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25 New Things That Can Spice Up Your Relationship

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Have you noticed your relationship is already getting boring? Perhaps your partner isn’t complaining just yet, but you are not happy anymore. You already know this isn’t your partner’s fault.

However, you need something to spice up your boring routine with your partner. If this is the dilemma you have found yourself, then you probably are in need of this article.

According to Dr Ramani who is a seasoned psychologist, she says it is easy to take your partner for granted or fall in a rut with your partner. The worst part is that you may not know it yet.

In order to prevent this, you must ensure that you mix things and try out new and different things with your partner. This way you end up discovering so many interesting things about him or her.

Well, for those who are interested in spicing things up a little with their partners, here are a couple of fun things you can try out together.

1. Check out new places together

You necessarily don’t have to be looking out for a house before you take a stroll to see other neighbourhoods around you.

You have always walked around your area together, how about you both you change the pattern? Take a stroll with your partner round places close to you.

Go check out that new flower shop or that new coffee shop around the corner. Take some time to go exploring with your partner.

This can even help you both plan for the future. You might see new places that you may want to move to in the nearest future. Just saying. Why don’t you try it already?

2. Plan a dinner

It’s not until you both are having a visitor or an important guest that you make dinner together. You both can plan a dinner. You guys can even go the extra mile to make it themed. You can decide to treat him, her or yourselves to a dinner indoors.

Let’s give you an example: you can decide to choose a French theme. So you head out, go shopping for ingredients for French cuisine. Get a sweet French wine and pick a movie that is probably French, sit down and enjoy.

When you create a romantic novel-like moment for you both, it will be worthwhile, and it can’t be forgotten in a hurry. Remember, you both need to plan this together and come to a decision of the kind of theme you both want. That way, you both can enjoy yourselves.

3. Have a great concert challenge

Are you wondering what this is? Well, think no further. Here is how is how it works. You both get tickets individually to a concert.

This means that you both have two separate tickets for two different shows. You must ensure that it is for different nights though, so you both don’t end up clashing or too exhausted to attend them.

Then you accompany each other to your individually chosen concert and pick which of them is best. It is not really about whose artiste sings better, but it is about you having fun together while enjoying a show from your favourite artists.

Plus, you also get to have a night of fun and even learn a thing or two about your partner. You also will end up creating memories that will last you both for a lifetime.

4. Create a dessert together

How about you both making your favourite desserts together? This is a fun activity plus you guys can turn it to a game or you both can decide to get dirty. For example, if your partner loves eating cakes and you know how to bake, go ahead and bake alongside him or her.

Even if you don’t know how to make his or her favourite dessert, you can always learn, right? This is the reason why you have an internet connection as well as YouTube. You both can watch videos online on how to make it, and you can both have fun doing it.

Plus, remember I said you could get dirty right? Why don’t you spice it up a little by adding a little bit of flour on your partner? However, let me warn you. At first, they may not like it, but you can be sure they will catch on and eventually get playful.

5. Go to the movies

As much as you both love to spend time cuddling and sweet talking, you can always go ahead to see a film at the cinema.

Probably, there is a movie your partner has been hoping to see but haven’t had that time just yet, create time for him or her and just enjoy the evening with popcorn and a movie.

Arts of any sort have been observed to become an inspiring part of life, and it can be quite refreshing too.

Take a break from all the crazy week at work and just unwind with your partner. Trust me; they would cherish it so much.

6. Get your favourite drink and get cozy

Who says you must always go out for date night? Date night can simply be for both of you at home with a drink in your hand and your partner across you simply talking. You can also decide to play dress up if you want.

You can always decide to see a movie alongside your drink and your partner. You can simply enjoy a cozy evening for date night. Wouldn’t you want to try that out?

7. Hit the gym together

Pain can be fun, you know. You both can decide to go exercise together. It doesn’t have to be the same routine but merely going there together creates a sense of belonging as well as a great bonding time with your partner.

You both can even decide to pick up a new exercise routine you haven’t tried before. This could be a source of great laughs as well as spark up exciting new conversations between you both. Try this out today. You really have nothing to lose except a few calories of course.

8. Sit together in the evening

As simple as this might sound, one of the best ways to get close to your partner is to sit and be near each other quietly. This is a simple way of achieving that and guess what, all it is going to cost you is a blanket.

