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7 Tips for Preventing Tick-borne Diseases in Your Dog

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When it comes to our pets, their health and safety are of high priority. Preventing your dogs from ticks, can help a great deal in keeping them free from the diseases the ticks carry, and ensure their total well-being.


Ticks are not only nuisance factors, they also have the ability to cause diseases. They can cause the Rocky mountain spotted fever, babesiosis and even bacterial infection right at the time of the bite. You don’t want this for your dog at all.

Tick dog

Prevention is the key to keep your dog free from ticks, and the threat it brings. You can use the following tips to keep your dog safe from ticks.

1. Learn which season breeds ticks the most

While year-round tick prevention is recommended, it is also essential to know the tick season. This season varies from region to region. Ask your veterinarian about the time of the year, when ticks are more. Knowing this, you can be more vigilant and help prevent these ticks.

2. Know the lay of the land

Ticks stay in areas that have dense vegetation. Most of their time is spent on the ground, but they are prone to climbing to the tips of shrubs and grasses. This gives them the advantage to leap on animals as they pass by. It is best to avoid such areas for your dog, especially during tick season.

3. Use products that prevent ticks

Products are available that prevents or kill ticks. You can use thick collars for your dog. Although, this may not be okay for dogs that engage in swimming, or those who have mouth play with other dogs.

You can also include monthly medications applied orally or directly to the skin. You can talk to your veterinarian about the right prevention products to use for your dog.

4. Check your dog daily for ticks

Do this immediately after outdoor roamings. Either it is a hike in the woods, or even after playing in your back yard. Pay close attention to the ears, head, chin, armpits, shoulders, groin, and upper leg areas. If you discover a tick, remove it immediately to prevent it from passing on the disease. Remember that ticks are a risk to humans too.

5. Save the ticks you remove

This may seem weird, but it is imperative, and might just prove to be useful. Different ticks carry different disease. Knowing the type of tick on your dog will help your veterinarian diagnose accurately. You can store them in a disposable container filled with isopropyl alcohol. Should your dog fall sick, you can show them to your veterinarian.


6. Get a Lyme vaccine for your dog

A Lyme vaccine is extra protection for dogs in areas that have high tick rates. Although most veterinarians are against the use of this vaccine on dogs that live in the regions that do not have high tick rates. Discuss with your veterinarian on this.

7. Get your dog tested

A blood sample can detect the presence of Lyme and other tick borne diseases in your dog. Early recognition of symptoms and diagnosis, will enhance the likelihood of a positive outcome.

Ask your veterinarian these questions

  • When does tick season occur?
  • Which tick prevention products will be right for your dog?
  • What method of tick removal is recommended?
  • Is Lyme vaccine necessary for my dog?
  • What symptoms of tick-borne diseases should I watch out for?

Have you had any experiences with ticks on your dogs? What measures did you take to control this? Share your experiences with us in the comments.


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