11 Best Easter Gifts for All Ages

Easter Gifts

Everybody loves presents. I love a good, thoughtful gift, and I’m sure you do too. Waking up on Sunday morning to a pretty basket stuffed with Easter gifts or made just for you is one of what makes Easter so great.

But, why do we give Easter baskets to each other? The Tradition dates back Centuries ago when pagan people would pray to Eostre, goddess of Spring and Fertility. Eostre was depicted in ancient art as wielding a woven basket in her arms.

Over the ages, however, this symbolism of renewal has evolved considerably. Medieval Christians would bring baskets of food to their priest to bless to mark the end of Lent.

In later European folklore, it was believed that a mythological rabbit would bring a basket filled with colored eggs for good children on Easter morning. And till today, families still enjoy exchanging baskets of goodies with one another.

An Easter basket is packed with Easter gifts: chocolate candy, stuffed bunny toys, decorated eggs, marshmallow chicks.

1. Genius Easter Basket For Your Favorite Gardener

Its the season for growing. I bet your friend who loves gardening would appreciate a little thoughtful, one-of-a-kind gardening gift. You could include seeds, gardening tools, etcetera. Just something thoughtful.

2. Easter Basket For Spa Day at Home

Do you have someone you know is in dire need of a day of pure relaxation?. Then why don’t you get them a basket that wraps everything they need for a nice spa day at home. Package some beautiful scented candles, soothing body washes, soft towels and everything else you feel would make their spa time truly special and relaxing.

3. Easter Basket For Your Chef Amigo

How about having a friend who dabbles in the culinary arts?. It will mean a lot to them if you hand them a basket filled with chef-friendly Easter gifts like imported olive oil, gadgets, recipe cards or books, and maybe some key ingredients you know they might love.

4. Easter Baskets For babies

Packaging an Easter basket for babies is one of the cutest. It’s easy. Fill your basket with age-appropriate toys like stuffed bunnies, cute toys and wrap it up in cute baby-like or soft colors.

5. Trendy Easter Basket For Teens

No one outgrows receiving Easter gifts— even teenagers. There are lots of ideas for Easter gifting your teen with items they will love. Just think. Is it trendy? Would it make them look cool? Would it help out in school?.

Wrap a basket full of flavored beauty products (for girls), More sophisticated candy, and colorful school supplies.

6. Easter Basket For Sweet Tooths

You may have that one friend who’s a sugar junkie. They love and appreciate all things sweet. Well, a good Easter gift you can get them for Easter is a basket filled with sweets and chocolates. You can wrap them up yourself or just purchase chocolates in the shape of eggs. Really, as long as it is sweet, get it in that basket!

7. Easter Basket For Sports Fans

A sports fanatic would go crazy over something worthwhile that represents the team he supports. You can fill this particular basket with jerseys, an autograph of their favorite player(if you can get one), or anything else of sentimental value to the Sport he loves and the team he supports

8. Easter Basket For Your Pet

Yes, your pet isn’t left out on the festivities. You can get your dog, for instance, a basket filled with chew toys and snacks. This will keep it away from sniffing and biting off on your own edibles.

9. Grown-up Easter Basket For Your Girlfriends

Let your girlfriends know you’re thinking about them on Easter with a personalized basket. Get you some flowers, Champagne, Beauty supplies, some self-care products and put them all in a basket, all wrapped up and ready to be delivered.

10. Easter Wine Box

How about replacing that basket with a box packed with nothing else but exotic drinks and alcoholic beverages? This one is for grown-ups only.

11. Man-Approved Easter Basket

Don’t leave the men out on the gift giving. Get some beers on the ready, some healthy snacks and other manly items you think will work and pack them up in a basket ready for delivery.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be expensive to be thoughtful. You can make someone happy this Easter. Just think about what they would love and start gifting!

Do you have further suggestions on more Easter basket ideas? You can tell us in the comment section below.

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