You both can sit outside and watch the sunset. You can also sit there watching the stars, and you might encounter a shooting star and make a wish. Even if you live in the city, you can always find a quiet spot to watch the sunset and the stars. This is a great way to relieve yourself from stress and also unwind.

9. Visit a museum

Remember how we talked about art being an inspiring art of life, well we are urging you to apply that notion yet again. However, this time around, it isn’t the movies. It is going sightseeing to the museum.

Ask yourself this, when last did you visit a really cool museum? You can find out what kind of art interests both you and your partner then find time to explore. You would meet the kind of art you are into as well as other new ones you both might like.

When you both regularly enjoy art and culture, it would help you build a bond in your relationship as well as nurture your relationship with dazzling experiences. Art is life, and it has a way of revitalising anything that comes across its part. You may need the touch of creativity to spice up your relationship.

10. Give your partner a massage

When last did you give your partner a massage or are you both too busy and tired for it? How about you surprise your partner? Leave work a little bit early, come home, relax, get a massaging oil on the way and give him or her a massage when they come back home?

Life can get really busy that you don’t exactly know what you are missing until you create ample time for it. Get busy, get creative. After you are done massaging your partner, you both can switch sides, and you let him or her massage you.

If you probably aren’t good at massages neither is your partner, then how about you go to the spa together and get refreshed? You may not be the one massaging him or her, but you sure would get your satisfaction from watching him or her relax.

11. Go to an amusement park

Did you whine about an amusement park being just for kids? Who says you can’t go to the amusement park as an adult? It is not in the constitution neither is it a crime to want to relieve your childhood with your partner.

If you are also complaining that you didn’t have a beautiful childhood memory, who says you can’t create one as an adult? It gets better too; you get to create and share that memory with your partner as well.

You should understand that you don’t have to be an adult all the time and the world won’t fall apart if you decide to be a child for a little bit. So get to that amusement park. Pay for fun rides and have fun. Don’t laden yourself with all the burdens if this world such that you forgot how to have fun.

12. Bake a cake together

Once you think celebration or relaxation, the majority thinks of cake first. Well, cakes just have that spirit. You could both simply bake for fun, and it is very acceptable. You could also bake because it is a special moment for you both.

It can either be for an anniversary or a celebration like birthdays and so on. It is something fun that you both can try out and you can also decide to get dirty while doing it. Who knows? It may lead to a happy ending if you know what I mean.

13. Have a game night

Everything is not always about being all cozy with each other. You can as well opt for a game night. It can either be a board game such as chess, monopoly, scrabble and so on if you both into it. It can also be cards or maybe video games.

Anyone you both choose can be a great option. Games are a great way to relax and ease off stress plus you get to exercise your brain as well as have fun with your partner. What could be better than that?

You can also both decide to raise the stakes a little bit. The loser does whatever the winner wants for a week, or you could also choose to make the loser take the winner on an all-expense paid date. Who knows? You just might be the loser.

14. Get tickets to see a game in a different city

This will be a great option if both you and your partner are lovers of sports. If you both love it, how about you both get tickets to watch a game in a different city. However, be careful when planning this.

Ensure that your partner would be free around the time of the match. You can decide to take out the entire weekend, book a hotel for both of you and see your favourite stars play. This would be an excellent way to unwind, bind as well as go on a road trip together.

If you are booking for the entire weekend, while you both are not watching the game, you can decide to do a little exploring or shopping. Anything you want to do for fun.

15. Try to recreate your childhood favourite dish

Remember when we talked about the amusement park, well this is another excellent way to relieve each other’s childhood memories if you had one or you can create new ones. This would work if you had a favourite dish you loved as a child.

For you, it might not necessarily be a dish. It could be as simple as a childhood snack you really enjoyed. This would help you both know more about each other as well as you will also be able to experience what your partner enjoyed as a child.

A little fair warning though, you just might become addicted to your partners favourite snack or dish, you know? I’m just saying though.

16. Read alongside your partner

Who says you can’t enjoy a book with your partner? If you both love to read, then go ahead and create your intimate book club. You both pick the same book and read, and after for example a month, you both choose a time and day to “meet” and discuss what you have learned.

