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6 Optimal Ways to Reset Your WordPress Admin Password

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If you are reading this page, probably you have missed your login password of the WordPress site. It is definitely a frustrating issue to deal with. Hope you are aware that you cannot recover your old password, i.e., the one generated at the time of registration.

Usually, the issue gets resolved with reset password link provided on the site itself and it requires giving your email details alone. However, there are times when the same does not help in resetting.

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There are many reasons that cause the failure of the login. Fortunately, there are several other methods that can be used to reset the password, in the case of lost password or to update the old one with a strong password. Failed login or wish to update a strong password? Here Is The List Of Best Ways To Reset It:

1. By Using Admin Panel

This method can be used to reset your password to update your old password and not in the case of lost password. To do this, you will have to login to the WordPress site with your old password and go to the admin panel in the dashboard.

From there, navigate to Users and choose the username you wish to edit. Select the edit option and go to the new password reset field at the bottom. Fill the box with a new password you wish to update and then click update profile. Your new password will now be set.

2. By Using phpMy Admin

This method is useful for those who have lost the password. It is advisable to make a backup of your database copy if you choose to go with this method.

To start, login to the cPanel and navigate to the databases section and select the phpMy Admin. Choose the database with the user name you wish to update from the given list. Now, select the wp_users options from the list of tables displayed.

Look for the username, for which you wish to edit the password and click on the edit option, you will find a field called user_pass. Write down the new password there and choose MD5 in the dropdown and click go. If you have done it right, you will find a message displayed with the updated details.

3. By Using Emergency Password Reset Script

This is a simple method which requires you to be aware of the admin username. It is nothing but a PHP script which has to be copied manually and saved as emergency.php to the folder where the WordPress installation files are saved.


Initiate a search with typing http://sitename.com/emergency.php on your browser and enter the admin username and the new password. Click the update options. If done correctly, you will receive the admin username and password details to the email id provided by you.

4. By Using Email

This is again a method for resetting the lost password. However, it requires you to know the username and email id details of your account. To begin, open your WordPress login page and find an option named lost your password?

Click the link and enter the username and email id credentials in that page and click reset new password option. You will now receive a mail with a link to reset the password. Use it to reset.

5. By Using FTP

An alternative to using the phpMy Admin is using the FTP method. You can login to your FTP through the cPanel. From there, go to the functions.php option of your theme and download it.

Soon after the first <?php line, add “wp_set_password( ‘pass’, usr );” code and fill the required password in the place “pass” and username in the place “usr” in the given command above.

Now, upload it to your site in the themes folder. Once done, remember to take away the code you just pasted in the server, else it will reset the password every time you refresh the page.

6. By Using Softaculous

Softaculous is an installer which is useful for installing the apps automatically. It can be located in the cPanel and it is easier when compared to copy pasting complex codes and using the auto-emailer.

All you have to do is to login to the cPanel of your website and navigate to the category software/services. Select the softaculous option and choose application installation option from the menu.

Choose the one you wish to modify by clicking edit details and navigate to the admin account section. Input the username and password you wish to change and select save settings.

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