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123Movies.com: Top 6 Alternatives

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The website 123movies.com was the place on the internet where everyone would go to see the movie they wanted and would know that they would be seeing a quality show. Unfortunately, this site was shut down in 2018.

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There is still hope for people that want to see movies on the internet. There are some alternatives to 123movies.com. A person can check out these sites and find the one they like. They can then watch movies as well as TV shows as they please.

These sites are free to use. They do not require users to sign up for an account and they will never ask for credit card information. These websites were picked by movie experts that want to see their favorite shows free of charge.

Alternative Selection

When searching the internet for alternatives to 123movies.com there were over 20,000 different movie titles that were offered from these sites. There are over 100,000 episodes of TV shows to watch.

If a person is looking for TV shows and movies and the largest selection possible all they need to do is bookmark one of these sites.

Go Movies


This site gained popularity in 2017 and is said to be as easy to use. If a person goes to 123movies.com they will be redirected to the Go movies site. This site allows a user to stream movies quality and they can watch them in HD quality.

There are many free movies as well as free TV shows that a person can watch. Not too many people know about this site so it is not over packed with users which may slow down the streaming. This is a good site to use so it needed to be included on this list.

Cartoon HD


This site has been around for some time but many people do not know they can watch both movies and TV shows from this site. The movies and the TV shows can be watched and there is nothing that needs to be downloaded.


A person can watch these movies and shows on their home computer. They can even watch them on the go with their smartphones. This site is very easy to use. All a person needs to do is search Cartoon HD and they will be taken right to this site.

While Cartoon HD is a well-respected site a user should make sure they have an Adblocker installed on their phone or computer. This will reduce the number of ads that they see if they are trying to watch a show. While the ads have been annoying, users have not reported any incidents of malware or scams in the ads.

While the ads are generally safe the popups can be annoying. It is also mentioned that personal information or contact information should be entered on these sites just in case there was to be trouble in the future.



This is a site that will allow a person to stream movies and TV shows. There is a large collection and the shows and movies that can be viewed on this site are updated often. This site shares an interface with Netflix which makes it safe and easy to use. The site is easy to search and there is a wide selection to choose from.



This site is another on that is easy to use. It offers access to both older and newer TV shows. This site will allow a person to find their favorites no matter how old they are. There are many different genres of videos to sort through and there are also many different movies genres that a person can search. This site is updated often so a person can find the latest movies and shows. There is an app that can be downloaded on a smartphone or other mobile internet enabled device. This way a person can watch a movie or a show no matter where they are. This is great if a person has a long ride or a long wait somewhere.

Yes Movies

Yes Movies

This site claims they have the largest database of movies and shows on the internet. While research is still out on this they do have a large selection. This site allows for quick streaming which is nice and there is no pausing in the movie.

There are also fewer also which allow a person to enjoy their movie without interruption. The site is updated on a daily basis and new content is added. The latest releases can also be found here and they are posted on this site before any others. There are a number of categories. A person can also search with different criteria.


They can search for movies or show by the year that they were released, the length of the movie, the country that is was made in, and the rating that it received. There are foreign films as well for those that like to experience international flicks. This site is completely free to use.

Watch Free

Watch Free

This covers it all in the game. There are many different movies that can be streamed for free. TV shows are also free to view and to stream. A person does not have to register for an account. They can click on their movie and that is all.

The sites are easy to use and a person can access a number of the movie without a hassle. The site uses external links to these movies. They do update these links often and broken links will be removed immediately. This site has gotten good reviews from users and they have not experienced any major problems.

While 123movies.com was a great site to watch TV shows and movies, this site is no longer in operation. These other sites are great alternatives to this movie site. A person can still watch movies and TV shows online and will not have to worry about broken links or dangerous scam being downloaded on their computer or phone.

These sites have been checked out and they ranked high with fans.

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