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Meet the Newly Introduced Member of the Lexus Family; the 2019 Lexus UX

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Over the years, Toyota’s luxury car brand,Lexus have been trying to match up and compete with the best in the automobile industry and truth be told, they’ve been doing a pretty good job at that. The Lexus brand has produced awesome cars that leave most of us car lovers in awe and admiration. These cars like the RX,ES and co are cars that are made to look good and feel good as well. Their fuel efficiency also cannot be over emphasized.

However, for all the Lexus lovers out there, the brand decided to give you another masterpiece to fall in love with once again. The new Lexus UX is a true beauty to behold. From its well crafted body shape to its maneuverability, the Lexus UX is meant to capture the heart of many.

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The new UX is a small crossover SUV that offers the aggressiveness and maneuverability of a sport car and the comfort of a luxury big size SUV. It will be offered in two trims; the standard UX 200 and the hybrid UX 250h. Now lets get down to the specs of this machine.

The new Lexus comes not only with performance but also with a lot of safety features to ensure that you get to your destination intact literally. The UX is available with the latest version of Lexus own Safety System +, including a Pre-Collision System that is developed to be able to recognize pedestrians at night. Also, Pre-Collision System radar detection has been extended to be able to detect cyclists during the day.

The package provided on the UX also includes Lexus Co DRIVE (which features Lane Tracing Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control), Automatic High Beam and Road Sign Assist are also available. A Parking Support Brake which is available on the UX detects the risk of the vehicle coming into contact with a stationary object in its path, or another vehicle approaching coming from behind, and will automatically initiate braking and trigger sound and visual warnings to help reduce the likelihood of a collision, or to lessen the damage if an impact does occur.


When it comes to design, Lexus spared nothing in making this machine a beauty. With its large spindle grille, it’s square wheel arches, and it’s uniquely shaped side mirror caps, the Lexus UX is not conventional when it comes to its appearance. Unlike on the NX where the LED daytime running lights are separate, the DRLs have now been incorporated into the headlights of the UX and that has freed up room on the front bumper where there’s a pair of vertical trim pieces that hosts the fog lights at the bottom.

The daytime running lights are arranged in an arrowhead motif above the headlights to emphasise the Lexus L-shaped illumination signature. The UX was crafted to give off a very aggressive look. In fact,it is the most aggressive looking Lexus ever made. At the back, that overly enthusiastic look continues, almost to the point that the rear end distorts space and time altogether literally. With the way the taillights, lines at the rear fascia, and body lines on the rear hatch all come together, you literally have to give it a second look just to be sure you’re not losing your mind hahaha. Not that its bad though but it will catch you off guard and leave you utterly amazed.

The spindle grille now has a new block-shape mesh pattern with individual elements that gradually change in shape as they radiate out from the central Lexus emblem, giving off a three-dimensional look that changes according to the angle of view.

The rear lamps on the UX have an original and advanced design that is not only eye-catching but also efficient aerodynamically while improving the way the vehicle handles. The right and left light units are connected by a continuous, single line of light that cross the back door to give the UX’s rear a unique appearance. Formed by a sequence of 120 LEDs, this stamps gently towards the centre, measuring just 3mm thick at its narrowest point. This design is going to become a world-first Lexus signature feature.


All aluminum 17 and 18 inches wheels are also standard on the new UX depending on the desired option. The 17 inches 5 spoke rim has an aerodynamic touch to it to also improve handling.


The Lexus UX possesses an interior design the almost appears to give off a well sophisticated and alluring look. The infotainment display has a large, cellphone-like look with an integrated digital display and an embedded appearance – that is a bit similar to the look of Audi a few years back.

The dashed on the UX has a curvature to it that gives the driver a sense of command and attention, while the digital instrument cluster is very flashy and functional. There is a whole bunch of thumb buttons on the steering wheel that might be confusing for some and another host of buttons on the dashboard. The infotainment system on the UX is controlled by the touch sensitive pad to the right of the gear shifter while most other functions are controlled by the aforementioned collection of buttons.

Even though the front compartment is a bit driver-oriented, the passengers get just the same general amenities. The front seats are perforated and supportive. High-quality stitching can be found on all the seats with some contrast on the steering wheel.

A thick leather pallet adorns the middle layer of the dashboard which also appears to have white contrast stitching. The leather shifter boot gets the same treatment. On that note, I should point out that Lexus made an interesting play here, with the top portion of the door trim meeting the dashboard while the lower portion of the door trim, at the HVAC vent, seems to disappear into a black hole below.

The instrument panel on the new UX has a low, unobtrusive design and the slim A-pillar mouldings that is typical to Lexus cars have been shaped to improve visibility and give the kind of commanding outward view that is expected of a true crossover.

Engine and Transmission

Like I mentioned earlier, the Lexus UX will be offered in two variants. The UX 200 has a 168-horsepower 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder engine that’s connected to a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT), while the hybrid UX 250h adds an electric motor and battery to that configuration, producing 176 hp.

The 250h also offers an electrically assisted all-wheel drive, with an additional electric motor to power the rear wheels for more traction under 43 mph. It’s mainly to help you get moving in slippery stuff like snow or wet road. An F Sport version will also be available for both the four-cylinder UX200 and the hybrid UX250h; it will include not only the expected visual tweaks to the grille and bumpers but also revised springs and anti-roll bars, a more beautified 18-inch wheels, and optional adaptive dampers with firmness that can be adjusted through the driving modes.


  • Extremely stylish and well crafted.
  • The hybrid variant is very fuel efficient.
  • The interior design is great.


  • Interior space is not that big for a crossover SUV.
  • Low ground clearance.


The price for this beauty is not yet announced but judging from the performance and the price of its rivals, the UX should cost nothing less than $25,000 when made available to the public.

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