5 New Apps to Target Your Website’s Audience

Website’s Audience

When you own a business, one of your biggest priorities is to have as many customers as possible. All entrepreneurs dream to have thousands or even millions of clients who will buy their products and generate income. But, if things were so easy, all the business owners would make a lot of money and wouldn’t have nothing to worry about. The challenge starts from here.

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Do you know how to target your audience? Do you have any strategy to target clients online? Targeting your audience is one of the essential elements in your marketing strategy. If you want your products to sell and increase your profit, you need to know what are the interests of your target audience and what you can do to make them order your products or services.

Targeting your audience represents the first steps for a successful marketing strategy. All your efforts will concentrate around your buyers’ interests and motivations.

5 New Apps for Targeting Your Website’s Audience

Before you create your marketing content and the rest of your strategy, you need to know to whom you are going to talk to.

All your marketing campaigns will be designed around what your clients like and want to know about. You may find many guides and articles online, presenting you different information on how to target your website audience. This article is going to give you concrete details about the apps that can help you discover who your clients are and how you can approach them.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

There are more than 10 million business owners who have installed Google Analytics on their website. This tool helps you get clear insights on your target market. Google Analytics gives you information on your audience demographics and interests. When you target your audience, this is exactly what you want to find: how old are the people who are interested in your products and what are the most important things that attract them the most.

This is what the CEO of The Word Point declared in a recent interview: “Since we implemented Google Analytics, we turned all our assumptions on how our target audience should look like, into real facts. Everyone wants to have success with their business. But, not all the business owners succeed. Why? If you wrongly define your target audience, then it is impossible to sell your products or services. If you are addressing your messages to the wrong category, how do you imagine that they will order your products?”

Facebook Audience Manager

Facebook Audience Manager

If you don’t have a profile on Facebook, then you don’t exist. There are millions of people who log in on Facebook every day. Therefore, if you want to sell your products, then this is the place where you can promote your business. When you own a business, you should also open a Facebook business account. Therefore, you will have access to the Audience Insight tool which will give you information about:

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  • Who are the people who liked your This is how you will find more about the interests of the people who appreciate your services.
  • The list of emails or mobile phones that you uploaded. Therefore, you will discover more about the people who bought your products, who signed up for your newsletter or webinar, etc.
  • The people active on Facebook and located in the same city or country. This information will help you understand how big is your market and how you can approach it.

Twitter Followers Dashboard

You need to be connected on as many social media platforms as possible. So, you should have an account on Twitter. You will have access to a very useful followers’ dashboard if you open a Twitter Ads account. This is an excellent tool because it will give you insights on what your clients are interested about.

You will discover which are their common topics and what accounts your followers have in common. What is more, you can also find more about your followers’ demographics, lifestyle, political views, occupation, and so on. Practically, you have access to almost any type of information you could imagine.

Furthermore, you can analyze the characteristics of your target audience not only during an ad campaign but also for your Twitter followers. Therefore, you can also discover more about the people who are still not your customers and thus rethink your marketing strategy to transform them into your clients as well.


Another useful information to help you target your audience on Twitter is Followerwonk. You will find valuable information on your followers, but you can also have a look on who are the followers of your competitors.

Therefore, by knowing what is the target audience of your competition, you can rethink your marketing strategy and attract them as well. In addition, this tool helps you discover new customers and influencers who can become your brand advocates.

This application will help you find the following information:

  • What are the most popular words used by your followers in their bio
  • Gender breakdown
  • At what hours of the day your followers are the most active
  • Which are the areas where most of your followers are located

Opinion Stage

A survey is a very clever idea when you want to discover what are your customers’ aspirations and attitudes. It will help you discover why people are buying your products and what you should do to make them become even more loyal.

When you want to determine the psychographic data, this can be very challenging. In comparison to demographics which rely on hard data, you now evaluate subjective information. Therefore, if you develop a survey, you can find the following information about your target audience:

  • What are their main interests
  • What kind of activities they enjoy the most
  • What are their opinions towards particular situations and subjects

So, based on the results received on your survey, you can understand exactly how your target audience will react to certain marketing strategies. In addition, the information discovered helps you focus on those areas that attract your customers the most and thus not waste your energy and budget on things that don’t interest them.

It is very important to spend time and discover as much as possible about your target audience. Thanks to these apps, your work will be easier, and you will be able to create better buyer personas. If you know exactly who is your target market, what are their interests, more about their demographics and psychographics, you will have a huge advantage over your competition. You can use this information to grow your business and strengthen your position on the market.

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