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6 Best Electric Bikes to Look Forward to

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Electric bike is a motor assisted bicycle. It is a conventional bike equipped with a battery and a motor. This arrangement saves a lot of pedaling efforts of riders. There are many advantages of this arrangement. If you are commuting to work, assisted pedaling would be a great option for you.


Or you can be recovering from an injury, this assistance can be helpful to cover the miles. Inclination of people toward eco-friendly solutions for commute and increase in fitness consciousness fuel the demand for electric bikes. Manufacturers have been endeavoring to bring stylish and efficient bikes at affordable rates.

According to the research firm Allied Market Research, the global electric bikes market is expected to generate $23.83 billion by 2025. Following are some of the best electric bikes to look forward to:

Specialized Turbo Vado 6.0:

Specialized Turbo Vado

This versatile bike is equipped with a 350W motor and 604Wh lithium-ion battery and capable of going nearly 80 miles in a single charge. It is manufactured in such a way it feels like a traditional bicycle and offers ease and comfort for cyclists. Only few swings of pedal and Vado’s motor will be activated to pick up speed.

It reaches up to 28 miles per hour in the Turbo mode. After reaching the top speed, the electric drive system is shut off and power is conserved. An LED display provides information regarding battery life, current speed, and calories burnt along with distance covered.

Moreover, there is an app known as Turbo Vado Mission Control that can be connected to the bike through Bluetooth and riders can adjust the setting of the bike. This bike is a great option for extended distances in cities and urban settings.

Raleigh Redux IE Diamond Frame:

Raleigh Redux IE Diamond Frame

This bike with simplistic design is manufactured majorly for urban commuting. Delivering an exceptional performance on the road, this bike boasts a 250-watt Brose Centerdrive system. It can reach the speed of up to 28 miles per hour.

With 36-volt lithium-ion battery, it can travel up to 80 miles in a single recharge. The wide tires offer traction and stability even on the wet roads. In addition, it has a 10-speed Shimano crankset along with shifters and the built-in LCD screen for displaying the information regarding speed, battery life, and others.


Audi E-Bike:

Audi E-Bike

As Audi acquired Ducati, it has ventured into the two-wheeler motorbikes. The striking feature that makes the stand out among the other bikes is the placement of the motor. The traditional e-bikes have the motor on the rear wheel.

However, the motor for this bike is placed at the center that allows more power and control for the gear system. It has a carbon fiber body and equipped with a 2.3kW electric motor along with a lithium ion battery. The stylish design is guaranteed to turn few heads.

Giant Road E+1:

Giant Road E+1

Travelling on the longer routes with a bicycle will become cozy and enjoyable. The only requirement is you need to own a Giant Road E+1.

For longer routes, this motor-assisted bike would give a much-needed rest to muscle fatigue. This bike has three power modes to offer control and optimum assistance level. Moreover, there is a sensory system to track the pedaling force for optimizing rider’s movements in a seamless manner.

One of the striking features of the bike is its Ride Control EVO command station, which is mounted on the handlebars. Boasting an 11-speed Shimano crankset, it is also equipped with a lightweight frame made up of aluminum and hydraulic disc brakes. This bike is the best choice for daily commute.

eSpin Sport:

eSpin Sport

Though investment in the electric bike can be a big investment, there are some models that are affordable. eSpin Sport is a budget-specific model that offers an excellent pedal assistance without any extra frills.

It has a 20-inch diamond frame and boasts a luggage rack mounted at the rear wheel that can bear nearly 55 pounds. This rack would be beneficial for a commute to the office or a short trip.


This bike is powered through a 350-watt motor that can offer an assistance up to 50 miles. It takes five hours to charge the battery fully. There is an LCD display that shows basic metrics including battery life and others.

Riese & Muller Delite nuvinci

Riese & Muller Delite nuvinci

As battery technology is not advancing rapidly, the German ebike company Riese and Muller took a decision to equip the bike with a big-sized battery. Its Delite nuvinci has a big battery size that enables assistance up to 130 miles.

This bike is the best combination of “town and country” ebike. Riese and Muller’s has utilized the Gate’s belt drive system. It does not need any shifting of gears or maintenance and offer so much durability. Its innovative dual-battery design makes it a great choice for the long-distance commute.


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