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15+ Free Android Apps Your Boss Wants You to Use

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Whether you are at the office or working from home, one thing a boss wants from his employees is maximum efficiency and productivity. Our smartphones have become part of our daily lives, an essential need we can barely do without.

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In order to make the most out of our day and increase productivity and top your game, here are 15 free apps (some are trial though) your boss would have wanted you to use.

15+ Free Android Apps Your Boss Wants You To Use

LastPass Password Manager

Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Instagram, Gmail, OneDrive, Slack. Managing passwords for all our accounts is one huge task and we can not use one password for all our accounts for security reasons. Here comes LastPass Password Manager to take away your sorrow.

LastPass is a password manager and password generator that locks your passwords and personal information in a secure vault. From your LastPass vault, you can store passwords and logins, create online shopping profiles, generate strong passwords, track personal information in notes, and more. All you have to do is remember your LastPass master password, and LastPass will autofill web browser and app logins for you.

LastPass can be synced across smartphones and computers and it also supports 2 Factor Authentication. Never waste time typing passwords again. Download From Playstore Here


Tasker guarantees efficiency with so many triggers to make sure you have time for something else. While it may take some time to set it up, the app can automatically turn apps on or off based on location or actions.

Tasker app can automatically turn on the phone’s WiFi when you are at the office and turn it off immediately you leave, it can turn on Maps or send a text message based on time or actions.

It can read out loud: incoming SMS/ phone number, WiFi/Bluetooth status, when it’s time for an appointment, when the battery is low, make a regular backup of a file on the SD card track your phone location via SMS in case of theft, set up a birthday SMS to be sent months before it happens so you don’t forget etc. The app is available on trial and those who know their way around the web can grab it.


There is a starter guide here, Support forum here, and even a Reddit community here to get you started

Download it here or get the 7 days trial version Here


Camscanner is all powerful app that allows you to make digital copies of receipts, memos, books, reports, ID Cards etc and convert them to PDF using your smartphone’s camera. The app also has an OCR scanner that recognises handwriting and can extract text from any image. Documents can be scanned in series, tagged and edited to taste. It also comes with cloud space and allows synchronization. There is so much you can do and if you need more features, you get the premium app. Download from Google Playstore Here

IFTTT (If This Then That)

An alternative to Tasker, If This Then That (IFTTT) is the app you need if you don’t want tasker. If THis Then That works by matching scenarios and taking action. This app is so robust it works with Twitter, Telegram, Google Drive, Instagram, Google Home, Alexa Nest and so much more.

A simple scenario can be If Time is 5PM, message Roomate. With it, you can stay informed about what’s happening from publications like The New York Times and, always stay prepared for the weather with custom daily forecast notifications.

The app supports different applets to make you work more efficiently as thousand of services and office support are added weekly. IFTTT automates things you could do yourself but would be a bad use of your time Unlike tasker, it is free. Download from Google Play Store

Microsoft Flow

While Tasker and IFTTT can be used off-site, for an option strictly dedicated to business, Microsoft Flow is all you need. It connects over 195 services to create several automation, called “flows,” with an emphasis on business productivity.


With Flow, you can Get a notification when you receive an email from your boss, Record your work hours to a spreadsheet with the tap of a button, Automatically download email attachments to cloud storage, Capture, track, and follow up on sales leads, and connect to your CRM platform, Get notified when a work item is updated. Get Flow From Google Play Store


Evernote is an everything note. It can act as a notebook, you can use it to make memos, checklists, to-do lists etc. You can add almost anything (sounds, images, videos) and use it to organize your daily work flow. It is available across devices and data can be synchronized to keep you up to date. Download from Google Play Store


While there are many apps with to-do lists out there, Timebound reverse the whole thing and organizes your to-do lists as projects with deadlines. It shows a countdown clock for each deadline which allows users to focus on time left to finish a job instead of focusing on the date.

