6 Best Bike-Friendly Cities in the USA


Majority of the residents of the United States think of the cars as a symbol of status. But how far is this love affair between people and the cars can last until recently when the internal combustion engine has been dominating what it means to commute?

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Before we start to debate on the topic, let’s take a quick look at 6 best bike-friendly cities in the USA.


Minneapolis bicycle

With population of 382,578 and increasing, it is an acceptable fact to include Minneapolis as one of the best bike-friendly cities in the USA.

When the city launched the system of Nice Ride bike-share in 2010, the annual subscriptions of Nice Ride has tripled since its first year, making Minneapolis as an exciting city to enjoy the cycling culture.

Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon bicycle

Like most of the cities on the West Coast, Portland has a number of population centers that are all connected through roads that look like the arteries.

However, the city has been taking a slightly different approach in term of transportation by creating the paths for bicycle riders to travel between the urban neighborhoods.

Washington, DC

Washington, DC bicycle

The nation’s capital, Washington, is another clearer evidence that a revolution of urban-cycling community can be witnessed in the United States.

From 2007 to 2010, the percentage of ridership has jumped to 80 percent and the District has constructed separated lanes for bicycles on key downtown corridors which include the linking of Capitol Hill and White House via the stretch of Pennsylvania Avenue.


Seattle bicycle

The Cascade Bicycle Club which boasts around 26 full-time staffers, 14,000 registered members and more than 80,000 supporters on the contact list has been taking proactive approach by promoting its own candidates for office and forming a political action committee to revamp an ancient bicycle master plan.

It’s obvious that the political support is growing and noticeable with 75 percent of the club’s candidates which they endorsed have won the last election cycle.

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New York City

New York City bicycle

It is known as the largest bike-share system in the nation when Citi Bike of New York began operating in 2013. With 10,000 bikes and 600 stations, spreading through Brooklyn and Manhattan, putting New York City in league with bike-friendly legends in Europe like Paris.

Besides, the City of New York and Alta Bicycle Share have announced a new agreement on October 29, 2014 to improve and expand the Citi Bike program.

San Francisco

San Francisco bicycle

The city has installed 25 bike-parking corrals, 20 new bike-lane miles and traffic signals for the riders after the settling of an environmental lawsuit back in 2010. The innovations taken by San Francisco has led to the increment in bike trips up to 71 percent over the past few years.

And it is believed that events such as Bicycle Music Festival will keep ruling the city keeping the cycling culture alive in San Francisco.

It’s not just about the skyrocketing cost of fuel that will force us to start cycling around the cities. But if we take the chance of using bicycles to commute, it will help in environmental conservation.

Besides, isn’t it much more fashionable for us to own a bike as opposed to the popular cars? Apparently, the choice is in our hands.