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5 Reasons Why Vintage Pieces Are the New Trendy Fashion

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Every girl wants to stand out in the crowd, looking classy and sophisticated. Vintage is that trendy fashion a girl would ask for without thinking twice to attain making a statement out of her look and asking for fashion tips; every girl wants that.

Its an irony to say, ‘ nobody wants to wear what everybody is wearing’ believe me, its the truth. People are forced to wearing what others are wearing, and sometimes, it could be laziness to think outside the box. One interesting and unique feature of vintage wears is that they tend to look classy, a bit weird but different- ladies love weird but different.

Vintage fashion came from the 80s trend, and it has come to stay. They range from floral dresses, flared skirts, animal prints, pleated skirts, pointed shoes, very small purses, boleros, high waist jeans, bootleg trousers, boy hats etc.

Interestingly, there’s no perfect way to combine vintage pieces, any way you decide to do your combination, it comes out as your own unique style; weird but different. Let’s go with five reasons why you should join the bandwagon of people wearing vintage pieces.

1. Vintage sets you apart

If you want to be unique, personalise your personality on your clothing and set yourself aside from the crowd, then you need to embrace vintage pieces. Nobody wears vintage and look usual, and you will leave a memory in peoples minds because you stole the show.

Wearing vintage means you will probably never come across anyone who owns the same item as you as the compliments keep coming.

2. You become a trendsetter

Vintage wearers are trendsetters. You don’t only get compliments, but you become a consultant for fashion tips. As you step into the venue with your classy vintage, not appearing regular like the others, you are looking weird but different, the next party, everyone wants to be strange and unusual like you. You set the vintage trend, others follow.

3. Vintage items are usually cheap

Most vintage apparels are cheap, and if they are not cheap per se, they are less expensive than their modern-day equivalent. If you are looking for a cheap fashion, dive into vintage pieces. Vintage items will save you money while making you look like a million dollar bae.

4. They are for people that are genuinely in love with fashion

Fashionistas in the house, this is for you. You don’t need to do too much if you are a fashionable person. Vintage has a way of making your work easy. With no much makeup, vintage will turn you from regular to amazeballs.

5. Vintage equals better quality

This is a tested claim. Vintage unlike other of its modern equivalent is of better quality. Most vintage apparels are made of good quality, created with fabulous and durable materials. Nobody wants to wear cloth with little or no quality; vintage is the answer to good quality outfits.

So what do you think? Do you think you could join the vintage train today and enjoy the ride? Do you now understand why vintage pieces are the new trendy fashion? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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