10 Things Women Desire From Their Husbands

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Women and men want a lot of the same thing from their spouses, but there are also some significant differences between what each gender needs from a significant other to have a more fulfilling relationship.

Gentlemen, you’ll want to pay close attention to this one because the more successful you are at making your partner feel appreciated and loved, the better your chances of getting your own desires met as well.

To Know She’s Loved

Everybody loves to know that they’re cherished by someone. Wives in particular, rarely get tired of hearing those “I love you” words from their husbands. Expressing how you feel for her through your actions is also important.

It may be a cliché, but actions do speak louder than words, and the best way to show how you feel is usually through simple, seemingly unimportant gestures like holding her hands when you walk together, kissing her on the forehead or hugging her unexpectedly.

Understanding and Forgiveness

No one is perfect (including you), there will always be moments when your spouse will make mistakes or when she’ll be difficult to be around. During moments like this, you need to be willing to understand and forgive her because she deserves it.

Take note that no relationship – including marriage – can be sustained without understanding and forgiveness.

Women particularly want you to understand that the hormonal fluctuations that influence their mood are very real. So try not to make fun of her or say she’s playing a playing a prank when she’s on her period or when she’s pregnant or experiencing menopause. Be understanding and emphatic instead.

Real Conversation

If your conversation with your wife only revolves around your job, your kids and the weather, then you may need to start worrying as it’s a sign that your marriage is in real trouble. There are lots of things to talk about aside from the practical and superficial.

Truth be told, it’s important for couples to discuss their emotions and feelings regularly. These heart to heart are the glue that will bind you together and build the intimacy married people wish for.

Quality Time with Her (And Your Kids)

Spending quality time with your wife and children isn’t something that just happens. You have to make sure that these moments of bonding happen by planning for them and then following through. Spending time with your loved ones has to be your number one priority.

It’s also important not to forget that the woman you married is your wife, not just the mother of your kids (or baby mama).

You should always look for ways to flirt with her and date her. After all, you both did all those things during courtship. Simple day to day activities lead to shared feelings and help solidify your bond.

To Hear ‘Yes’ More Than ‘No’

Whether it’s dismissing her decorating ideas or having to hear the dreaded “not tonight,” no woman loves being turned down. Occasional refusal is understandable.

However, frequent negative responses to her and her children is another story that usually doesn’t end with a “happily ever after”. Constantly getting a “no” to all their requests could wear them down and cause them to resent and drift far from you.

This doesn’t mean that you should become a pushover and always say yes to their requests. But you should think it through before automatically saying “no” and you might be greatly surprised at how it can strengthen your relationships.

Studies reveal that the more positive response you give to a request, the more satisfying and fulfilling your relationship will be.

Better Listening Skills

It’s really heartbreaking for a wife to share her feelings and thoughts with her spouse and then realise that he wasn’t actually listening to her.

Your wife wants you to listen with not only your ears but your heart as well. Aside from hearing the words she speaks, it’s essential to be open to what your spouse has to say, even if you disagree with it.

According to studies, men who respect the opinions of their wives have much happier marriages. And, guess what, more often than not, their wives will be right!

Kindness and Affection

How often do you give your wife and unexpected kiss or use “thank you” and “please” in your relationship? Unfortunately, some spouses seem to forget that being affectionate with and kind to one another is crucial to a successful marriage – they help strengthen the relationship.

Think about when you two were dating: these were behaviours you probably did spontaneously and regularly. So it shouldn’t stop now that you both are married.

In fact, they are needed more after tying the knot as studies reveal that the frequency with which you and your spouse receive and express affection is directly linked to your commitment and satisfaction.

Shared Child-Rearing and Household Responsibilities

One critical thing that causes conflict among couples is the issue of who does what around the house. Child care and chores are not the sole responsibility of your wife. You shouldn’t be reminded by your wife to do your own share around the house all the time.

You’ll be the “knight in shining armour” in her eyes when you willingly help when asked or – even better – run some errands around the house before she asks. Plus; you may benefit in the bedroom as well, since research reveals that wives feel more sexually attracted to spouses who pitch in.

A Day off Now And Then

You should complain when your wife a day off a couple of times a month. This implies that she’ll be free from worrying about what happening with the pets, the house, the children and you.

She deserves this time out in her schedule to rest and regain herself both physically and emotionally.

A Healthier Attitude about Their Health

It’s no stereotype that men are terrible when it comes to taking care of their health: Studies have proven this. And all that sweet talk and persuasion your spouse has to use to get you to visit the dentist or physician isn’t fair to her – she’s your significant other, not your mother.

One of the reasons why healthcare is not a priority to most men is as a result of a deeply rooted idea about strength and masculinity.

They feel pressure to show strength at all times and equate pain or illness to weakness. A better philosophy is that taking care of oneself paves the way to caring for your family.

What other things do you think a woman wants out of a relationship apart from these things mentioned above? Tell us by making use of the comment section below. We would love to hear your opinion.

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