10 Things You Should Never Do In the Office

10 Things You Should Never Do In the Office

Nobody is perfect, and everyone has some not-so-glorious days; we just have to let out the steam. However, the office is not the right place to “lose it” as a matter of fact, it is a place where you have to be nice even though the people around do not deserve an ounce of kindness.

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Furthermore, some people do not know they are offensive; they just assume everyone is okay with their attitudes, if you fall into this category, this list will help you change for the better.

Make passes to your Employee, Colleague, or Boss

Office romances are cool when you are watching a movie, but this is real life, the real deal; it is unacceptable.

As a boss, if you do not want lawsuits, steer clear off your employees, no matter how tempting he/she is. The office is strictly for business, if you wish to have any romance, go outside and get some just don’t bring it to the office. It is not worth it.

Have your phone on anything other than silent

There is a reason you have the silent and vibration options on your phone, learn to make use of it. It makes you unprofessional and annoying; if you are expecting a call or a message, put it on vibration and leave it in your pocket.

Better still, leave it on the table where you can see it but use silent instead of vibration.

Transfering your feelings

Whatever you experienced at home should stay at home. Don’t bring the vibe to the office; it may cost you your job.

Think of it this way, if your colleague yelled at you in front of everyone, then later apologized and said it was because his wife didn’t prepare breakfast, what will be your reaction? Yes, I thought as much. Likewise, keep your family issues at home and focus on what pays the bill.

Answering personal phones during office hours

This may sound irrational, but it is true. You do not have to subject everyone to hear your “lovey-dovey” discussions in the office. If you must receive the call, take it to the restroom and do your thing.

Also, when you know, the incoming calls spell trouble and may tick you off. Don’t answer it, send a message instead, receiving the call may change your mood and you may likely transfer the anger to your colleague, employee or Boss.

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Playing music during office hours

We all love to listen to our favorite songs; after all, music is the food of the soul. It should not be in the office. However, you can use your headset; so long you learn how to control your voice because you might end up screaming at your colleagues.

Spending hours on social media

Sometimes the day may be slow or boring, and the only thing you need to do is to go through your social media profiles for latest gossips or play games to while away time, it is wrong. You are paid to be productive.

Get busy; if your desk is cleared try helping a colleague. You can have your social media and games to yourself during break times. Secondly, don’t use the company’s computer for personal activities.

Embezzling office supplies

It may sound outrageous, but people do it. Those supplies were paid for, and it will cost the company more if they keep replacing office supplies every time. When caught, you lose respect from colleagues and boss.

If it is urgent, obtain permission from your Boss before taking office tools home. Honesty is vital in your place of work, don’t taint your name because of a fancy stapler.

Come into work when you’re very sick

Your health is important, take care of yourself. If you are sick, call the office and tell them your reasons; do not force your body to work all because you want to remain in the good book of your employer.

The truth is, if something goes wrong with you, your company will waste no time looking for a replacement. No worker is indispensable, so take care of your health. Also, you do not want everyone in the office to catch your flu, do you?

Share private information

Do not share or trade your company’s secrets. It is not right; whatever happens in the office should stay in the office.

The reason you have access to the information in the first place is that they trusted you. Do not break that trust for your gratification. Words spread faster than we think; you can also destroy your reputation by being a tattletale, nobody will trust you with their secrets.

Come in drunk or high

There is a reason it is called TGIF; if you must get drunk or high, wait till Friday night to do it. You have the whole weekend to yourself. Moreover, you will be causing some health problems to yourself.

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If you do not value your life, at least do it for the sake of your loved ones. Stay healthy for them.

Joy Ebarefeye
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