5 Major Problems with Fallout 76

fallout 76

I remember receiving severe backlash from all the angry fans when I wrote about Fallout 76. I remember how dubious I may have appeared about its success. Now the game is rocking score of 49/100 by critiques.

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Well, don’t say that I didn’t tell you all already! Well, it’s just the worst AAA of this console generation. It is the worst reviewed AAA game of the year. For sure, this is going to hurt the sentiments of fans but it’s true.

Forbes Games writer while reviewing Fallout 76 said that “The game was ruined the very instant when they decided to stay live on the server. They rushed into releasing the game without even compiling a well-engaged story. They just focused on populating the map.”

So we all are eager to know what exactly is wrong with the Fallout 76 which made it a hot topic for all the critiques. Since we won’t have time to address all the problems within, that is why we are going to discuss only major problems that completely destroyed the game and its aura.

1. Play Fallout 76 only when you have access to the internet:

The most basic and major problem with Fallout 76 is it is being “only online”. Well, the whole idea of co-op gaming online is great but it reduces the accessibility a big time.

It restricts the game to a very narrow scope. Only online, make it less accessible to the incapacitated gamers who no longer have VATS and are used to of Fallout’s previous combat system which allowed to slow time, line up shots before recommencing the combat.

The impact of only online Fallout is beyond than that of the combat. It’d require you to have a high-speed internet to avoid glitches. And when we talk about a high-speed internet I can only think of Comcast Xfinity.

You’ll be surprised to know that there are no NPC (non-playable characters) in the game and little of the story there is told through holotapes and text. Running into a fellow player is rare and Fallout will make you spend most of your time in a lifeless post-apocalyptic world.

2. Fallout 76 suffers from several performance issues.

Fallout 76 deviates from the long history of franchise offering a single player goodness and made us experience the worst of all survival games. Other than being only online game, it is afflicted with several other performance issues.

We all are familiar with the fact that Bethesda is known for only fixing a fraction of the game performance problems. Whereas the other several bugs and glitches have affected the performance of game a lot.

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Modders often come up with the role of fixing those glitches whereas it is a hell of a task for an online game. To name a few lagging, stiff animations and frame rate are the major issues game is suffering from.

Well, there is no game on earth that is bug-free but Bethesda took it to another level and made their own buggy game a punch line, especially a game which is swamped with performance issues.

3. Bethesda ran the worst Post-launch of Fallout 76’s:

It is safe to say that Bethesda handled the lashing of Fallout 76 very poorly. It is truly inexplicable beyond imagination.

The publisher is surprisingly not addressing all the problems with the game. Paul Tassi of Forbes said that: “This release of Fallout is so muddled that Bethesda should come forward with something substantive or else they will suffer a massive reputation damage.”

Well, it’s quite late for that. Bethesda has to work a big time to fix the biggest of bugs existing in the game. Being upfront with all the problems could’ve earned them a little credibility but most publishers don’t adhere to this model. Rather they prefer silence and vagueness to openness.

4. Fallout 76 was released way too soon:

In the alternate world Fallout, 76 would have considered among the decent games. There is absolutely no wrong with the online Fallout but I guess that Fallout is certainly not 76.

As far as I think Bethesda could’ve done better if they hadn’t rushed the release of Fallout 76. If they have invested another year on its development and have streamlined everything in order Fallout 76 would have done better.

Another year would have provided them with an opportunity to work on robust PvP, more polished co-op options etc.

5. Fallout 76 directly proportional to boredom:

The major thing critiques have told us about Fallout 76 is that it is extremely boring. I personally know a few reviewers who left the game before it completes itself because they couldn’t bear another second of it. A veteran game critic Jeff Gerstmann share that: “None from my staff wants to play this game anymore.

I am certainly not going to give myself another 20-30 hours of torment to just provide a rating to it. I’ll rate this game with “Don’t ever try this game”.

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That is all folks!

Bethesda really screwed the pooch big time. I know many of my readers are still playing and enjoying it. And Bethesda is trying to improve things for their fans. Tell me if you spot another issue with this game. I may consider extending the list.

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