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7 Best Driver Updater Software for Windows

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If you have started facing system performance issues like instability, lags, crashes etc. all of sudden then there are chances it is happening due to outdated device drivers on your system.

These outdated drivers not only affect the performance of the related device, but it also affects overall system performance negatively.

The first thing you can do to update these drivers is heading to Device Manager on your system and updating drivers.

Next best solution to use device driver updater software that helps you find and update drivers automatically. Using these tools, you can save a lot of your time & efforts. In this article, we have covered some of these amazing tools in detail.

Advanced Driver Updater

Advanced Driver Updater

Advanced Driver Updater offers you an easy solution to keep your device drivers up-to-date. It works on advanced algorithms where it searches for all latest drivers on the Internet and helps you update them automatically on your system.

During the process, it will scan your system to find all outdated drivers and help you update them for better performance. Using this tool, you can access all built-in features of your devices effortlessly to speed up your system performance.

It allows you to backup existing drivers before you update them. It is helpful step as you can recall the changes in case something goes wrong with the updated driver. Download Now

Here, you can backup & restore drivers selectively or completely. Further, you can select which drivers you want to update or install.

Using its scheduling option, you can schedule scanning and updating of drivers automatically. Using its Driver Exclusion option, you can exclude certain drivers from scanning.

Here, you can exclude those drivers that may cause performance issues like system instability due to compatibility issues. Once you put any driver to the exclusion list, it will not be displayed or updated in future scans.

You can use this advanced driver updater software on all Windows versions.

Driver Booster

Driver Booster

Use Driver Booster to update & install all outdated drivers instantly to fix all performance issues. It offers one-click step to help you improve your system performance by updating all outdated drivers on your system.

This smart tool check for all outdated drivers and problems related to it, every time you launch this software. It has over one million PC drivers database to help you update almost any of your device driver. Its advanced driver compression algorithms help you reduce download time significantly. Download Now

To improve your gaming experience, it offers advanced graphics & audio quality with related PC drivers. For better security, it offers WHQL drivers to keep you safe.

During the process, it takes backup of your existing drivers and creates a system restore point before it begins updating your outdated drivers. It is helpful to recall the action when needed.

Slimware DriverUpdate

Slimware DriverUpdate

This is another powerful driver updater software for Windows that helps you identify and update all outdated drivers in a jiffy. It works on advanced cloud-based technology to search for all updated drivers on lightning fast speed.

Using this tool, you can reduce the laborious task of manually searching and updating the drivers. In addition to updating outdated drivers, it also allows you to update drivers manually and maintain system stability. Download Now

Free Driver Scout

Free Driver Scout

Free Driver Scout not only helps you update outdated drivers, but it also removes outdated drivers, broken drivers and defect drivers that could harm your system security.

Using this tool, you can update drivers to latest versions as a free download. Its one-click maintenance option makes it possible to quickly search for updated drivers and install them.

Additionally, it offers an automatic scan function with a personal definition of time and range of scan. It also works as a download manager which contains all latest drivers which you can update manually or automatically.

Additionally, it offers features like backup & recovery, multi-lingual support, determines the storage location and more.

WinZip Driver Updater

WinZip Driver Updater

Use this smart solution to identify, download and install all latest device drivers on your system for better performance. It offers an extensive database of advanced and latest drivers for all your software and hardware devices.

Using this tool, you can update your outdated drivers, schedule driver scans and backup & restore existing drivers easily. Using its driver exclusion list option, you can exclude those drivers that are already up to date.

You can use this powerful tool on all the latest operating systems and devices. Download Now

Driver Easy

Driver Easy

Next in the list is Driver Easy that offers an easy solution to help you update all your outdated drivers. It works on simple few clicks process where it will search for all latest drivers from leading manufacturers and update them automatically.

Using this tool, you can automatically detect & download drivers, improve system performance & stability and fix missing, mismatched or outdated drivers effortlessly. It contains over 80 million drivers in its database to help you update any possible device driver. Download Now

Smart Driver Updater

Smart Driver Updater

It contains over 1.2 million drivers in its database to offer you extensive driver update options for your software & hardware devices. It offers backup & restores feature where it takes backup of your existing drivers to help you recall the action when needed.

It offers free scan option to help you scan your system and find all outdated drivers that need to be updated. It even offers scheduler option to help you schedule your driver scan & updates. Download Now


Driver updater tools offer an easy solution to help you update all your outdated drivers automatically. Here, we have discussed some of these amazing tools. If you know more such software tools, then feel free to comment below.

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Useful info! I also highly recommend SnailDriver – https://snailsuite.com/ should be included in the list. It downloads and installs the update for you with a click, I\’ve been using it on my Acer computer for nearly 2 years. And most important, it\’s completely free with no ads.

Kingsley Felix

alright thanks, we will check it out and update the post