4 Things You Could Be Doing Now to Generate Leads

Generate Leads

Generating leads is essential for the continued success and sustainability of a business. However, this can be an equally challenging task.

According to recent studies, many brands struggle with lead generation, with an insufficient budget, staff resources, and time serving as barriers.

But no matter the resources you have, it is crucial to have an effective lead generation strategy.

An effective lead generation plan helps bring in new customers and fuel your marketing efforts. It also provides a business with an audience to educate and nurture and a driving force behind its content.

If you’re one of the marketers struggling with lead generation, then you’re in the right place.

The first step to effective lead generation is prioritizing your lead generation efforts, regardless of your resources.

Businesses that can’t generate new leads are unlikely to grow, so capitalize on your strengths and get to work instead of focusing on limitations.

Below are four proven ways to generate more leads as your business grows.

Create Better Landing Pages

Increasing your landing pages from, let’s say, five to 10 can boost your leads by about 55%.

Another advantage of more landing pages is that you can use them to track information from people visiting your website.

The content of your landing pages should be concise, clear, and substantial. It is also crucial to tie landing pages into ads designed to promote your brand and extend its outreach.

Well-designed landing pages with high-value content are a great way to generate leads. Using landing pages as a lead-driving tool encompasses more than just uploading blog posts.

Your landing page content could be a video, white paper, ebook, or an in-depth study. You might also need to consider how to make this content targeted and valuable.

For example, a business whose target audience is the healthcare industry should create content for healthcare professionals.

Learn about your target audience and make the most helpful content for them in their preferred format.

Personalized Email Marketing

One of the greatest ways to drive leads is to personalize your email marketing efforts.

Studies found that personalized emails are six times more effective in revenue generation than non-personalized campaigns and emails.

Marketers can use their email platform to include the recipient’s name and personalize their email greeting.

You may also consider grouping your emails by expressed interests, purchase history, and location.

These simple things can help generate more leads while strengthening your brand’s relationship with the target audience.

But you have to track your success as you send more emails to your target audience. That way, it will be easier to evolve, modify, test, and drive more leads.

Determine your success rate by comparing your click rate against the average industry rate. Also, don’t forget to check which of your emails are getting more clicks.

Consider placing your links in more than one email to make it easier to learn more about your subscribers.

Referral Partners

Small businesses can generate more leads by partnering with their peers. A referral partnership can help facilitate this.

It entails generating leads from referrals and sending them to your business partners and vice versa. But have your legal team draft proof paperwork to make stipulations clear to both parties.

Consider including information about the quality of leads you want and your expected total sale amount.

Does your business find it more challenging to break through the noise and get in touch with quality prospects like most sales professionals and business owners?

Also, your prospects could be putting up obstacles to stay out of your reach. You could also be having less time to gain the interest and attention of your prospects.

If so, establishing a referral partnership can make a huge difference.

If you face these challenges, consider aligning yourself with other businesses and professionals who can expose you to your target audience.

Enlisting other businesses and professionals who operate in the same niche as you can help connect with quality leads.

Optimize Your GMB Listings

One proven way businesses can drive more leads is by optimizing their Google My Business listing.

GMB is a free Google tool designed to help businesses manage their online presence across Google and its growing utilities portfolio.

It is a strategy that seasoned SEO professionals often capitalize on to drive more qualified leads. Creating a GMB listing is a step towards succeeding in local searches.

GMB listings offer a significant impact for brands seeking to broaden their exposure on local searches.

GMB listing is a valuable feature for established and new businesses seeking to generate more leads.

Using GMB is free, and GMB doesn’t serve as a replacement for your business website. Instead, it complements your website by giving in a presence and public identity on Google.

Marketers can make their businesses appear in Google Maps and Google Search by creating Google My Business.

Potential customers utilizing Google Maps will likely see your GMB listing, irrespective of the devices they are browsing with.

If your business has previously used Google+ to complement itself, the chances are that it is already listed on GMB.

Tips on GMB optimization include;

  • Using a local contact number
  • Upload high-resolution photos
  • Complete your business profile
  • Monitor your Google My Business section

But Google also requires businesses owners to verify their GMB via postcard to prove that they represent and manage the business they claim ownership of.

Lead generation is a top priority for all businesses, regardless of their size. Luckily, there are many effective and quick ways to generate more leads.

Companies of all sizes and across all industries can use the above-discussed ideas to drive more leads. The key is to modify the strategy you choose to make it work for your business.

Your business could be losing a lot of qualified leads if it is yet to prioritize lead generation.

Generating leads is a must-do task for all brands that want to increase their conversion rate.

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