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6 Reasons Why Flash Cards Ignite Learning for Young Kids

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I have been using a lot of flashcards off-late with my 2+ year old and besides being a fun activity there are tons of other benefits that I witness.

One of our fave cards have been Quantum Cards by Brainsmith, which are these really large size sized flashcards with very attractive pictures.

There are several reasons as to why flashcards are great to ignite learning in kids and I can actually see the significant difference it has made to my toddler especially since we are not sending her to preschool yet.

1. Simple Information Is Presented in a Visually Attractive Manner

The information that is provided via flashcards is typically simplified for easy absorption by the young brain. Further since simple and meaningful information is presented in a visually attractive manner, it leaves an imprint on the young brain.

Flashcards typically provide information that is factual and to the point and hence impact is sharp. Quantum Cards uses attractive photographs or a hand drawn illustration on a white background that helps in forming strong visual imprints on the young brain.

When I started using these cards, I was almost sure that the information in these cards is too complex for 2 year olds, however I was pleasantly surprised to see her grasp so much.

2. Stimulation of The Right Brain

Young children benefit from the stimulation of the right brain. Before the left brain becomes dominant which is normally from the age of six or seven, the right brain can get stimulated by flashing of diverse and interesting information.

It’s important that we focus on stimulating their right brain since the active window is so small.

3. Sensory Stimulation

Visual stimulation with appropriate visual inputs ensures early visual sensory development.  Quantum Cards have been designed to meet the needs of early learners.

They have a variety of topics that can be interesting for kids right from the age of 6 months to 8 years. I had no clue that one could start so early but now I just wish I could have started earlier.

4.  Builds a Child’s Imagination

Exposing children to a variety of information helps in building their imagination and broadening their perspective of the world.

Brainsmith has put in extensive research in developing age-appropriate flashcards across a range of topics right from sea-creatures and reptiles to national flags and Presidents of India.

5. Channelizes Learning in the Right Direction and Keeps Them Productively Engaged

A large majority of the brain development happens till the age of five and hence it is important to channelize their learning in the right direction.

Flashcards can really help to keep kids productively engaged and ensures that they absorb quality information which form long-lasting impressions.

To keep children interested, it is important that the look and feel of the flashcards are appealing to them.

What I love about Quantum cards is that they are large, 11inch x 11inch with an attractive picture on one side and encyclopedic information about the same on the backside which I find interesting but Tania is obviously a little young for that!!

6. Helps Build Parent-Child Bonding

Flashcards is a great way to productively spend time your kids. The process of introducing them to flashcards also results in a lot of fun, laughter and therefore bonding. You will experience it when you try it!!!

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