6 Inventions Often Credited to the Wrong People

The Light Bulb

Don’t always believe what you read in some history books or the Internet. You’ve probably read your fair share of incorrect information without even knowing that it’s incorrect.

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Nevertheless, now you get to learn the truth behind 6 inventions that, for some reason, often get credited to the wrong people.

1. Radio


If you pick up almost any history book, you will most likely read that a man named Guglielmo Marconi is the one responsible for inventing the radio.

He revealed this invention in 1895, but at that time, people who were familiar with the work of Nikola Tesla knew that the radio was nothing new, as Tesla had previously written numerous articles describing an extremely similar apparatus.

However, as time passed, people forgot about Tesla’s articles, and started crediting Marconi for this invention.

2. Moving Pictures

There are a lot of creepy things connected to the story of the invention of the moving picture. History books normally credit this invention to Thomas Edison, thanks to his experimental film ‘Monkeyshines,’ released in 1889.

What most people don’t know is that a French inventor named Louis Le Prince recorded his own moving picture a year before. He then went on to dispute Edison’s patent in 1890, but soon vanished and was never found again.

On top of that, his son, who continued the dispute, was murdered in New York City.

3. The Automobile

Most people think that Henry Ford is the person who invented the automobile. However, if you do some research, you will see that a man named Karl Benz filed a patent for an automobile powered by a four-stroke engine way before Ford.

He even started selling them a decade before Henry announced his creation.

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4. Powered Flight

Powered Flight

Almost everyone knows the story about the Wright brothers, who managed to create an aircraft and make the first recording of a powered flight on 17th December of 1903.

But, not a lot of people are familiar with Richard Pearse, a man from New Zealand who managed to create his own flying machine and fly it several months earlier.

What’s even more interesting is that Pearse’s invention resembles the modern aircraft much more than what the Wright brothers invented.

5. The Telephone

The Telephone

Everyone is familiar with the story of Alexander Graham Bell inventing the telephone. He was even the first person to file a patent for this invention.

However, a man known as Antonio Meucci was actually the first person to come up with the telephone, but he didn’t have enough money to file a patent. Interestingly enough, the prototype he submitted was ‘lost’ by Western Union, who later signed a deal Bell after he received the patent for the invention.

Meucci sued Bell, and managed to get the Supreme Court to hear him out, but he unfortunately died before the suit was finished.

6. The Light Bulb

The Light Bulb

Thomas Edison created the first commercially viable light bulb, but a man named Sir Humphry David created the first incandescent light bulb using the same methods 75 years before Edison.

However, the main problem with David’s invention was that it wasn’t very durable nor did it burn bright. Nevertheless, it was still the first incandescent light bulb!