5 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online in 2021

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The world wide web is getting bigger every day with different life-supporting opportunities for everyone around the globe.

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An estimation done last years by the American Research Institute confirms that over 90% of the world is available on the internet and this year will see a more rapid development and growth in the internet population.

The most interesting part about the internet is not just the large population but also the endless lists of money-making methods dispersed all over the internet, sadly enough, with these unlimited opportunities available at our fingertips, just a tiny 5% of the internet population is making extra bucks on the internet while about 15% is making six figures monthly via internet.

The question now is, on which side are you? The money spender or the money maker?

Allow me to take you around this short story. The last three years found my wife and I in the rat race, trying to bring our necks out of debts while breathing heavily under the pressure of a boss that pays a quarter of what I am making now from the net daily as a monthly salary.

Now we both work anytime from anywhere we want with the amount we make under our control while having much time to spend together as a family with our two kids.

Are you also ready to break free from the cat race? Want to make some extra bucks online? Or want to make six figures online?

I know you have got more questions, so I have got for you here the most legitimate work from home money making methods that I have personally tested and trusted after trying about 60 of the online money-making techniques that I came across during my quest for a fast way to make money online three years ago.

Know that all of these methods have been used by me for more than 2 years and they sure pay. Let me cut short the whole thing and walk you around making your first $100 right here and right now. See below.

5 Most Trusted Ways to Make Money Online for Newbies and Geeks

Some of the methods I will be explaining here can be used by anybody while others require extra knowledge.

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But it?s a long list with a lot of picks, go ahead and see which one suit you.

1. Blogging

As I mentioned earlier, the world is moving fast, and we need more online places we can get ourselves updated from. Setting up a blog costs nothing than $3.0 monthly, not just enough to buy McDowell?s steaks.

Don?t crawl away, because even if you have zero bluffing experience, you can still blog and earn around $600 monthly, that is if you are the lazy type.

WordPress has made blogging easy that even an old grandma could open up one and earn more by just educating people with informative articles. The greatest thing about blogging is you can choose any topic and still make your money as no knowledge is a waste.

You may choose topics like; wedding, home appliances, music, technology and many more. Another thing about blogging is the freedom to run as much as possible blogs you want without getting penalized. Just get to WordPress and you will be setting up a six-figure making blog for just $2.8 within 20 minutes.

2. Affiliate marketing

Working with associate networks like eBay, Amazon, Google AdSense, Jumia, JiJi, and Konga can earn you up to $15,000 monthly, but you earn daily.

It is easy and safe working with reputable companies like these. Registration takes just some few steps and you will find yourself amidst other happy earning affiliate marketers.

You just have to choose a specific genre of products and help these sites advertise and you will get a cut of 16% on every customer you bring to them, good news is you don?t need to place a board upfront your house for the ad, it’s done online. Just create a site and write some attractive articles supported with pictures and videos for the advert.

Amazon will give you a link on every product you choose to advertise so you can put it on your site, and each time someone click on that link, you get paid for it. Easy and sweet.

3. Survey

There are many sites out there that pay you for completing daily surveys on their site. Though the payment is usually around 1$-5$ per survey which is not an amount that can keep out the spaces out of your wallet, but you can go for it if you are interested in making some few bucks for candies.

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There are many survey sites that don?t pay so I have got the legit ones for you below.

  • Swagbucks
  • Oneopinion
  • InboxDollar
  • Pinecone research
  • American Consumer opinion
  • Survey Junkey

4. Freelancing

65% of online learners are freelancers and you can add up to the population now. The freelance world is a place to showcase your talent and get paid for doing things you love.

From writing to web designing, logo designing, SEO, and a lot more, you will be landing project worth a whopping sum of $60 per hour.

In my earliest period as a freelancer I earned a sum of $140 my first-month writing simple product reviews that takes just 30 minutes of my time, and now I am moving up the ladder.

I?m you had considered joining the freelance world, I suggest you join platforms like;

  • freelance.com
  • upwork.com
  • Truelancer
  • Workana
  • Fiverr

5. Testing

Now this is the easiest way to make big money online. I have joined uTest, one of the most trusted testing sites and the pay over there has kept me glued. You sign up and get access to a lot of testing projects you can go for, and if your application for any yeast is granted, you are in for money.

The one I am currently into now is the facebook research testing project by just keeping an app on my phone.

crop payroll clerk counting money while sitting at table
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