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7 Strange Things Dogs Can Easily Smell

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The sense responsible for smell is known as the olfactory. The sense of smell in humans isn’t very strong compared to the dogs, which is 40 times stronger than ours. Dogs possess up 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses when humans have just about 6 million.


The fact that dogs’ sense of smell works differently from humans makes them even more efficient, and we have trained sniffers in various departments. Nonetheless, your regular pet can also do wonders and save lives with their strong nose.


Let us look into some of the unusual ways dogs can detect when something is wrong in you by their gift of smell. Read on;

1. Cancer

Cancer, as it is typically known, to be a disease that causes abnormal cells to divide uncontrollably and causes the tissue in the body to fall apart. The process produces a specific kind of protein that a dog can easily pick its smell.

Dogs are able to detect lung cancer through breathing or prostate or bladder cancer via the smell or urine. Dogs are continually being studied, and there’s been a tremendous breakthrough in tracing melanoma cancer.

You would even meet sniffer dogs in clinics detecting traces of breast cancer, and it’s been very reliable for early detection of cancer.

2. Imbalance in the glucose blood level

Reports have it that dogs can smell a drop in the glucose blood level. This can be identified by the change of smell in our sweat that may not be noticed by humans.

This ability can be essential for dog owners with diabetes, as your pet may be able to tell if you have diabetes or if your blood sugar has gone up or down. They may also detect a change in behavior that may help you check yourself if you are very sensitive.

3. Epileptic fits

Dogs can detect future epileptic seizure up to 45/50 minutes before it happens. It is believed that there is a particular smell that is secreted before the medical condition takes hold and your pet can perceive it.


Dogs show signs by barking or biting on your clothes and pulling you as a sign of warning. If and when it happens, they would be by your side to comfort and protect you.

4. Identity

Humans trust their eyes to give them more than half the information they need, dogs, on the other hand, trust their sense of smell even before seeing.

To dogs, the smell of a person is unique, and once they key unto a person’s smell, it is almost impossible to forget that smell.

Even if the smell is mixed (perfumes and body sprays), dogs would still be able to detect a familiar person. Furthermore, well-trained dogs can distinguish “smell portraits” of identical twins.

This is considerably helpful and widely-used in police work when searching for missing people. Yes, that’s right; no one can fool your dog.

5. Pregnancy

With their natural gift of smell, your pet can tell when there is a change in your body by the scent it gives off. A dog can quickly pick up smell when you are pregnant and can sense the series of hormonal changes that go on in your body.

They would detect the slightest difference in your body even at the earliest stage of pregnancy, and their behavior may change since to them, you’re a new person now.

6. Dogs can sense a storm or hurricane

Right from the beginning of time, animals have been closer to nature than humans are. A common observation of our modern dogs is proof of that as they can easily smell the slightest shift in the air and can forecast an impending disaster.

This, and a dog’s utmost sensitivity to the earth’s geomagnetic fields and vibrations, makes their prediction unquestionably trustworthy.

7. When you interact with other dogs

Dogs can send messages to each other via pheromones that can be seen in their urine, fur, skins and fecal matter. If you come in contact with a dog that isn’t yours and spent even a small amount of time with the animal when your dog isn’t present, your pet would know all about it because it would sniff all the information it needs out of you.


They can tell the dog size, breed, health and other features the dog has. So think twice before you cheat on your dogs.

I know you must have heard of super humans but there are also super
animals, and it might just be your very own pet. Take note of what your dog is trying to tell you. It just might be trying to save your life.


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