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5 Most Influential People of the Year 2018

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Social media platforms especially YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and many other known names are becoming part of our daily lives. People get a major influence on a given issue that goes viral on social media and becomes social media celebrities.

Many people tend to earn millions of dollars through their videos and images that they upload and make sure that their online content gets the most public attention. For this, they tend to create quality content, select the relevant media and good quality gadgets as well.

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All of this makeup the best quality content and get people who post this content likes, shares and exposure on a global scale. So much so that, ordinary individuals having an extraordinary skill become social media celebrities and social media influencers.

Some of these individuals have their rags to riches stories and get recognized for being successful individuals with millions of dollars of net worth and fame. Here are a few individuals that became the most Influential People in the Year 2018:


  • YouTube: 9,485,774 subscribers
  • Instagram: 11.7 million followers
  • Facebook: 6.8 million fans
  • Twitter: 11.5 million


These guys started off nearly half a decade ago and a debuted as a group of 7 individuals. They became to be known as the Korean group BTS or Beyond The Scene for the world.

In the year 2108, these guys broke their own record this year in 2018 and released an album that became one of their highest-charting K-pop album ever.

The real driver of all the fame they have are their social media fan following. Their music video (Love Yourself: Tear) were successful in getting 4,748,876 views with their YouTube channel having 9.4 million subscribers.

Logan and Jake Paul

  • Instagram: 16.3million followers and 11.1million followers
  • YouTube: 17,759,545 and 15,760,445
  • Facebook: 16 million
  • Twitter: 4.67 million and 3.22 million

Logan and Jake Paul

The Paul Brothers are one of the YouTube’s biggest names and are known by everybody in the world. Logan and his brother Jake have been part of major controversies on YouTube. Regardless of that Logan and Jake Paul have a huge fan base and the reason can be quite justified.


These guys post some quality content that is humorous in nature. At a very early age of 22, Logan Paul has a net worth that is equivalent to around $6 million whereas his brother Jake Paul has a total net worth of is around $4 million at the age of just 20 years old.

The Paul Brothers have their fame just because of their humor and vlogs only. Recently Logan started off with his own apparel line named Maverick and Jake released many rap singles.


  • Instagram: 63.9 million
  • YouTube: 29,980,123 subscribers
  • Twitter: 86.8 million


Rihanna has that charisma that when she speaks or posts anything on the internet, people listen to that and take things in a quite serious way. She is known to have denounced an advertisement that appeared on Facebook recently.

The advertisement made her look like a victim of domestic. This resulted in a loss of around $800 million for Snap Inc. In May, she posted a picture of herself in swimwear with a stubble that was visible on her legs.

This triggered a trend of having yourself shaved in the summer at least is now not required. Her secret sauce to fame is her ability to listen more and speak less.

Her rise to fame as an entrepreneur is also because of her listening and observational skills. She felt the need of targeting a population that is generally underserved, and this proved to be an opportunity for her to launch Fenty Beauty and a lingerie line called Savage x Fenty. Both of them were amazing hits.

Charlotte and Dave Willner

Charlotte and Dave Willner

These crazy people took the greatest flaws in the society wherein they came across the finding that around 2,000 children who got separated from their families because of the “zero tolerance” policy enforced by the Trump administration.

The couple created a fundraiser on Facebook that went very successful on Facebook as Reunite an immigrant parent with their child. The goal of this fundraiser was to generate an amount of around $1,500 for the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES).


It came to be known as the most successful Facebook fundraising came by raising an amount of more than $20 million from an audience of about 500,000 people.

It was covered by the New York Times that stated that it became so big that it couldn’t be ignored and became a platform that helped by paying bonds so that parents of such unfortunate kids could be released from detention centers and go on with their normal lives once again with their kids.

President Donald Trump

  • Instagram: 9.3 million
  • YouTube: 112,127 subscribers
  • Facebook: 24,696,518
  • Twitter: 53.1 million

President Donald Trump

American Presidents have their way of staying in touch with the target audience and keep them engaged in maintaining the security and confidentiality of their life affairs.

For instance, Franklin D. Roosevelt made use of the radio to make sure that he stayed in touch with the public and President John F. Kennedy had his way of running campaigns and getting engaged with his target audience. President trump stormed on his opponents and competitors via tweets and made his way to the headlines.

His style was considered inappropriate and in November a former employee working on a contract was so fed up with President Donald Trump’s social media presence that he suspended his Twitter account on the last day of his work.

President Donald Trump was often a point of criticism almost every time he tweeted something. Well, let’s just say, it is his way of getting the attention of the media.

These are our pick of the most influential people of the year. Let’s just say that these people have the best expertise in using social media. I love to keep in touch with the news regarding celebrities and such exceptional individuals via Cox Cable and Internet services at my place.

It makes us motivated to follow in their footsteps using social media and get fame using amazing ideas and by being creative in every aspect.

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Nathan John works as a content editor at Digital TV Bundles & COX bundles. He also contributes to various online communities and writes about the internet, technology, and entertainment.

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