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7 Must-have Android Apps for Your New Phone

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If you have bought a new android smartphone and tablet then you need to download and install a few essential “Android Apps” on your device to make it more efficient. 

Many smartphone users still don’t know about many android apps which developers have released on google play and third-party websites which help them to perform different activities directly from their smartphones and tablets.

In this article, we will mention some new android apps which you must download and install on your device.

So that you will be able to use your device according to your need and requirements. People can easily download these apps like other android apps and games on their device for free.

What are Android Apps?

These are software which help users to improve their device experience. When users unbox a new phone, their phone has limited or basic features like simple players, calendar, messaging, calling, and other features.

To make smartphones more effective users need to download some essential apps which are developed and released by the android developer.

After downloading these android apps users will be able to convert their device to a gaming console, smart TV, translator, mobile bank, and many such features for free.

What android apps users must download and install on their device?

If you want to utilize your device then you need these below mentioned essential apps on your device like;

1. Weather App

As you know that many android devices don come with weather features so people need to download and install the weather app on their device from the google play store or third-party website which helps users to remain updated with the latest weather updates directly from their smartphone and tablet for free.

2. Google Drive App

As you know that android device doesn’t have any could space like apple device so they need an app like, google drive to store their important data. This app will help android users to store up to 15 GB of data and other things.

Android users can easily download and install this app from the google play store. This app also has other features like Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Photos, Gmail, Calendar, and Google Keep too.

3. LastPass App

This is a new android that helps android users to manage their passwords. So that they will save their login credentials safely and securely. As you know that people use their devices for different online purposes like banking, and other financial matters.

So, they need to manage their logins and password in a safe secure way. If you are not using any password manager app then you must try this new app on your device from the google play store or any third-party website for free.

4. Textra App

Every smartphone has added built-in text apps but they have limited features which are not enough for chatting and messaging.

If you want to use a new text app with new emojis, stickers, and other customization then you must download this app which we are discussing here.

In this new text app, users will customize themes and also have the option to edit themes according to their needs. Users can also change the color of their text and also make bubble shape text too.

5. Zedge App

If you do not like the built-in alarm, ring, notification, and other tones of your device then you need a new app that helps you to download new ring tones for free.

You may also download this new ring tone app Zedge on your device from the google play store for free.

Apart from ring tones this app also has wallpaper, themes, and many other features which help users to change the overall look of their device.

They will get tons of themes and wallpapers from different festival-like, Eid, Christmas, Halloween, and many more.

6. Google Translator App

As the name indicate this new app is for translation purpose which helps users to translate different apps and other things in their device to their desired language for free. Users can easily download it on their devices for free.

Apart from all the above-mentioned app their tons of other android apps which are also essential for android users. friendly saying, we can’t mention all apps on a single page so we have mentioned a few apps which are enough for daily use.

If you are a professional user then you may get tons of apps according to your profession and other usages which you can easily download from https://offlinemodapk.com/ which offers all the latest android apps that people are looking for and want for their new phone. Check it out and pick what you like for free.


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Final Words

Android Apps are an important part of your device which helps you to utilize your device according to your need. Download all essential apps on your device from above, mentioned website and change your device user experience. Share all the above apps with other new smartphone users too.

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