4 Major Smart City Ideas to Develop in 2019


Many countries all over the world are now making good use of different smart technologies and data solutions to build sustainable urban developments and at the same time, fast-tracking their positive outcomes.

These developments are called smart cities where the governments try in their possible way to solve different urban challenges through innovative collaborations. This initiative is a promising one, but it will take a great concept to build such ecological and sustainable developments without compromising the safety of people and their way of life.

In this article, we will be addressing this challenge, below are some smart city ideas you can adopt in 2019:

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Bike Sharing System

The bike-sharing system is not a new thing for some countries as it is a great idea to consider in 2019. It is a traditional system that was initiated in 1964 in Amsterdam. Nonetheless, due to the lack of accountability from its users, the program was a total bust. There was another initiative in 1995 which tried to bring it back to life, but the program also ended due to the same reason the first failed.

Not only after 2010 did the bike-sharing had system become successful. Because people are nor more open-minded and responsible unlike before, the bike-sharing system has now become a successful program for smart city developments. Mainly, dockless bike-sharing is popular in Asia, especially in Taiwan and China.

This system is more convenient and more economical. There is an app that is used to locate a bike quickly and to unlock and use the bike; you have to scan the QR bar code. This is indeed very ideal for a place with a large population with students and workers who want to avoid the usual stress of using public transportations such as trains and buses.

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Smart Healthcare System Based on IoT

While having a sustainable transportation system, it is also essential for smart cities to have an intelligent health care system that is based on IoT (Internet of Things). Mostly, this system will help to make healthcare systems more convenient and advanced than it used to be. In a hospital in Singapore, human-sized autonomous robots are already walking along the corridors to transfer files, and drugs through the place and blood sample.

On the other hand, smart healthcare systems based on IoT use sensors to gather and send patient data as well as to watch patients with chronic illnesses. They store and process information through cloud computing. Because of the power of cloud base systems, staff can monitor their patients remotely and communicate with them anytime and anywhere. Once this system is applied in various cities, people will have better access to more convenient and smarter healthcare.

Electric Buses

The use of diesel-powered buses leads to so many environmental hazards such as air pollution which can cause harm to people’s health. That is why the United States started to develop electric buses which are only powered by batteries. This does not only help to improve the quality of the air, but it will also cause a significant reduction in the prices of gas. Electric buses are easy to maintain, and it can be charged at convenient places along their journey.

Interestingly, there’s an electric bus in North America that has proved its worth, driving over 350 miles on just one charge. Proterra’s Catalyst E2 Series can go through a different route in a day without the need for constant charging. This is due to the large battery pack that the company used for the bus. It is also made o flight materials, and it regenerates its braking system, thereby ensuring safe and convenient bus rides. Even small companies can use this idea of business funding through paydays loans online.

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And apart from North America, electric buses are also a hit in Japan. Truck and buses in this technology-loving region had gone electric to lessen harmful emissions from various vehicles. They have even tested self-driving electric buses that can take up to 15 passengers. People found it scary at first, but the experience of riding this tech-driven vehicle left many in astonishment. In 2019, Japan well uses more self-driving electric buses to make their cities more smart, safe and sustainable.

Programmed Education

Education is as important as healthcare and transportation. So, if you want to develop a smart city, you also have to find a way to incorporate bright education ideas. One of these ideas is to make it possible for the students to have a programmed education. By this, I mean setting related measures with long-term goals.

Singapore is one of the countries that is committed to programmed education in the world. Their primary goal is to teach their students computer programming. They also allow children in nurseries to play with robots so that they can learn the fundamentals of computer programming at an early age. However, more than 20,000 children have already benefited from this, and more students in Singapore are expected to learn computer programming despite their interests and courses. This style of the education program is not only helpful to the students, but also they find it fun particularly when they learn about video games, drones, 3D printers, circuits, and robots.

In France, children are found to have experienced robotics workshops and robotics conference in the past few years. Some institutions in the country have also begun degree programs on digital robots. They even offered computer programming courses for unemployed people so that they can learn a skill or tool that will help them land a job in the future.

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Thankfully, you can incorporate all these ideas in your business and then create a minimum workable product out of your investment. And once you have a smart product or service that you can sell, you can start establishing your own business and eat the fruit of your labour.

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