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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

5 + 1 Android Apps Made by Nigerians You Should Try

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Welcome to our apps review. Developers in the country are trying very hard nowadays to make sure their work is out there, but they usually lack exposure. The android apps developers generally have more tough times since most times their apps go without being downloaded, and there are lots of competition on the playstore for downloads.

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I took the time to check, ask for recommendations, tested some of the apps and here are the ones I found that may be useful to you.


QandA App

Nigerians are familiar with the past questions system allows us to study for upcoming examinations using questions from previous tests. The stress that comes from visiting bookshops and markets to find these study materials can be hectic and the weight of the books can cause aches from carrying them around.

Questions and Answers a.k.a QandA is an educational app that brings past questions and their solutions to your fingertips. This mobile market allows you to buy these materials (there are also free materials though)  so you can prepare for your tests without stress. The categories include o’level, undergraduate, postgraduate, professional exams, Foreign Exams category: TOEFL, GRE, IELTS, GMAT, CIE, MCAT, business examinations questions and even job/career-related questions. Also, users can compile and sell too on the app if they have questions and answers to tests or papers not available on the app marketplace.

On Q and A app, you can buy and sell relevant past questions, course materials, and other educational books. Since we spend a considerable amount of time on our phones, having your past questions and their solutions on it wouldn’t be bad. QandA wants you to pass your tests and also make cool cash at the same time. Download Q and A App Here 



Receiptish is an android receipt maker that allows users (especially business owners) to create receipts with their android phones (POS Style) for goods or services on the go. The free version of the app is easily customizable with logos, address, the number of products sold and the output can be saved to PDF format and transferred.

You can customize receipt number, company information, the app automatically calculates discounts rates when added, select currency symbol, and send receipt within the application. Download the Receiptish App Here

Pidgin Dictionary

Pidgin Dictionary


This app makes me want to type using pidgin so you guys can go and download it and learn pidgin English ( Nigerian Unofficial Language). The Pidgin Dictionary app is meant for all those who want to understand and speak Pidgin English the Warri way (complete with slangs and phrases). Many persons know the Warri Pidgin is distinct from the others cause of the slangs and swag it carries.

The app not only serves as a dictionary, but it also suggests what to say in specific situations and places, so you don’t go looking awkward. Along with its suggestions, it also comes with a sentence translator and word of the day. It is an excellent app for tourists and first-timers to Nigeria or has interest in learning it, and it is available offline. Download Pidgin Dictionary Here.


cassava app

The CassavaApp (I think the name must have come from how the cassava plant leaf spreads) is an instant messaging app tailored for business persons without an online platform. The app has different features found in WhatsApp like the status, but it also goes ahead to add the leaf section that allows users to place adverts on their products.

The leaf feature also serves as a marketplace as it has different free advertising styles that the user can take advantage of when placing adverts. It can also be used to send invitations to friends as well as plan trips.

The shop section allows users to display their products and services. So the cassava app serves as a social media platform, a business app, and ad listing platform. Since it’s the first version, we expect more updates and nice features very soon. Check Out The Cassava App Here

Chike Sky Raider

Chike Sky Raider

Chike sky raider is a game modeled after the B game in our 9999 in 1 games console. You aim to help Chike avoid power lines as he flies over Lagos traffic hunting artifacts to help fund his solar power projects. Successful maneuver lets Chike give you indigenous greetings like “na so.” The game is good to pass the time and relax especially if you want to play an old game in a new format. Download Here


Mace Runner

Mace Runner: people have temple run, maze runner but here we have an endless running game modeled after an event that led to the stealing of the Nigerian National Assembly Mace. Here you help the culprit escape as “Olokpa” aka police chases after him. It also features rolling tires and spikes on the path of the runner which he must avoid. Download Here


We may have omitted some apps here as we couldn’t find them all. If you know any app made by a Nigerian Developer out there that is worthy to make this list, let us know by using the comment box.

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Laurence Inyanghttps://rencetek.com
Laurence is a computer science graduate. He sees himself as "Simple," but "Always Curious." When he is not seeing anime or reading about phones and trending technologies, he is somewhere in his room building WordPress websites for his web agency. He is here to give accurate information and also help people with his articles. You can reach him via any of the social media handles.
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