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Friday, October 30, 2020

7 Most Popular Online Businesses Ideas You Can Start Today

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Modern technology has enabled entrepreneurs to work from almost anywhere they want. Thanks to the internet, businesses can be opened online in a wholly digital environment – costing less and offering a lot of freedom to the entrepreneurs.

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There is no time better than the present for running an online business. With plenty of online business ideas available, you can launch a business and get it up running in only days.

So if you are interested to start something of your own, here is a list of 7 most popular online businesses ideas you can start without investing much time and effort.

1. SEO Consultant

Do you know a thing or two about search engines and have skills in platforms like Google Analytics? Today, one of the hottest business ideas for tech-savvy entrepreneurs is starting their online SEO consultancy company.

There are plenty of small companies that don’t have an idea of how much impact search engine optimization (SEO) can have on their business. By applying the right SEO strategies they can reach a wide number of target audiences online and get the opportunity to enhance their sales revenue.

Use your SEO skills to help businesses grow and expand their horizon. Help them get more traffic on their websites by using the keywords effectively and structuring content the right way.

2. Social Media Consultant

Social media channels have provided businesses with a great platform to get the word out to the masses. While large companies can hire full-time social media specialists or an agency to help engage with their potential customers and promote themselves on social media.

Small businesses on the other hands have to manage their own marketing for social media.  But with a lot of responsibility on their shoulders, small business owners get too overwhelmed to develop their social media approach.

By having some expertise in social media you can help small businesses to have a decent presence on different social media channels.

You can steer them in the right direction to better engage with their online audience and post good content to promote their business. Even if you start it from scratch, you will grow as your clients’ business grows.


3. Expert Blogger

If you carry good knowledge regarding certain subjects, and also passionate about writing, then creating a blog could be an excellent business idea for you. Launching a blog doesn’t require any technical or computer skills. The most important thing is to have a good command on the subject at which you are writing on.

A quality blog means that the writer carries good knowledge on the area he or she is talking about and must be able to generate trust among readers. Though when you will begin, you won’t find much of the following.

But over time, you’ll start to develop an audience since people will begin trusting your knowledge and expertise. Once you have an extensive following, you will be able to attract brands to advertise their products through an affiliate link.

Further, you can have pay per click advertising on your website through Google Adsense. In addition, you can sell ad space to interested brands. There are many other ways to make money starting a blog, choose one for a combination of them to get the money flowing in.

4. Online Freelance Writer

If managing a blog seems to be overwhelming but you still want to pursue your passion to write, you can become a freelance writer.

Starting a freelance writing career can certainly help you to follow your dream of being self-employed. You will have control over your schedule and can make more money than your day job. Becoming a freelance writer is not difficult. However, it’s important that you have good research and writing skills.

You need to create a writer’s portfolio and showcase some writing samples to attract potential clients. Meanwhile, you can find freelance writing jobs on different platforms like Upwork, BloggingPro, Flexjobs, iWriter, Hirewriters and more.

5. Sell Photos

Do you love taking pictures and have a good sense of photography? If so, then you can make good money selling photographs online.

Making money selling photographs has become easy and convenient. Online you will find plenty of people ready to pay you money for a unique and good collection of the photographs you have to offer. So, the photographs you have been taking even as your hobby can create you a solid source of additional income.

There are many stock photography sites like Shutterstock, Fotolia, and Stocksy where you can submit your images and earn money passively from the photos you randomly click in your spare time.


6. Vlogger/ YouTuber

People have begun consuming their internet differently. They are no longer just spending time reading content online, they are getting more and more engaged in watching informative videos.

Videos are becoming insanely popular over the internet. Video sharing platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube are full of videos on different subjects. That gives an opportunity to Vloggers and YouTubers to leverage this to their financial gains. In fact, there many of them that makes millions by posting their videos online.

If you like to get in front of the camera and speak well on a few things, then this is the time for action. You can create a YouTube channel and begin earning a decent amount of money over time. You can promote products for companies and brands and start earning money.

And the more traffic you build to your YouTube channel, the higher the ad revenue you’ll receive through YouTube.

7. Teach Online

Tutors are always in high demand. Therefore, if you have a bit of experience teaching or knowing a subject well, become an e-teacher to earn an extra income in your spare time. You need to be willing to give up a few hours to teach students online and assist them in the area they need help.

Sites like TutorHub and Tutorvista are places where you can sign up and start teaching students online. And once you have built a good reputation you can start making a lot of money.

Author Bio:

Katey Martin is a senior academic writer at the leading cheap essay writing service UK. Over the years of her long and professional career, she has successfully overseen several writing projects. When she is not writing for work, she likes to research different areas and comes up with informative articles for her online audience.

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