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5 Out of the Ordinary Outings for the Family

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Not all of these are possible for every family, but perhaps you can find one or two that are, or perhaps these ideas will get your imagination going so you can create a wonderful, out of the ordinary outing especially for your family.


1. If you don’t know, find out where a parent lived either before you were born or when you were small, or where you lived before you had kids.

Maybe it’s where you got married or where a set of grandparents lived at one time. Plan a trip and go to see the area or even the house. That can create a wonderful opportunity to talk about your family history.

Don’t be ashamed or afraid to tell about the less than perfect things that happened, unless they would be inappropriate for your kids, of course.

2. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, take the kids to a retirement center. Check with the front desk first to make sure it’s all right or to find the best time, then simply walk around and visit the old folks.

Some may be grouchy or unresponsive, but some will fully appreciate the company of you and your kids.

Think about times when their families won’t be there or when other things may be going on. Avoid holidays for that reason, and be mindful of not getting in the way of nurses or other daily, necessary events.

3. Going camping might be old news to some families, but what about if you made it a camping trip with a twist? Are you native, or even part native? Or maybe your kids are just interested in a culture of that nature.

Gather up clothing, tools and so on, that might have been used as the natives of your country gathered around the fire in the evening. Take along a book of stories of that culture or tell them from memory. Use the tools to build a fire, cook a meal or whatever you can do.

4. Be a part of a parade. It’s usually not all that hard to do if you have a parade in the future. Contact whoever is in charge and see what the requirements are, then get busy on a float or costumes for everyone so they can ride or walk in the parade.


Make it something memorable and something that pertains to the reason for the parade. A Christmas parade could have you all in elf uniforms, for instance.

5. Find a local pilot with a small plane who would be willing to take your family on a short sight seeing flight around the area.

Make it worth his while and let him know that you want to impress the kids with everything that they can see from “up there,” but you don’t want to frighten them.


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