6 Types of Guys to Avoid Online

Types of Guys

We live in an era where online dating is not new to anyone. When I joined online dating platforms like PlentyOfFish and OkCupid, I received well over 1000 messages from men who were registered on the platforms.

Just like everyone else I have had my fair share of online dating horror stories some of them terrible enough to be written into a script for a horror movie. I am not trying to imply that it’s impossible to find good guys online who are looking to make reasonable females for a relationship or for friendship.

However, when you’re not looking to receive messages from the good the bad and the ugly, especially those creeps who are always online and ready to bombard you with thousands of messages, the online dating world can become more of a shocker than a fun place to be.

A lot of us go online expecting to see some hot and sexy men who are rich enough to spoil us with money and also give us the love and attention that we desire, but it is sad that most of the time will get the opposite of what we are searching for.

As much as I do not like to talk about my bad online dating experiences, there are a few things that people might learn from my encounters.

However, it is very possible to avoid those creepy guys on the internet if you’re aware of the things to look out for. in this article I have put together six kinds of guys that you should avoid whenever you go man hunting on the internet.

1. The guy who is just trying to get some

Guys who fall into this category are everywhere on the internet as a matter of fact they are always very young handsome and sometimes witty.

When you find a guy who is in his mid-twenties or his early thirties, and you observe that he is not afraid to use copy and paste of flattering messages just to try to get between your legs, then you have to run.

This kind of guys has well-scripted messages stored up that they would send them to as many ladies as possible.

If you have a friend on the same dating site with you, you probably will end up discovering that the exact message you have received from the guy is the same he probably has sent to your friend.

2. The guy who is there to get over his ex

Ever met a guy online and he hit it off nicely but all of a sudden it stops responding to your messages, and he disappears? you probably have encountered one of those guys who are on dating sites just because they want to get over their ex-girlfriend.

Guys in this category are not really bad people. they are just heartbroken and somehow convinced that they are ready to let go of their past and move on with someone new.

However with every message he sent to you and got back from you he remembered what he had with the person he loved and would do anything to get back there.

Whenever you start chatting with a guy who tells you he is heartbroken and talks about his ex often, please run away.

3. The guy who is scared of rejection

Guys in this category make up almost 70% of the guys you find on online dating sites. these guys refused to put even an iota of effort into sending messages and receiving them back.

The reason for this is because he has been rejected by women in the past and a couple of them never even responded to his messages.

If you woke up with guys like this online, do not even expect that the relationship will go beyond the digital world. guys like this would send you a very short message that usually would not go beyond four words.

And if you are generous enough to send them a reply, they instantly ask for your number, or they ask to exchange contact info for other social media websites.

Expect all these requests to come up before he even gets the chance to know your name. If you meet a guy like this realise that you have met someone who has forgotten his standards and is ready to go for just anybody.

Do not be fooled because as desperate as he may seem, he probably is using the same tactic for a couple of other girls on the internet and is less likely seeking a serious relationship.

4. The guy who is afraid to settle

The guy who is afraid to settle is usually in his late twenties and in his early thirties but is feeling pressured to settle down and finally commit.

Guys like this usually have good jobs they have goals and passion, but somehow they just feel like it is time for them to get a significant other and begin a family.

When you meet a guy who sends messages very infrequently and selective with his response, then you should understand that he has the mindset that no woman on the planet is what the time of day unless the woman fit his mental picture of perfection.

A guy in this category would treat long term dating like it is a hiring process and he would be happy to collect resume from as many applicants as possible so that he can begin screening and finally pick the most worthy candidate for the job opening.

5. Mr I’m hot, and you’re not

You’re more likely to meet with the richest man in the world, get part of Kylie Jenner’s cosmetic business, and even be Rihanna’s top model for her Fenty beauty, than even get a simple compliment from a guy in this category.

This guy is most probably a fitness junkie and will definitely do anything to give his entire day to the gym so that he can focus more on his triceps.

Guys like this would have lots of pictures of themselves showing how handsome they are and how built their body is on their profile and then it becomes clear that the only reason they are online is to seek attention from girls rather than a relationship.

He will always want to engage in video calls just so that he can see you and you can see him and inflated ego.

6. The big daddy kind of guy

The big daddy kind of guy is usually a lot older and usually divorced. The only reason men like these are online looking for younger girls is that they need to rekindle those extinguished flames and feel young and vibrant again.

Men in this category do not want to act their age; they want to feel a lot younger; they want to be treated the way you would handle a guy who is around your own age grade.

These are the six groups of guys that you must run away from whenever you are online; however, there are many others that you should still avoid.

If you have any opinions or suggestions that you would like to share with us, please do not hesitate to use the comment section below also if you have had any terrible experiences with guys online you can also share them with us.

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