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5 Awesome Hidden Features on Android Q

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Google has introduced to the world its latest version of Android, which will be known as Android Q it will be called that until they once again pick a dessert starting with the said letter. This is a significant update from Android from Google’s perspective as it majorly focuses on refining the Android Pie experience while laying more focus on user security and privacy.

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However, Google has baked many feature flags in this new version to give its users access to features that are currently under development. This article will be highlighting some of the hidden features we found to be interesting in the Android Q.

Android Q Hidden Features

Note: these features we all tested on the Pixel 2 while running Android 10 Q Beta 1 (with build number QPP1.190205.018.B4).

Native Screen Recorder

We have been asking Google to introduce a screen recording feature for ages, and while the company has worked on previously, this would be the first time you can try it out. Thought screen recording is not enabled by default, but android Q allows you to record your screen simply by just flipping the switch on a feature flag in the developer options setting page.


Seamless Transfer

As compared to Android Pie, Google has now made double the number of feature flags made available in its latest update, and one of them is the super handy “seamless transfer” feature. When activated, will add a musical note icon to the notification of whatever app is playing music. Tapping on this icon will open up a pop-up at the bottom, and it allows you to switch between audio output sources on the go.


This feature could be useful when you are listening to a track, and if you want to pass on the taste to your friend as well, so you can switch directly to the speakers by using this feature. It requires you to toggle the ‘settings_seamless_transfer’ feature flag in the developer options menu.

Force Desktop Mode

Google’s Android will finally get ready to embrace the PC experience life with android Q, and this will be the first time it introduces an option that will allow the device to switch from a mobile mode into a ‘desktop mode’ in the developer settings. It means you may soon be able to turn your phone into a PC and enjoy the PC experience, which is free from the tragedy of getting a foldable device.

This is how Android Q’s Desktop Mode looks right now


The ‘force desktop mode’ toggle button is kept deep in the developer options, but it doesn’t work in its current state. So you have to wait for more development.

Freeform Windows

Back in 2017, Android introduced the freeform window mode. It was the first time it’s been, and it was hidden away, and you would need adb to be able to use the feature. But in android Q it now has a dedicated developer option to enable the same. It works very well but for now only on the Pixel 3 XL and not the Pixel 2. Currently, you can ‘only’ have a single freeform window open on your home screen. Opening another freeform window closes the one that is already open, and it takes its place.


This hidden feature will be pretty useful in the desktop mode, so if you want to enable the same, you need to look for the ‘Enable freeform windows’ option that is found under the “Apps” section in the developer options menu.

Dark Mode

One of the most exciting features of android Q is the system-wide dark them. It ’s not enabled by default, either is there a dedicated option to activate it in the settings. Everything that is linked with dark mode has been removed from this latest version of Android because Google wants to boast about it on stage at I/O 2019.


However, there are a couple of ways to enable the dark them and see how your device would respond to it. Though it looks fantastic, it still needs more improvement.

In Conclusion

While there are a bunch of other exciting feature flags available in this update, like dynamic homepage and safety hub, but it’s just the ones mentioned above that we have managed to spot and get working. All of these features are pretty awesome, which is the reason we would love for it to be worked upon so it can be released officially.

Tell us which of these features you are excited about. Let us know by using the comments section below.

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