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7 Easter Dinner Recipes You Should Try

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Just like every other religious celebration Easter comes with lots of singing, dancing, and of course food. Below is a list of traditional Easter recipes for lamb chicken and ham to provide you with the perfect main dish for that Easter dinner you are planning.

I don’t know what recipes you have celebrated the previous easter with, but this year you could try celebrating your easter with a traditional dinner of chicken, ham, or lamb.

All you have to do now is set your table and serve one of the easter recipes below. One of the most amazing things about Easter dinner is that the recipes allow you to put your family’s favourite food on the table with whatever meal that you feel would make their mouth water.

Easter dinners also will enable you to bring whatever savoury selection will have the best memories rushing back.

As you read this article further, get yourself a pen and notepad to jot down the recipe so that you can start planning your shopping list.

1. Braised Lamb

Braised Lamb

Who doesn’t love braises for lunch? Not only are they very easy to make you can make some beforehand and just warm them up when you’re ready to eat.

As a growing child whenever my mum made lamb shanks, I would rush off to the bathroom and have my hands thoroughly washed because for no reason would I enjoy my favourite meal using cutleries.

All you have to do is seasoned merely your lamb shanks with salt and pepper then proceed to brown them in hot oil to create a nice crust.

Once that is done you will then proceed to cook the meat in a sauce of crushed tomatoes garlic onions carrots and red wine until the meat begins to fall off the bone. You can serve this with potato hash and Crème Fraîche.

2. Roasted lamb leg with carrots beets and sweet onions

Roasted lamb leg with carrots beets and sweet onions

Roasted lamb is a straightforward dish that you can even leave your teenager to prepare because it is simple.

Not everyone has the time to make a complicated dish even though it is the perfect Easter recipe. Merely have your meat seasoned and allow it to rest for 12 hours. The most challenging part is getting the robe ready.

Once you put your meat in the oven, be rest assured that your family would be amazed by the flavours and aroma of fresh oregano and rosemary as they walked through your kitchen.

The roasted carrots, beets, and sweet onions are the best companions. If you would like to really enhance the flavour of this dish, then you would have to focus on sweet baby beets and carrots they can also double as a garnish.

3. Sweet-hot plum-glazed Ham

Sweet-hot plum-glazed Ham

When it comes to southern easter dinner tables, then you might already know that Ham is a staple.

This is one recipe that takes that classic and provides it with an entirely new twist. You can think of this recipe you can think of this recipe as one that provides your family with the flavours of spring while they eat.

Add some plum preserves with fresh citrus crushed red pepper and ginger to update the traditional Easter ham.

The lime juice and the orange juice are the perfect combinations of sweet and tart while the honey perfectly clings onto the pork and helps it bake into the ideal glaze.

I find it difficult to eat food without pepper so the red pepper would provide a hint of the right amount of heat. You can garnish this with tropical fruits like pineapple and kiwi to give it a beautiful look.

4. Rack of lamb with carrot salad

Rack of lamb with carrot salad

If you remember the three main points that will be mentioned below preparing rack of lamb will be straightforward.

  • If you want the flavour of the lamb to come through, then it is best you season with only salt and pepper instead of marinating the meat.
  • Set the lamb fat aside in a hot skillet then allow it to rest for a minute until it becomes brown. You would have to flip it again and let it brown then flip it one more time. This is a simple trick to help crisp up the fats and also give it a nice brown exterior at the same time preventing the edges from getting overcooked in the oven.
  • The best way to stop your meat from tightening up and to allow it to come out very tender is to bake it at 300 degrees. It is also important that the hot air circulates the lamp which is why you have to put it on a wire rack.

5. Glazed Spiral-cut holiday Ham

Glazed Spiral-cut holiday Ham

Who doesn’t love a spiral cut ham? What we do not like is this sugary mastery glaze that usually comes with it. Now you have the option of tossing the packets and making use of one of our three unique and easy glaze recipes instead.

Pineapple-Prosecco Glaze: this glaze mixes the sweetness of fruit with the dry taste of cava or prosecco. Cola-Dijon-Brown Sugar Glaze: this one brings the flavours of brown sugar and kola to the spice of Dijon mustard.

Pepper and coffee Jelly Glaze: this one makes is the boldness of coffee with the delicious heat of pepper jelly. Pick any of these three graces to add some distinctiveness and delight to your Easter dinner. You will be amazed at your family would have a favourite so get ready to prepare all three glazes and enjoy them.

6. Honey-Curry Glazed lamb with roasted grapes and cranberries

Lamb rib roast can become your family’s favourite when you add it to your easter dining table. This recipe gives you a meal that is ready to be nicely sliced off the bone. One thing I can assure you is that she would like how this mail looks but you will fall deeply in love with her will taste.

This Lamb will be elevated to a whole new level with the honey curry glaze. To make the glaze, all you need is a little hint of curry just one tablespoon full of red curry powder and some sweet honey. To add some tasty and festive touch to this beautiful dish, you can add your roasted grapes and cranberries.

7. Garlic-herb roasted chicken

Garlic-herb roasted chicken

There is something beautiful about roasting a whole chicken. The presentation is always perfect especially because it cooks to a beautiful golden brown before you start slicing.

Start by rubbing the sage paisley time her mix and rosemary under the bird’s skin. This mixture would permeate the chicken’s flesh and provide it with a delicate, subtle taste.

Hopefully you like one out of these seven recipes and it blesses your table this beautiful easter season. If you have any other recipes you would like to share, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

We also hope that after trying out our recipes, you’ll come back here and leave a comment as well as share this article on social media.

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