You can also decide to pick different books to read, after about 2 weeks, you both exchange and read the other book. After a month, you can still choose a meeting time to discuss what you have studied.

Doing this not only helps you both bond in your relationship, but it also helps you both to grow in your individual lives as well as it also helps in stimulating your brain cells to prevent against certain types of brain diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

17. Go to a random spot together

You both can decide to go on an adventure. Pick a map. Get a casual spot on the map, pack up your stuff and go for an adventure. What makes this exciting is the spontaneity of it all.

Fair warning though, try to have a plan B in case the place you both picked turned out to be whack.

18. Go offline and wireless for a night

Social media, phone and technology, are great inventions; however, they have begun to replace the art of enjoying a simple talk time with your spouse and/or partner. Select a night, and you can call it chat night.

You both should leave the phones off and unplugged TV also should be switched off. No Internet or laptops either. In fact, no gadget present at all. You both should talk for that night. You can likewise ensure that it isn’t for sex as well.

This is a great way to have a conversation without interruptions from your boss, friends or family buzzing from the phone and no distractions from anywhere.

You both can have a refreshing discussion looking back at the years, talking things out on how to be better. Have a few laughs, shed a few tears. Trust me, at the end of the day, and you can rest assured of one thing.

You guys would have bonded better than you did for the past couple of months or years of your life. If you already have kids, try to drop the kids off with someone you both trust for a sleepover and begin talking.

19. Go camping

I mean who doesn’t love camping? Camping is way fun. It’s like having your fun in the woods. Here is how it can go. You both should escape the world for a weekend. Don’t worry. It won’t fall apart before you come back.

Pack up your favourite food, fruits, water, toiletries and any other supply you think you may need. Don’t forget your camp tent and your blankets as well. Get to a safe spot you have always wanted to go to.

You can also do this if you are both in an area where you can’t go into the woods. You can always go to a tourist site. Then you both need to rent some kayaks as well.

Guess what, remember how we talked about watching the sunset and the stars together, this is also a great way of doing this, and the best part is that you would both wake up to the sound of birds chirping and even a serene environment without the noise and trouble of the city.

20. Watch your favourite TV shows together

Do you know your partner’s favourite show? If yes, sit down with him or her and enjoy the time. If it is a comedy show, you might be in for a laugh. I get that you may want to watch your shows alone to enjoy the ambience.

However, it won’t kill you to share a couple with your partner. You sometimes have to come to a compromise that you don’t like when you are in a relationship. There is an upside to it as well. You just might become a convert to that TV show.

But hey, if you don’t like his/her show, then you can always excuse yourself. It is no harm done right?

21. Have a picnic in the park

Are you tired of the unnecessary trouble of work and the city? Probably, you are looking to get away however you bot don’t have enough? Look no further. You can get to a quiet park for a picnic.

A picnic is a great way to bond with both yourselves and nature. Spend some time packing up your snacks, food and drinks for the picnic and simply head out.

You both can choose a park you have never been to before, and it also has a lot of trees and other things that make up a natural environment, Sit down and enjoy. Who says having fun must cost you a fortune?

22. Take a hike

If you are not so particular about going to a gym class, but you both love hiking, why not try it together? Pick a place you both want to view and ensure that the area has a stunning and amazingly beautiful view added to it.

This way, you both get to work together towards a common goal as well as enjoy a stunning view which makes the entire stress worthwhile and extra memorable. If the place gets too tough, you can always help each other out, after all, it is a couple’s hike.

23. Create a garden together

Speaking of nature, how about you bring nature a little bit closer to you? Create a mini garden in your home together. This is a fun thing to do plus you both can be playful about it.

You can plant beautiful flowers and herbs in your mini garden. One of the best ways to get close to nature is by getting close to it. So get some good music on, and get your hands dirty.

24. Have a random gift challenge

You don’t have to wait for it to be your partner’s birthday to get gifts for them. You can decide to surprise yourselves with a challenge.

Think of it as a gift challenge. Challenge yourself to get the cheapest and the best gift for each other. You can then have a gift party which you both can exchange your gifts. Getting gifts can really be fun especially when it isn’t your birthday.

25. Have a healthy sex life

No matter how you look at it, sex makes you bond with your partner. Having sex brings you closer to your partner and spices up your relationship.

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