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12 Different Body Shapes of Women

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Human beings have different body shapes and each shape depends on what you wear. However, before you decide on what to wear, you must understand the different types of body shapes we have around and where you belong. check out the one for the men as well.

If you’re still wondering what we are talking about, here are different body shapes you must know.

1. The straight body shape

Straight Body Shape

People with the same measurements for all their body sections have a straight body shape which also comes with other names such as ruler body, a rectangular body, and the famous supermodel body.

The body looks straight because it has no defined waistline. If you really want to stand out, make the right selection when it comes to dressing. For instance, avoid straight dresses and shapeless clothes; just wear something that fits you.

2. Pear body shape

Pear body shape

Peer body shape is associated with women who have a tiny bust and large hip. Women with the triangle shape, as referred to by other people are envied as their bodies are well-defined and their curves are well displayed.

The waist section and the broad hips are beautifully manifested especially when you put on the right dress.

3. Apple body shape

Apple body shape

Women with smaller hips, round shoulders, undefined waist, larger bust than the hip section, and slimmer arms and legs have apple body shapes also referred to as the inverted triangle body shape.

Women with this shape put on weight in their upper body section than the rest of their bodies. If you have this shape, you can stand out if you put on the right clothes.

4.Spoon body shape

Spoon body shape

Spoon body shape also called pear body shape is one of the most fascinating body shapes we have around. Women with spoon body shape have larger hips which are usually bigger than any other part of their bodies which creates a sexy body shape resembling figure 8.

Women with this shape add weight in their upper section particularly on the stomach region as well as thighs and arms section but their lower arms and legs are very attractive. However, you should make the right choice and dress accordingly and you’ll definitely stand out.

5. Hourglass body shape

Hourglass body shape

You will agree with me that nature has its way of surprising people, and the various exquisite body shapes we have around are one of nature’s best.

If you are wondering what we are talking about, it’s about the exceptional hourglass body shape characterized by well-balanced bust lines and buttocks.

If you happen to have this shape, you may wonder why people always admire you, but the fact is that your waist is beautifully defined and eye-catching.

You have naturally round buttocks and round shoulders that line up excellently with your buttocks, not forgetting the legs that align with your proportionally built upper body.

With this description, it goes without saying that hourglass body shape is one of the most attractive body shapes. However, your beauty will be defined by the clothes you wear and if you want to be the topic of everywhere you pass by, make an informed decision.

6. Oval body shape

Oval Body Shape

Women with oval body shape have their bust larger than any other part of their bodies. This shape is also characterized by narrow hips and full midsection. If you have an oval body section, you’ll realize that the stomach section is the first place you add weight before anywhere else.

You also must realize that your waist is not well defined, and it could be the widest section to have in your body.

Your legs are slender, and the buttocks are flat. By understanding this shape, you must realize that some of your body sections are beautiful. And when we talk about beauty, we mean it and your legs are a true definition of beauty.

Therefore, choose your dress code wisely and look for something that will vividly display your legs for people to have something to say about you.

7. Diamond shaped body

Diamond shaped body

When we talk about the diamond shaped body, it’s a shape that every woman wants to have, and every man wants to look at. Women with diamond shape are characterized by broad hips and narrow bust that align excellently with their shoulders and full midsection.

You’ll realize more weight in your upper legs and around the stomach. Your waist is not well defined, and your well-shaped arms are slender.

Your legs are beautifully made and happen to be your best part and you should flaunt with them as much as you can by dressing accordingly.

8. Top hourglass body shape

Top Hourglass Body Shape

Top hourglass body shape is similar to the hourglass shape and it’s just as wonderful as any shape a woman would admire.

If you have this shape, you must be very proud because it’s gold rare to find. Women with the top hourglass are characterized by round shoulders and buttocks that are bigger than their hips, not forgetting their well-shaped legs and a proportionate body.

9. Skinny body shape

Skinny Body Shape

It could be that you’ve heard people talking about a ‘skinny’ person more times than you can recall. But do you really know what it means? Well, if not, you’ll walk home smiling because will tell you what it means.

Women with a skinny body shape are characterized by shoulders and pelvis that are in perfect alignment. You are light with a small body structure. You hardly gain weight but losing weight can happen with a blink of an eye.

Your legs and arms are slender, and your buttocks are flat with a defined jawline. The advantage that comes with a skinny body shaped women is that they can wear almost every hip cloth and look perfect.

10. Athletic body shape

Athletic Body Shape

Athletic body shaped women are characterized by their well-toned sexy curves, muscular body, well-built shoulders and arms, tight thigh and calf muscles, and a broader and elongated neck when compared to other women.

Women with this shape are among the sexiest women on earth and if you always want to stand out, you must select what to wear decisively.

11. Lollipop body shape

Lollipop Body Shape

Are you hearing lollipop body shape for the first time? Well, don’t worry because you are not the only one and if you are wondering what shape this could be, looking at Angelina Jolie can give you a perfect definition of lollipop body shape.

Women with this body shape are characterized by a slim waist and hips, full round bosoms, long legs, and broad shoulders.

If you are lucky enough to have this shape, you should dress accordingly to display everything towards the waist.

12. Cornet body shape

Cornet Body Shape

If you have no idea of how cornet body shape looks like, having a glimpse of Naomi Campbell will clear your doubts. This shape is characterized by small hips, broad shoulders, and slender legs.

Even though your waist is not well defined, you must be proud of your voluminous upper body by dressing appropriately and drawing away attention from the waist.

Final thoughts

Your body shape is the first thing that people define you with. With the above body shapes, you can tell where you belong and given that your body is your biggest asset, choose your dress code wisely to display your body as it should.

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