. Though, we find this pretty easy to do for our kids, sometimes we forget to do it for our partners.

Try remembering to ask your partner, “what can I do for you?” which implies that, “I’m here to support you and lessen your burden.” Making efforts to do something your spouse needs will go a long way to strengthen your bond.

Yes, I’d love to

Maybe going to sporting events isn’t your thing, or you aren’t particularly wild about going to the theatre. But if your spouse loves those things, then it’s high time you showed your support.

When you say “I’d love to,” you’re indeed saying that “I support you and want to share what you like.” By showing your support for what he or she likes, you’re letting your spouse know that you love them enough to sacrifice your wants to put his or her needs first.

I understand

As love matures, partners get to know each other better – inside and out. They watch each other over time and notice things.

As you experience life together, you’ll discover what makes each other tick. Perhaps your spouse tells you about an issue at work.

Because of your history together, you’ll know how this affects his or her feelings. Saying “I understand,” really means, “I get you.”

It’s comforting to know that someone understands what you’re going through without having to explain how you feel. Having this connection is crucial to long-lasting love and marriage.

I love you

One of the most used phrases. So simple, but overlooked sometimes. It’s important to tell your partner these three words every day. These words reassure your spouse of your unending devotion and care.

Telling your partner “I love you” really means that “from now till infinity, you will never be alone because you are my one and only.”

Make it an everyday tradition to say loving things like these to your significant other. Always make sure your partner feels valued, appreciated, safe, and secure with you. Inculcate several of these short phrases into your everyday conversation, and soon you both will feel more affection towards each other.

If you’ve tried any of these phrases before, please let us know how it helped spice your relationship, and also tell us other short phrases we can say to our partners to keep our love alive by using the comment section below. We would love to hear from you!

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