10 Worst Effects of Fast Food

Fast Food

There is a reason why fast food has been named so, you can prepare it without much efforts and in a swift manner. Another meaning of this term lies primarily in its nutrient value.

Fast food provides negligible nutrients to your body along with contributing to elevated calories.

You can have such foodstuff once in a while, during emergency but, consuming them on a regular basis is a detrimental activity.

These are linked with high sugar values, especially salted snacks, gums, candies and carbonated beverages.

Another set of examples are sandwiches, burgers, milkshakes, pizzas, chicken and many more.

Disadvantages of Fast Food

Whenever your taste buds get excited and want you to feed them something, you always go for the colour, odour or taste of the foodstuff.

The health-conscious ones consider the portion size while others mostly think of comparable nutritional value like energy, carbohydrates, fats and others. Not just the ill-prepared ones, even freshly crafted meals prove to be deleterious.

They often lead to various consequences out of which some prove to be life-threatening; some are deleterious while others embarrass you in the most awkward ways. Fast food always causes harmful effects on the body along with serious illnesses.

The Ten Worst Effects of Fast Food

Here are some torturing diseases caused by excessive intake of fast food.


If you think that you are obese – with a BMI of over 30, then it is always a good idea to measure your BMI or body mass index regularly. Consult a doctor at the earliest, for being obese puts you at high risk of acquiring diabetes, and also makes you vulnerable to cardiovascular diseases and varied health conditions.

Here is a look at the things that you should be careful about.

Obesity and over-weight are two distinct terms. The former means having excessive body fat in possession while the latter focuses on just increased weight. Fast food has such weight lifting effects on the body due to high calorific content.

Healthy eating is often forgotten by those who eat fast food on a regular basis. Such eating habits are addictive and can lead to obesity.

Heart disease

Heart disease and its occurrence get increased by 80% if you consume such foodstuff more than four times a week. Huge amounts of Trans fat in such food leads to occlusion of vessels with excessive fat. This impedes the circulation and causes heart disease.

Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes is a global killer and has been linked conclusively to obesity. Increased BMI will trick your body into producing more insulin than it needs, eventually leading you to become insulin resistant.

It is a lifelong condition, in a sense that you would have to always monitor your blood sugar levels, stick with a strict diet plan, and ensure that you get regular amounts of exercise. Diabetes can result in anything from limb amputation to paralysis, depending on the severity of the condition.

For people who work away from their home, eating fast foods for survival is something very normal. Such people have a higher risk of attaining type-2 diabetes. These diseases are also common amongst people with poor lifestyle with minimal or no physical activity.

Peptic Ulcer

Peptic Ulcer

These ulcers infect the stomach and small intestine mostly and are quite painful. Earlier, the doctor had a misconception that only alcohol, stress and spicy foodstuff caused this terrible disease. However, now they have concluded that even fast food can lead to peptic ulcers.

Lack of Family Gathering

Fast food simply takes of opportunity of a well-sorted family gathering off your hands. People can easily roam around and buy such foodstuff from the market. The real meal is then you eat healthy food with the right people.

Irregular Eating Time

There’s no proper time for Fast food consumption, you can eat them anytime. Healthy, homemade food is served at specific time intervals which sets your routine nicely. However, with fast-food consumption, there’s nothing like routine or meal planning.

Wastage of Money

If you’re a fast food eater, know that you’re spending about 3x more on the fast food than the normal, healthy homemade food. Fast food is a complete wastage of money, harming the body at the same time.

Loss of Appetite

Appetizers are highly lacking in the fast food. Also, it’s linked with some deadly effects like abnormal digestion, appetite loss and non-satisfaction.

Negligible Nutrients

A balanced diet possesses every minor nutrient necessary for attaining the state of health. With fast food, there’s no such thing as healthy, they contain maximally the harmful sugars and fats.


Along with elevating the chances of heart and lung diseases, fast food also increases the stress level. A meal rich in fat content is directly linked to elevated stress levels. Caffeinated drinks act as stimulants and increase the stress level of the body.

Also, others like white flour, junk food, processed foods are also very daunting for the body. Pseudo stressor is the name given to such stress-giving food substance.

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