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6 Common Facebook Ad Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Nowadays there is an availability of so many paid media options and Facebook advertising is among these. It is very popular. With a variety of options and ease of use it is being used by a larger number of social marketers.

Is your marketing budget being eaten away by the mistakes done in the Facebook ads? Is your business getting less help from advertising on Facebook and rather Facebook only is getting benefit from it? There can be so many reasons behind all this.

Now I am going to tell you 6 common Facebook Ad mistakes you should avoid.

1. If your strategy is not clear

A lot of thinking is required for developing a strategy. For fulfilling the mini goals and objectives of high priority multiple angles need to be explored and a lot of mental awareness is necessary for this.

The process of putting ads on this platform should not be considered as a sprint but it should be considered as a marathon. Only then the sales can be increased, conversions can be achieved and website traffic can be boosted.

For creating advertisements on this platform, you need to set the marketing objectives. Setting up the objectives depends on the end goal that you want to fulfil by placing an advertisement on Facebook.

2. If targeting is poor

There is a very little possibility of the audience to be resonated by the organic Facebook posts in spite of the fact that there are a lot of active users on this platform.

So, how will they get information about the services and products offered by you? For reaching the right audience very easily you can take the help of targeting features that are built-in with this platform.

On the basis of behaviours, demographics and location layered targeting can easily be done. Similar audiences, existing contacts, life events and purchasing behaviour are the other options of targeting.  

3. If the images are given less importance

If an ad is going to be performed on Facebook then 75% – 90% part is played by images. One or more images can be included in the ad formats that are offered by this platform.

The conversion or click-through rate can be increased and the user’s attention can be captured easily by including images, slideshows or carousels for placing an ad.

The ad formats on this platform are of various types:

  • Playables
  • Collection
  • Slideshow
  • Carousel
  • Messenger
  • Stories
  • Video
  • Photo

4. If video is not utilized

A research suggests that Facebook video ads are considered more applicable by 71 % users. According to this research videos are preferred over images.

It can be an overwhelming experience for you if you have created a video and it has been used for benefiting the business. For making a video for this platform you are not necessarily required to be a professional in creating video.

You can take the help of wave.video and several other tools for this purpose.

5. If the value proposition is not clear

A true value proposition is needed even for small ads on this platform. If you place an offer and within 3-5 seconds it is not understood or read by anyone then it must not be used.

The following points should be focused if you want that a value proposition that is strong should be used in an ad:

  • You have to put a simple and clear content
  • While the service or product is being purchased by a user then its results should be communicated by you
  • Business jargon and superlatives should be avoided
  • When compared with others its performance should be clearly explained by you.

Engagement of the consumer will be stopped if the value proposition is not clear.

6. If the policy of Facebook is violated

It is possible that ads which are giving poor performance are because of several mistakes done by you. But sometimes some ads are disapproved of by this platform because of the mistakes that violate its policies.

A Facebook campaign can be successful if several mistakes related with policy are avoided:

  • A landing page that is non-functional: If you are unable to navigate through a landing page then you will not like it. This type of landing page will be disapproved by this platform.
  • If there is no match between the ad and the landing page: If the ad doesn’t match with the landing page then it will be disapproved by this platform because it will be called clickbait.
  • If offensive content is used in it: If a discriminated content is used in the ad then it will be disapproved by Facebook.

If you want to increase your ROI with the PPC campaign and using several strategies then you can take the help of PPC management services.

Author Bio:

Sawoni Chowdhury is an aficionado of writing. She is an expert writer and blogger and shares her views and opinions on a range of topics such as Lifestyle, Business, Entertainment and much more. She works with a Digital Marketing Company in India.

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