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10 Unexpected Smartphone Use You Probably Didn’t Know About

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It’s been estimated that we use our smartphones on an average of 4 hrs per day. Since man is a creature of habits, we mostly make use of the same functions and fail to explore other useful and exciting options.

Smartphones and apps developers have amazing ideas implemented into our phones with inspiration gotten from scientific imaginations.

I have seen and tried some mind-blowing tricks when smartphones that most people aren’t aware of. Your smartphones have functions that are useful in several life situations.
Some of these functions include:

1. Projecting augmented map images on your windshield

At times, situations might have you driving in the rain, in a fog, in the dark or worst still, have you roaming around lost with no idea where you are.

You can directly download and install “Hudway” on your mobile device, set your destination point using the app and place your phone on your dashboard. Your smartphone (iPhone or Android) would, with the support of the GPS, project the map unto the windshield without extra tools.

2. Your device can read bar codes

Are you aware that your phone can access bar codes and QR-codes too? Major stores have bar code readers that are amazingly free for use, and these readers can process the information they receive.

These are two major reasons why you need to use your phone’s bar code reader:

  • Information can be gotten about a product through apps such as RedLaser that can see if there is other stores sell at reasonable price.
  • You can also scan packages barcodes that are part of the UPS, USPS, and FedEx system and transfer the information automatically to your gadget.

3. Your phone working with a telescope

This simple but useful trick is unknown to many of us. You can easily capture enlarged images produced on the other side of a telescope when you place your phone directly to it. The same rule applies to using your phone with a binoculars also.

4. Your camera can read your pulse

App developers like “Instant Heart Rate”, which is readily available on iOs, windows and androids) reported that it can measure and monitor your heartbeat through your phone’s camera.

Gently have your finger placed in front of your camera and let the app work its magic. The app will measure small changes in the colour produced by your skin that is made possible due to the pulsation of blood in your body.

It would also be able to measure the rate of your heart after some time. The “Cardiio” app available on iOS can be used to monitor your heart rate by scanning the colour changes on your face.

5. Use your phone to scan and digitise old negatives

This is not the most appropriate means to scan and digitise negatives, however, if it’s a matter of urgency, then by all means.

You can see the negative effects of your phone camera or you can also download and install apps like “HELMUT film scanner”.

6. Your phone’s cam recognises objects, fonts and restaurants

Apps available on androids and iOS such as “Amazon’s Flow” can recognise places, texts, and objects. Google Lens, a part of Google Assistant, can be used to recognise any restaurant just from its images.

It can equally offer details about its reviews and ratings from visitors. “WhatTheFont” is also an app you could use to tell which font you have in front of you just by scanning a picture of the font.

7. Your phone can take photos while you record videos:

It may have happened gnat while wanting to take a picture using your phone; you accidentally switched to video mode.

Amazingly, iPhone lets you take photos while recording a video simultaneously. You can achieve this by pressing the shutter bottom just close to the video recording button.

The pictures taken by the video camera sensors may not be as colorful as your usual photos but they can still serve the purpose.

8. Your phone camera can serve as a ruler

You can use apps like “Ruler App” to measure the size of objects in pictures and can also be used in the measurement of small objects using conventional ruler displayed on the screen.

It is quite hardy in building and architecture for quick measurements when necessary tools aren’t available.

9. Your phone can replace a science fiction thermal camera

“Seek Thermal” is responsible for the invention of technology for military and other specialists, as well as everyone. This small camera when attached to your phone can allow you take thermal images of things in your environment.

10. Your smartphone as a microscope

You simply use your mobile device as a portable digital microscope when you attach a small lens to it. It can be found on any laser pointer fixed to your phone’s camera.

This impeccable hack can help give you a glimpse into the micro-world and allow you to take enlarged pictures.

Which of the above life hacks do you find useful? Are there others you might want to suggest? Leave your contributions and suggestions in the comments. Thank you.

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