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5 Dating Mistakes to Avoid

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One of the tricky things to dish out to a friend is relationship advice; it is difficult for someone who is head over heels to take your advice, even though they need it, and you mean well.

Nonetheless, it has to be done, a lot of people fall out of love, not because what they had was never real, but because they made the move at the wrong time.

We’ve piled up the common dating mistakes people make, and we hope you find it useful in your journey to finding the perfect one for you.

Ordering more than you can afford

All right, I have to admit, this is for the ladies. Ladies, it is a big turn-off if you order heaven and earth in just one sitting.

Babe, just because he asked you out on a date, does not mean you should order everything eatable in the restaurant (that’s if it’s a restaurant).

To be fair, order a simple snack and water, be interested in what he has to say. Let him see that you are interested in him and not the food.

Some men have nothing to bring to the table except food; if you can foot your bills, you will soon realize some men are empty upstairs. It is sad, but it is the truth.

Get to know your man, his mental prowess, other areas of his life, other than how much he can spend on you whenever you go out.

Also, if you must get some takeouts, pay for them yourself. Although it is normal for guys to offer to pay for the takeouts, politely decline the offer and get whatever you want to get, and thank him for a wonderful time.

Let me quickly chip in this, some ladies have nothing else to offer except their body; do not make it easy for anyone, just any lady to see your joystick without bringing something to the table.

You deserve more than that. I’m not referring to a “community joystick” this advice is not for people who just want to hit it with anyone or anything.

Updating your social media status

Lol, this is pretty funny, but do not update your WhatsApp status, indirectly or directly insinuating you had a terrible or lovely time.

No matter how exciting you feel, keep it from the public, chat them up privately, and let them know instead. Trust me, we (the public) really do not care how exciting or uninteresting your date went.

Besides, it is immature and your partner may not be comfortable with you sharing relationship memes on your social media platforms (you might scare them off).

Narrating your sad experiences with your ex

If you know are not entirely over your ex, please do not drag someone else into a relationship; everyone deserves to be loved.

Keep your ex off the table and get to know your current partner for who they are.

“What if he asks me about my ex” of course, it is normal for your date to ask you about your past relationship; keep it short and straightforward.

It is not the time to narrate everything that went wrong, how he/she jilted you, yada yada.

Instead, say “oh we hit it off at first, but soon realized we aren’t meant for each other”

But how?

We have different goals, so what about you?

Now, you get the point, so keep it short and straightforward.

Comparing your ex with your partner

It is a big turn-off to anyone, please, please, and please do not compare your partner with your ex, or any other person.

If they are that cool, why don’t you date them instead of pouring your frustration on your partner? The past should be in the past, and if you must think of the past, it is for learning purposes.

Learn from it and move on. Besides, comparing your partner with another woman or man shows you do not appreciate their uniqueness, and you are subtly telling them you prefer the other person.

It hurts, and immature. Grow up!

Sharing your family secret, with your new-found love

Remember, your partner is yet to be your family; no matter how sweet and perfect you both kick-off, it is unwise to share your family secret with your newly found “love.”

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but imagine you confided in your newly found partner about what went wrong in your family, and two weeks later, you broke up?

You’ve ended up sharing your family secret with a stranger, who may or may not protect your privacy. In essence, do not disclose your family secret to every Tom, Dick, and Harry.

Do not talk down any family member to your lover, it breeds contempt, and influences them to hate your people, which is unhealthy.

If you must, ensure they are mature enough to handle and protect your secret. Besides, the faster you share your secrets with your partner, your partner may think you cannot be trusted.

Moreover, if it is not your secret, it is not yours to share.

The above-listed dating mistakes are the ones we could share at the moment, but it is enough to set you on the right track.

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