Whether you are offline or online, this app keeps you updated and it syncs well across platforms. With the remainder and countdown, you will focus more on work to be done at the office. Download from Google Play Store


While Evernote may contain many functionalities and the ability to create to-do list, Todoist simply makes everything alot more easier. With all your list well organized into different categories and daily, weekly or monthly reminders all set, you can focus more on things you need to do. The app is more than a list manager, it is actually a powerful task management tool. It is available across devices and it is free. Get it from Google Play Store

WPS Office

An all in one office suite for your Android smartphone, this app is one app you should have if you create documents on the go. This app suite allows you to create text files (txt), docs, pdf, spreadsheets and presentation slides on the go. You can convert PDF to Word, and convert Word, Text, Excel, and Powerpoint to PDf.

There are dozens of layouts, OCR support, and compatibility support for Microsoft Office, Google Docs and lots more. Almost everything you can do on your PC Office suite can be done with WPS. Fully available offline and the app total size is lower than other suites out there. Download From Google Play Store


Adobe Acrobat Reader

If all you need is a PDF reader or a PDF app to let you work exclusively with PDF documents, then Adobe Acrobat Reader is all you need. The app allows collaboration, and the pro version allows you to edit PDF documents, create PDFs and others. Download from Google Play Store

Google Drive

A free Google storage service with 15 GB free storage space, many people barely use Google Drive. With this app, you can synchronize work files across devices and get them anytime. You can easily invite others to view, edit, or leave comments on any of your files or folders.

You can get 100 GB storage space at about $2 monthly if you need more storage space. Available across different platforms. Download from Google Play Store


Dropbox is a creative collaboration space designed to reduce busywork, bring your files together in one central place, and safely sync them across all your devices—so you can access them anytime, anywhere. An alternative to Google Drive and does basically the same thing. Used mainly by people who want to limit access to their cloud storage drive. Download from Google Play Store


Trello can help you organize your work and collaborate with your office pals. Tello allws you to create a board to organize anything you are working on. You can plan a project, make a quick to-do list, assign tasks to your team mates, comment on their boards and projects, check work flow etc. Download from Google Play Store



Slack is basically all about collaboration and team communication. An office outside an office for you and your team. Communicate with your team and organize your conversations by topics, projects, or anything else that matters to your work, message or call any person or group within your team, share and edit documents and collaborate with the right people all in slack. Krafty Sprouts (Techcrub’s parent company) uses slack. Download from Google Play Store

Otter Voice

Otter Voice Notes is a note taking app but not the way you expect it. Otter creates smart voice notes that combine audio, transcription, speaker identification, inline photos, and key phrases. It helps business people, journalists, and students to be more focused, collaborative, and efficient in meetings, interviews, lectures, and wherever important conversations happen.

The free plan comes with 600 minutes of transcription per month and unlimited cloud storage. The premium plan allows 6000 minutes per month. Synchronisation available across devices. Download from Google Play Store

Grammarly Keyboard

Grammarly keyboard helps you correct mistakes as you type along and it also brings in suggestions. Powerful document scanning feature, this keyboard makes sure you correct errors within documents as fast as possible Download from Google Play Store


Tide app brings in the popular Pomodoro Technique to work with the “Work mode” feature that allows you to work for 25 minutes with 5 minutes break in between. There is also a breathing guide and sounds to help you relax your nerves and focus. There are hundreds of daily quotes and focus sounds to help boost your drive. Download from Google Play Store

Other powerful apps include;

Asana: Asana is a powerful task manager and team collaboration tool meant to organize tasks, manage lists, get updates on projects etc. You can delegate tasks, search across boards, and do almost anything you would have done in an office. Asana integrates well with Slack, Google Drive and many other platforms.

Download from Google Play Store

AnyDo: AnyDo is a worthy mention in this category as it allows users to also create collaborative lists and project workflow. There are also location-based notifications and reminders. Nice interface and a nice alternative (if not quite superior) to any other to do list. You can access it via mobile, laptop, desktop, tablet and even your watch! IUt can also be connected with Slack, Siri and Chrome browser. Your tasks are automatically synced across all of your devices, giving you ultimate control.


Download from Google Play Store

Wolfram Alpha: An encyclopedia with answers to almost everything you could have imagined. Answers come from different fields (Maths, Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, Earth Science, Life Science, Money and Finance, Economics etc). Apple’s reliable Siri depends on WolframAlpha for some answers. Unfortunately, it is not free. Download from Google Play Store

Do you use any of these apps? Got any app that should be on this list? Let us know by using the comment box below.

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