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7 Fascinating Facts About Siamese Cats

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Siamese cats are adorably one of the oldest breeds of domesticated cats in the world, and their colour is solely determined on not only their genetic makeup, but the temperature of their environment plays a huge factor in shaping how they look.

Siamese cats are naturally best known for their unique and sleek appearance. However, many Siamese cats are known to be coated in a silver-grey colour with dazzling blue eyes, but they can also be a mix of brown, orange, blue, cream, and even lilac-coloured, and other variety of colours.

Nonetheless, it might be interesting to know that asides the mixture of colours these kitties possess, there is much more to the Siamese cats than their mesmerising looks.

Read on to find out more fascinating facts about the Siamese cats.

Genetics and Coat Coloring

Siamese cats’ coats can come in an amazing, incredible range of colours. The colours of the Siamese cats are determined by several sets of genes and how their coat is patterned depends on the modifier genes.

The modifier genes that pattern the cats’ coat stops pigments from developing into the fur and stops albinism. The modifier gene responsible for possible albinism traits only affects the fur but only at a certain temperature between 100 and 102.5 degrees.

When the Siamese body temperature drops below 100 degrees, the genes that affect the colour of the cats’ coat turns back on and transfer pigment to the fur.

When most Siamese cats are born, they are entirely white and then go through fur transformation within weeks following birth. The reason is that when in the womb, they stay warm and this naturally blocks the kitten’s colour gene from getting to the fur but changes color after birth and exposure to colder temperature.

These changes may start experiences changes around their paws, tails and faces, depending on how much cold they are exposed to.

Crossed eyes and crooked tails in Siamese cats

Having a Siamese with kinked tails and crossed eyes isn’t uncommon. Legends propose different factors that might have been the reason for this change in the Siamese outside the genetic factors.

Legend has it that, a group of Siamese cats were given the task to guard a golden royal goblet and while in the heat of performing their duties, they stared at the goblet with so much intensity that their eyes crossed and while staring, they had their tails wrapped around the goblet to ensure no one and nothing touches it, this made their tails crooked permanently. These is always an element of truth in every rumor

You would be lucky to find Siamese with crossed eyes and crooked tail but they not as nearly as common. You just have to love these musketeers, giving their all in the line of duty.

Siamese cats are old breed

It is rumored that Siamese cats were originated in Thailand around the 14th century, the reason being that they appeared in a Thai manuscript. However, no one can know for certain when and where this furry beauties were first bred and domesticated. This is proof that they are one of the oldest cats in the whole world.

They’ve were guests in the White House

Siamese didn’t appear in the United states not until the 80’s even they they’ve been bred in asia centuries before then. U.S. President Rutherford B. Haye’s wife, Lucy are one of the earliest recorded owners of a Siamese.

The cat was a gift from a U.S diplomat who was serving in Thailand and madam president name her Siam. An impeccable name for a presidential cat wouldn’t you say?

Siamese Cats were Royalty

It shouldn’t surprise you to know that early Siamese owners where of the royal blood line. Many hundred years ago, these cats were admired and owned by the Thai royal families due to their distinctive and amazing looks.

Many believed that Siamese cats had the ability to receive their soul when they died. They also believed that the cat would live the rest of their lives in the temple and be cared for by priests and monks.
Everyone wants a form of salvation now and again don’t they?

Siamese cats won’t stop talking

Siamese cats can be extremely talkative if you’ve taken time to study them. They would readily vocalize their opinion the food you give them, about things they observe in their environment and everything they experience throughout the day, – even at night.

Siamese cats are good actors

Old movies like The Incredible Journey, The Lady and the Tramp, and That Darn Cat! featured Siamese cats and the entire plot of That Darn Cat! told the story of a Siamese cat named DC (or Darn Cat) who helped in stopping a kidnapping.

Apart from the movies, two real-life cats have helped foil espionage as far back as the 60’s, and guess what? They were Siamese cats. Two Siamese kitties living at the Dutch embassy in cold Moscow and began scratching on a wall.

Their owner who suspected that they were reacting to a noise that human ears couldn’t detect and the cats were right. 30 small microphones (bugs) were discovered behind the wall.

You go cats. Meow!!!

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