4 Ways to Make Your Dog More People-friendly

Ways to Make Your Dog More People-Friendly
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Some dogs are considered unfriendly, but most of them are very social. Some may have a few issues, but with proper training and socialization can still become part of the family.

And then some seem born to love people. Whichever the case, you want your dog to be comfortable around people.

You do everything for them, such as taking them to the vet and ordering fresh dog food delivery. Hence you also want them to be comfortable around people you are comfortable around.

Here are four ways to make him more people-friendly.

Make Sure Your Dog Is Properly Socialized

A properly socialized dog is less likely to be afraid or aggressive toward people. Proper socialization helps your dog get used to being around and interacting with people, especially those they do not know. It is also important in preventing separation anxiety. So if you have just adopted a puppy or rescued an adult dog, it’s time to start socializing with him.

You can start socializing your dog from a young age by taking them out for walks and introducing them to different environments and situations. Try to let them meet new people, other dogs, cars, and more. If they are rescued animals, then treat them with care first. Once that is done, you can take them out to meet your friends and family. They will mingle very soon.

Teach Them to Obey Commands

Dogs have to be taught how to behave. You can achieve this by giving them commands and telling them what to do in different situations. You can start by teaching them the basic commands, such as sit, stay and come. Once they have mastered the basics, you can move on to more complex commands, such as rollover and fetch. You should also make sure that you are consistent with your training. It will help them learn faster. Once your dog obeys you, he becomes easy to control. If you have a dog known to be aggressive, teaching him to obey becomes all the more important.

Ensure They’re Comfortable in New Environments

Dogs are naturally cautious and shy, so you should ensure they are comfortable in new environments. Suppose your dog is a bit nervous about going to a new place, then try taking them for a walk around the area before you take them there. It will help them get used to their surroundings and eliminate any anxiety they may have. It will also help you to take your dog on longer trips, especially if you travel a lot. Once comfortable with this change, they will relax when taken out to new places. Also, ensure you have fresh dog food delivery wherever you are going.

Be Patient and Be Consistent

Your dog will not be able to learn anything if they are confused or frustrated, so you must stay calm and patient. If they do something wrong, correct them immediately but don’t shout at them, as this may scare them into doing the same thing again because of fear. Remember that dogs learn from repetition, so try to repeat commands until your dog understands what they need to do. You may need to try again with a different approach or use different words/commands. The more time you spend with them, the quicker they will learn.

The Takeaway

Making your dog more social can improve its quality of life and help them stay healthy. It will also help you when people come over to your place. You will not have to keep them on a leash when they are friendly around new people. If you have any tips for us, leave them in the comments.

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