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Saturday, December 2, 2023

5 Simple Hacks to Becoming a Programmer

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Coding and being tech savvy in this age not only gives you edges over competition for jobs but it also a crucial part of navigating society smartly.

Some universities are set up specifically to teach the future generations all about coding, computers, and whatever advancements that technology has coming up.

But a university is expensive, and in some cases, they don’t even teach you everything you need to know about coding. For universities, they are mostly focused on JavaScript which is extremely important.

This is not only coding language and far from the only tool professional computer programmers shave under their sleeves.

There are some free online resources which can help you become on the same level as the professionals who went to school for four years. All it takes is good internet, time and most importantly, determination.

YouTube Channels

If you are out looking for an easy way to gain knowledge online, YouTube is your best bet. YouTube is mostly a free service that offers viewers videos on every topic imaginable. This means that they have an entire specialized category that is dedicated to computer programming.

Whether you’re looking for a piece of advice to help with a specific problem you have been studying on your own, or you require a tutor, YouTube has a channel that can be appealing to you.


If you are more of a textbook person, don’t worry about that. They are a lot of e-books about programming that are floating around on the internet waiting for grabs. Of course, Amazon will definitely have some at a price, but it takes a little creativity to find what you want for free.

Carry out some research first, find out what the college students are using. Look around for reviews, videos about the books, other texts that are not as common. Then it’s up to you to choose which one will work best for you.

Since you would be teaching yourself, you will have absolute freedom while learning.

Free Programming Software

Students now know their university is providing them with programming software. But it comes out of their tuition, so they are technically paying for it. They get to use it for a specific time of their program and then the privilege goes away like the wind.

The advantage of tutoring yourself is that whatever you purchase, becomes yours forever. Now if you want to buy a programming software that is perfectly okay, but there are a bunch of free alternatives that work miracles.

Komodo Edit is well accepted among self-taught programmers for its easy to navigate commands and its versatility.


Frameworks are collections of libraries and codes that help app developers. This becomes a cheat sheet for creating apps and websites because you don’t have to develop new codes from scratch by yourself. This will require a good computer and an installation.

There are so many different frameworks out there, so it depends on what type of programming you want to get into. If you are mainly working on a Windows computer, downloading the NET framework is a smart idea.

This will make it very easy for creating apps and websites:https://softfamous.com/net-framework-3/


You must be wondering why I didn’t mention languages at the inception of this article. It’s usually used as a base for going into more in-depth learning of programming.

Well, choosing a programming language takes a load of research. It is essential to scope out the resources that are available in general before going into a specific area of programming.

The language you choose will determine the types of jobs you can work in. It will also determine what kind of resources are available to you. But you don’t have to let languages limit you, and it is simple to switch between them once you are have mastered it. This is why fundamentals are essential.

Overall, becoming a programmer takes a lot of time. But if you are tech savvy, or you enjoy learning and are determined to succeed in the field that gives you great freedom and a lucrative salary if you can add that to the list, you will pick it up in no time.

Feel free to share your thoughts with us concerning this article by using the comments section below.

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