27 Best Places to Get Free Stuff Online

Free Stuff

As the world fast becomes even more commercialized, people can enjoy an increasing amount of free stuff through numerous discount offers, some recycling efforts, and, of course, Internet loss leaders.

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However, not everyone knows the right places to look for such freebies. Learning where to search for great deals and free samples can save you a tremendous amount of cash on a variety of things.

Below are the best ReUseItwebsites you can check when you need to get free stuff, although this list is not in any particular order:

1. Craigslist

While Craigslist already earned itself a mixed reputation — users are advised to use caution and common sense when they interact with total strangers — it is also a fantastic source of free items.

As the phenomenon called freecycling becomes more popular, Craigslist can be a tremendous resource for finding these free offers. Freecycling is a concept based on the idea that people have used items that are still in excellent condition, but they are replacing the things anyway.

Instead of throwing these items away, the owners simply offer them to the public for free.

2. FreeStuff.com

FreeStuff.com is a site that gives you access to different free samples of regular household items ranging from moisturizers to coffee. You can use this super amazing site to save money on tons of things you use daily or to try out new brands at no cost.

3. Yerdle

Yerdle is a site that describes itself as a “people-powered store.” With this site, that the more stuff a person gives away, the more credits they earn with which they can buy other things want on Yerdle without needing to use real cash.

While this may make you feel like it takes more effort than just throwing things out, a person can quickly get something instead of nothing for stuff they were going to throw in the trash.

Using a service like this is an excellent option for items that you think are too valuable to give out or throw away simply but that you haven’t had success selling.

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4. FreeSamples.org

FreeSamples.org is a great portal that gives users access to a wide range of free product offers for things such as household products and coupons for products and popular local restaurants. The site has its offers updated every day.

5. The Freecycle Network

The Freecycle Network is made up of nearly nine million members worldwide. It is dedicated to enabling members to get and give stuff for free to put goods to their most efficient use — and keep usable items out of landfills.

This nonprofit describes itself as a “grassroots movement,” and local volunteer moderators help handle network activity to keep exchanges safe and posts accurately. Membership is free.

6. Woman Freebies

Women freebies offer people the chance to try new products before they buy, they supply free samples, lots of coupons, and some giveaways of products made for women, from shoes to candles and vacations.

This website is a great place to search for fun stuff you want or even cheap gift items for your mom, wife, sister, or girlfriend.

7. Drugs.com

Drugs.com is a fantastic online resource that provides users with a drug discount program. Though prone have mixed feelings about these guys, that seem to have excellent intentions.

There is a free membership card that can save you as high as 80% at major pharmacies around you, according to the website.

8. The ReUseIt Network

The ReUseIt Network is a great portal that gives you unlimited access and information on tons of freecycling groups all around the world. The site is one that focuses on directing users to freecycle groups and resources around you.

9. Free Stuff Finder

Free Stuff Finder is a site that shares great deals, discounts, and giveaways offered both online and at famous retailers. The site is quite transparent as they show you both the actual price of an item and the new price after applying coupons and discounts to help you easily break down your savings.

10. Target

Target is a site that has a free sample portal which allows you to try new products for free. Furthermore, when you sign up for the store’s Red Card, it will be easy for you to save 5 percent on each purchase.

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However, you must know what you’re signing up for before you commit. Loyalty cards can feature its own perks, but it also typically tracks all your purchases, which certain consumer advocacy groups believe to be an invasion of privacy.

11. SweetFreeStuff.com

SweetFreeStuff.com is the perfect place to find an e-newsletter that involves regular access to incredible deals online and many free samples. The website is one that also lists giveaways, as well as sweepstakes that you can sign up for on the internet.

12. Cardpool

Cardpool is a great online marketplace that puts you at liberty to purchase different gift cards at a discounted amount to use at your best stores. While the levels of discount vary, there are specific attractive deals that you can find. You can also sell your gift cards for money.

13. All You

All You is a lifestyle website that lists 59 birthday freebies. On the site, you can also find coupons for both groceries and household items or other exclusive deals you may want to try out.

14. The Penny Hoarder

In addition to letting you know about 100 places where there are free birthday offers, on the Penny Hoarder, you get great advice on saving and earning money in some unconventional ways.

15. HeyItsFree.com

Though it is just another site that comes with a long list of birthday freebies, the site Hey It’s Free is also a fantastic source for getting free offers all year round. Find coupons for almost everything from free moisturizer to food, free comic books, and even codes for some free rewards points.

16. Freaky Freddie’s

In addition to good deals on products for adults, Freaky Freddie’s comes with a long list of free children’s stuff. On the site, you can check out offers for cool books, children’s T-shirts, coloring books, and fun activities such as roller skating.

17. Totally Free Stuff

Totally Free Stuff offers users dozens of categories of different free items as well as daily updates. You can search for things in different categories for the type of interest or person such as women, men, business, wedding, religious, or by type of products, such as sports, kitchen, toys, pet products, and automotive.

18. I Love Free Things

I Love Free Things is one other fantastic site with a differing collection of free things for kids, from great books to deals on fun things like bowling. The website features dozens of categories of free items for all ages as well.

19. Freeflys.com

Freeflys.com is a website where you can find lists of free samples, coupon codes, and coupons. You can surf the site or look for stuff sorted according to category or brand name.

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20. Raise

Raise is a popular online marketplace that allows individuals to buy gift cards for a wide range of products and services from more than 1000 stores and restaurants at a lower price. The site also will enable you to sell selling unwanted or unused gift cards for cash.

21. Recycle the World

Recycle the World is one other great freecycling website you should try. The site allows you to post and search for free stuff. Whether you are trying to get rid of unwanted things or are in search of something specific, the site allows you to target your local area.

It also comes with a search tool that will help you find the nearest recycling centers to you.

22. Coupons.com

Couponing has evolved from being just a trend into a normal lifestyle for a bunch of people, and that likely explains the reason why the number of websites that focus on providing access to different coupons has grown profoundly in recent years.

As a big shot in the industry and continuously showcasing over 2,000 brands, on Coupons.com, you can find multiple ways to grab coupons online.

With the site, you can print many tickets, find some coupon codes, and get discounts to particular retailers that you can include to your debit or credit card.

23. SmartSource.com

Another fantastic source of free coupons online, SmartSource.com can also help you save cash on almost everything from groceries, to beauty products and weight loss products. It’s so cool you can even get sanding sheets for your many DIY projects.

24. The Krazy Coupon Lady

Popular extreme couponing website known as the Krazy Coupon Lady is a fantastic source for coupons from a few of your best retailers, from discount stores such as Walmart and Dollar Tree to some high-end brands such as Sephora.

The site features excellent deals for stores such as Home Depot and online retailers like Amazon.

25. Freebie-Depot

Freebie-Depot features some really “hotlists” for items from every day offers to fantastic birthday giveaways from a range of useful products and services from many brands and retailers.

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You can find many categories on the site such as a section for wedding freebies, with deals for those who are getting married or people who are recently married.

26. Lifehacker

While Lifehacker is known to provide unconventional solutions to fundamental everyday problems, it is a website that often publishes blog posts and articles on ways and where you can save money, like a feature on the best birthday freebies from retail stores and restaurant.

27. Freebies.org

This is a fantastic place to get freebies, but in addition to that, Freebies.org provides tips and tricks on how you save money as well as its full Guide to how to hunt for Freebies.