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7 Must-have High Tech Products for Your Next Trip

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Technology has changed the way we travel with modern innovations providing solutions almost every problem frequent flyers had encountered in the past.

Here is a list of high tech products that can make your next trip more enjoyable and comfortable as well as improving your productivity.

1. Noise-cancelling headphones: Safeguard your hearing

Noise-cancelling headphones are a must-have for frequent flyers for two goods reasons; they isolate most of the aeroplane’s ambient sound which has a potential of damaging your hearing plus, they enable you to hear the media you are listening to without having to increase the volume.

There’s a wide range of headphones to choose from, such as Bose’s premium noise-cancelling headphones or DJ Khalid’s favourite Beats by Dre. But there are other cheaper options you could get as well if you’re on a budget.

2. Battery packs (power banks), Power adapter, and cables: Charge your phone anywhere

Whether you’re travelling with just your smartphone or several smart devices, you need to think about charging during layovers at airports or while visiting in a foreign country.

Spending on a power adapter that fits into sockets from different regions is a great investment. It’s also recommended to get a USB charging cable to go with the adapter as you will be able to charge your electronics at most airports and, if you lose your adapter, can also be used to charge your devices by connecting one end to a computer.

A solar-powered battery pack or power bank is another solid investment idea when it comes to powering your devices. Nowadays, these are relatively affordable and will be of real help when you can’t locate a power socket, or you find yourself in the middle of nowhere.

3. Portable wi-fi for staying connected

If you’re travelling to a foreign country, there’s the probability that you’ll need to access the internet to post on social media, check email, or check directions on Google Maps.

Purchasing a SIM card is one but getting a portable Wi-Fi device can be much cheaper plus, it’ll provide you with faster connection speeds.

Portable Wi-Fi devices can sometimes be rented on arrival from shops at international airports plus; they are especially recommended if travelling to countries like Australia and Japan which are notorious for outdated or confusing internet services.

4. Digital copies of ID: Create that cloud backup today

While a photo of your driver’s license or passport may not be of much help at the airport, having a copy of your valid ID’s on your smartphone while travelling abroad could really be useful if you’re ever asked to prove your identity.

Surely, it’s important to always carry your ID with you, but a digital copy could really save the day if the originals get stolen or you’re in a place like a club or bar that gets raided by the police.

Quick tip: take a picture of each side of your photo and visa pages of your passport, a picture of each side of your ID and a selfie of you holding each ID in your hands.

Once you’re done with that, upload them on a cloud service like Dropbox, Evernote, or OneDrive, for easy access in case your smartphone gets lost.

5. Tracking Tags: Locate your lost belongings

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than losing your belongings while on a trip, especially if you?re in a foreign country. Attaching a smart tag such as the ones made by TrackR or Tile to your bags and gadget will go a long way to prevent this from happening.

You can clip these small devices onto your keychain, wallet, bags and even your passport and use a smartphone app to locate the missed item and display it on a map.

6. Aroma diffuser: Tackle dry hotel room air

Hotel rooms and even some Airbnb locations can be extremely dry. This dryness can have an adverse effect on your skin, hurt your voice, and increase the probability of falling sick.

An excellent way to tackle dry air while travelling is to pack an aroma diffuser or a portable humidifier. It is recommended to purchase brands that use ultrasonic technology as they don’t cause moisture build-up on surfaces and don’t require much cleaning.

MUJI’s aroma diffuser works well and can run for about three hours on its own. The diffuser by Organic Aromas is high-priced but is ideal for when travelling abroad as it is completely plastic-free and can charge via USB.

7. Electric toothbrush: Brush on the go

Electric toothbrushes work amazingly to keep your gums and teeth in good health, but one issue with most models is that they don’t charge when used abroad even with the use of a power adapter.

This is as a result of the different wattage levels of different countries.

One way to solve this issue is to get an electric toothbrush such as Philips? DiamondClean Smart model which charges via USB and also comes with a travel case that works as a wireless charging battery pack.

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