7 Reasons Why Getting a Divorce is Better Than a Bad Marriage

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Being married is a thing that brings joy, even though we know it’s not always rosy. Most people believe marriages were made in heaven.

Others also believe thunder and lightning were also made in heaven. This means that some marriages have their worst and this can affect people in unhealthy marriages in many ways.

At least one in four marriages end in divorce. This doesn’t mean life has ended. It is only the beginning of a new life and a chance at starting something even more wonderful.

Here is a list of 7 reasons why getting a divorce is better than a bad marriage.

7. Getting another chance at meeting “the right partner”

You unconsciously avoid being around others of the opposite sex when you are married. This is so your partner doesn’t get jealous. Doing this makes you miss out on plenty opportunities and amazing people you could have been friends with.

This isn’t terrible if you are content and happily married. However, if you feel your marriage has took a turn for the worse and you feel suffocated being in it, and after trying to salvage the union, things only get bad, then a divorce can create an avenue to help you meet the right partner in the future.

An unsuccessful marriage can help you gain some experiences that can help you navigate your way through another relationship better.

It would help you handle some issues you’ve had experiences with and know the best ways to tackle them, hence, helping you stay happier in the relationship with your new partner.

Also, some studies points out that people who remarry are less likely to file for divorce, mostly because they know better this time and are more certain of what they are involving themselves in.

6. Channeling your energy to developing yourself

You would be putting your physical and emotional well-being at risk if you decide to stay in an unhealthy marriage over a long period of time. You may also start feeling like you are losing yourself to the point of resenting not only yourself, but your partner as well.

Over time, you may discover that the things you find interesting no longer make you happy. Social gatherings, sports, hobbies and things that amuse you before you got married, no longer bring you pleasure.

This is because your marriage has become so unhealthy, it’s drained all the good energy you would usually use to make yourself happy. If you find it a difficult task to stay happy in your marriage and the feeling of sadness lingers on for too long, then you just might consider parting ways by filing for a divorce.

A healthy marriage is a happy marriage, and if you are not happy, there is no way you can completely focus on doing things that please you. Your marriage might just be the only thing stopping you from fully developing yourself.

5. Becoming happier

You lose a spouse you never imagined being without but you also gained happiness when you decide to get out of a bad marital union.

Not everything has to be completely complicated. You cant afford to lose yourself and pretending to be in a happy marriage when things aren’t obviously getting better.

It’s evidently time to move on if your marriage isn’t working and unfulfilling. This also gives you the chance to rewrite a new chapter in your life that you’ve always wanted to live.

4. Happier kids

Most people stay put in an unhealthy and unhappy relationship because of the ”children”. As noble as this may be, it does more harm than good, especially if they are old enough to understand that “mommy and daddy” aren’t happy with themselves.

They can easily feed off from the negative emotions in the home, the scoffs, sarcastic remarks, arguments, and worst still -physical abuse. They can feel the tension and stress caused by your marriage.  So what’s is the point in maintaining a relationship that isn’t working.

You may also be indirectly creating a bad idea of a normal relationship for them and this is not in any way, – healthy. You don’t want to be the one responsible for your children’s relationship issues when they grow up.

You need to teach them how to reach a compromise and know how to respect each other by doing the right thing. You and your spouse would be happy seeing your kids happy, even if you both aren’t together.

3. Improved health

A number of people believe that being married helps to boost your health, nevertheless, a bad marriage can do just the opposite.

An unhealthy, chaotic union can do more harm than you can imagine. Studies confirms that continuing in a hostile relationship can be as unhealthy as being an alcoholic or a workaholic who suffers from extreme work stress.

Marriage isn’t a do or die connection, you put yourself at an increased risk for heart disease, diabetes,arthritis,cancer, and a very poor immune system. You may even experience small physical cuts healing at a very slow pace.

2. Better looking

You would definitely notice some physical changes after a divorce, even if you don’t change your diet or visit the gym. You would also discover a significant change in your mood as you’d mostly always be happier than before you got divorced. More-so, this genuine happiness.

Most people go shopping for new clothes, shoes, bags, makeups and things they have interest in. Some people go on a vacation. This helps in boosting their self-confidence and improves their sense of well-being significantly.

1. Easier retirement plans

How often do people escape from a union expense-free? Some research shows that women who are divorced and never remarry are often well off when they are elderly.

People mostly focus on their individual careers and often have more edge at their work-place if there is nothing to distract them. Divorced women have been known to earn larger social security benefits and also make larger contributions to their retirement programs.

Have you ever been divorced? Are you considering it? Have you any advice on way to deal with divorce? Please share with us in the comments below.

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