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5G Mobile Network: How Will it Affect Our Smartphones?

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There was a time when cell phones were used only as phones for making calls and sending text messages. They came with a few games and a music player back in the times.

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We all remember playing the snake game on those mobiles in our childhood. Ever since the creation of mobile phones, we have witnessed immense growth in terms of technology and performance, be it bigger displays, outstanding cameras, massive memory, incredible processors, and a greater variety of advanced features.

Nowadays we operate everything from our smartphones, be it our ACs or our meetings over zoom. It will not be wrong to say that our smartphones have become our saviors and we cannot imagine our lives without them. But it is also a fact that our smartphones need a powerful network connection to function properly.

In the current times when the blazing fast internet speed is no longer a dream, but a reality, as is evident by services of providers like Spectrum internet, mobile broadband has also undergone huge advancement.

5G is here to offer exponentially fast download speeds and incredibly low latency. 5G is a big leap from traditional networks like 4G LTE in terms of spectrum bands, speeds, latency, efficiency, mobility, and what not!

So without further ado, let us look at the prospects of the 5G network and how it is all set to revolutionize the smartphone world!

Unbelievably Faster Speeds

Speed is one of the most critical factors that determine the worth of a network. With 5G, we can expect a massive jump in the speeds as compared to the 4G network.

It is claimed to offer a thousand times faster speed than the 4G network. This means it will be possible for us to download a complete movie in a jiffy! Cell phone companies are trying hard to incorporate this new technology so they can capitalize on it in terms of its blazing speeds. So it is going to be fast-super fast!

Low Latency

Latency is the time taken for the data to transfer from one point to another. We can imagine the impact of a drastic decrease in latency up to a few milliseconds when it comes to 5G.

This in turn means that our smartphones will be able to offer better multi-player gaming experiences and uninterrupted video calling options.


Enhanced Connection Density

5G will have the potential to support a greater number of devices as compared to the current networks. As many as 1 million devices can be supported per square kilometer by the 5G network.

Better Coverage

5G technology is far more powerful and competitive as compared to the other cellular networks. In addition to faster speeds, it will also be able to provide better coverage in the near future.

The cellular towers equipped with 5G technology will have massive capacity over 4G LTE. This, in turn, means better communication and connectivity options.

Various well-reputed service providers are making efforts for a successful launch of 5G technology that ensures maximum coverage and more affordable plans for the users.

When can we expect?

5G is already here, but there is still much to be done to make it accessible for all. Providers like AT&T, T Mobile, and Verizon have already introduced their 5G plans in the market, but there are still only a limited number of smartphones available in the market that support this technology.

However, we do observe a rapid advancement in this area as more 5g compatible smartphone models hit the market. Therefore the smartphone industry is experiencing an emerging shift in technological trends as 5G continues to gain more and more attention.

Another factor involved in the increasing awareness of 5G technology among users is that people are now more informed about the perks of 5G technology, and how it works.

So far, there are only a handful of smartphones that are 5G compatible, but more are expected to be launched this year. It is through subscribing to a suitable 5G provider and owning a 5G compatible smartphone that can allow you to enjoy the benefits of this incredible technology.

The Bottom Line

It will not be wrong to say that 5G is a game-changer in the world of smartphones. With this technology, we no longer have to worry about any disruption issues.

We can enjoy a faster, more reliable, and safer cellular connection. 5G network promises an enhanced capacity and increased network efficiency. It is here to start a new era of advancement for the smartphone industry.


However, 5G technology is not just confined to smartphones; it is way beyond it. In addition to seamless streaming and lightning-fast download speeds, there are many other ways 5G can change our lives.

Be it remote surgeries, self-driving cars, retail, healthcare, and gaming, 5G will have a major impact on the way we shop, drive, or receive medical treatment.

Author Bio:

Robert George works for Spectrum internet as a Digital Marketer, who loves to play with data and analyse the competition. You can get him on Twitter.

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