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5 Mangas or Manhua You Have to Read

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Honestly, there’s about more than a million manga out there, but the truth be told we all don’t have the same taste when it comes to so many things.

Some are into love, others are just action, while others are lovers of comedy. With regards to these differences in choice, still, some mangas just stand out.

They tend to please all audiences regardless of what type of manga they would like reading. These mangas would be selected considering their humor, action, audience ability to understand and follow, and storyline.


I’ve always loved martial arts because they have so many mind-blowing techniques and amazing fight styles. These interesting skills are usually passed down from a master to disciple.

Gosu is one of the very wonderful manhuas that did fall short of expectations. Young disciples that were trained by the ultimate master Dokgo Kyong. Dokgo used to be the ultimate ruler, he ruled over the whole of Murim for many years, until he was betrayed by his four disciples.

They thought he had died, but he went into a cave with serious, life-threatening injuries, where he trained his new disciple in the way of his ultimate technique “The Ultimate Heavenly Destruction Techniques”.

But teaching this technique came at a cost, the master had to give all of his life force to Gosu. After Gosu had mastered this skill, he inherited his master hatred for his disciples, and he vowed to take vengeance on those who betrayed his master, this new powers would aid Gosu in bringing down the four former disciples Gokgo Kyong.

With thrilling battles, endless humour, drawings that makes you understand and a storyline that’s very interesting.

Tower of God

All who climbs the tower gets lost, as their greed consumes them, those who ventures on this path to glory get their innocence stripped away from them, as their?lost for money, fame, power and glory becomes their only desire.

Tower of God reveals who we really are. Shows how true we can be to ourselves, regardless of all the challenges we face. The tower usually selects those it wants to come in, but on a few occasions irregulars come to the tower and force the tower open with sheer power.

Twenty-Fifth Bam, is one of these irregulars who enters the tower by himself, and he would be the one to bring changes to the tower. Bam who had lived in a cave without knowledge of the world that lies in the tower above him, with the help of the only friend he had Rachael.

Rachael thought him how to read, write, and what the warmth of another human felt like. Not long after Bam had entered the tower, he starts to meet new people.

One of the was Khun Aghuero, who would help him along the way. Bam was recruited by FUG (those with powers that could rival the rulers of the tower), and trained by Ha Jinsung to be a stronger Slayer nominee.

Bam with the backings of FUG has had his potentials fully reawakened, and can now go against high rankers, catch the thrilling moments in Tower of God, and journey along the tower with Bam.

Hardcore Leveling Warrior (HCLW)

Ever wondered what it would be like living in a game? Being in a world where all you earn in a game could be used in the real world, a game world ruled by the corrupt company.

Gigga, the main protagonist, HCLW who was the number one player in this remarkable Lucid adventure, finds himself in a position where he was killed and nearly had his data wiped out of the system, by an unknown player.

The player who had in her possession a dagger that could erase one’s data, reducing his states to zero. Faced with such unfortunate turn of event, people who hated him for his personality came to take vengeance on him, but with the help of Heatheater a merchant, and Dark, the son of the man who designed the game Lucid, HCLW can gain back his powers in a short time.

Join Hardcore Leveling Warrior and his companion in this adventure and enjoy the thrilling moment Lucid has to offer.

Moshi Fanren (The Last Human)

Imagine an apocalyptic world, over run by hoards of zombies, with just a few living humans left. Survival becomes limited to a group, Zuo Tianchen, who was the last human on earth died.

But after his death, he was reincarnated back in his own body, years before his death, with memories of how to harness the powers of the mutated human gene, caused by the astro shower of meteor rocks on earth.

With this knowledge, Zuo Tianchen, forms his own group and trains them on how to use these powers, and increase the chance of their survival.

In this world, what mattered most to him was the love of his life, who died in his past life. What his knowledge of harnessing the power of mutated genes, giving him an advantage over high-class zombies and fighters, putting him ahead of all other humans.

Zuo Tian and his new found group of friends, finds themselves not only battling Zombies, but also other evolved human, as people fight over territory, and having a name that stands above all, resources were treasured above all else in this new world, but one had to be strong to be able to survive this cruel world.

Solo Leveling

A gate that connected the real world and a world of monsters was opened, no one knows how this happened, but this unforeseen event brought with it deadly monsters, that brought destruction to the human world.

A few years later, some humans were born with the powers that rival this beast, they were called Hunters, not all monsters had the same ability, some had weaker abilities compared to others, their rank determines the kind of power they had, ranked from E to S and end even SS rank.

Hunter Jin Woo, who was an E ranker, was considered as the weakest hunter in the world. Jin Woo had to risk his life every day in the lowliest of dungeons; survival was very difficult for him. In one of the raids in one of the dungeons, they met an unprecedented enemy, who posed an even bigger threat to their company.

The weakest hunter was able to help the hunters escape, but leaving him behind to suffer a cruel death in the dungeon. After he died, he woke up in the hospital and found that he had been reawakened, with his ability now.

Jin Woo starts levelling up all by himself; his reawakened abilities gave him extra features, which made it easy for him to level up more often and gave him access to high-level gates that lead to high-level monsters. This new hunter becomes the talk if every associations and guild, as they all want to recruit the man that might probably be an SS ranker.

Reading manga or Manhua can be extremely fun, as it takes one to a whole new level excitements and actions. Please leave your comments guys.

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