7 Types of Toxic Partners That Destroy Your Life

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Everyone would always assume their partner is perfect and would still want to look beyond their flaws.

The romance, the love texts, the promises, the sex, and attention are all overwhelming in the beginning, and then when all that character doesn’t come as constant as it used to, they begin to show their true nature in characters you only wish you could bear.

For a fact, these people can’t stand being themselves either, but there’s nothing they can do about these complicated characters.

There are some extreme characters that some partners display in their relationship that shows just how toxic they can be and how they can do a lot of physical and mental damage to you.

If you do fall into the categories listed below, then you may start reconsidering breaking ties with that person before that person breaks you.


Looks can be very deceiving, unlike your movie characters that have villains looking evil and the hero looking holier than a monk.

A typical abuser in a relationship would be your average good looking guy, polite, coy and may appear vulnerable but is always the direct opposite of these characters.

However, once such a person is being given a chance to exhibit their true nature fully, they render destruction in their path.

It may be difficult telling this such of individuals from how they look, dress or walk but listen to how they talk. Try to read between the lines. Listen to how they rant on about their past relationships.

If they have nothing good to say about their ex-partners and are always in the habit of bad-mouthing the people they have been with then my dear, I think it isn’t too late to call it quits. In simple English: RUN.

Such a person is an abuser and would try to ruin your mood all the time by showing dirty characters by being unreasonably jealous, nag you till you grow a migraine, control you, impose their wills on you, never say sorry even if they ever admit they are wrong.


These categories of people aren’t hard to notice. Nothing is ever good enough, nothing good is ever done for them, and they always have something to complain about.

The worst part, they don’t care who they whine to, as long as there is a listening ear, they would professionally complain about anything and everything.

It is easy for them to find someone happy and ruin it with their bitter nature. To them, life is good enough, everything is unfair, sugar isn’t sweet enough, and the sky just isn’t blue enough.

They just can’t hold a decent conversation long enough not to complain in between. They always have something to complain about even on extremely good days.

Satisfying them is completely difficult. Don’t bother trying to, you are calling for more reason to have more complains rain down on you.

If you encounter a bonafide whiner then darling, it is clearly a warning sign of impending doom that you can only avoid now that it isn’t too late.


Addicts are like a kitchen knife stuck at the back of your neck completely hard to pull out. A relationship with an addict is difficult to predict and can be incredibly frustrating to the teeth.

A relationship that has either of both partners as an addict is far from healthy and can be easily contagious, not to mention a high tendency of ruining lives.

Addictions can come in various forms outside the norms of alcohol, drugs, and gambling. Addiction to food, sports, video games, works and surprisingly, love is prevalent.

People with addiction traits would always assume they are not addicted to anything and act like nothing is wrong but would show signs of aggression once what they are addicted is taken from them.  It is important you pay close attention to your partner and how they react to certain things around them.

Also, watch what they sneak out to do. What the most rant about? What ticks them off? What makes them sad? Their response to life situations without their addiction will give you all the answers you need.

Childish adults

Some people believe that we all are young at heart and it is our bodies that ages but, some individuals won’t ever allow their inner child to develop enough to display their adult personalities. If you find yourself become a parent to your partner, regardless of their age, and then you are in trouble.

Tantrums would be thrown on days when you don’t deliver. They’d always expect you to clean up their mess and make you take the blames for the mistakes they make.

Adult activities “work” are uninteresting, serious things “relationships” becomes child’s play and you would be expecting too much from them when they have to make big decisions or settle bills.

You have to answer the door, prepare the food, take out the trash, go shopping, do laundry, and stack the fridge with enough junk food, all at the same time. Or else, you won’t hear the last of it.

Total perfectionists

Many people consider perfectionism to be an attribute of a successful person. We all strive to be better in all areas of our lives, and we try to excel in life activities as well. Nonetheless, there should be limits to our expectation of perfectionism.

Relationships aren’t office work, sport, and classwork. Rules that guide being in a relationship is entirely different, and some individuals find it hard to understand that fact and inevitably fail to draw the line.

If you are in a relationship with a perfectionist, then you should be ready to endure criticism, ridicule, and insult. Nothing is ever good enough.

You hear phrases like, “…but it’s not good enough” or “… but why didn’t you inform me?” You’d feel like you are dating a nag only this nag expects you to play God. Do what your feet know how to do best. RUN.

Emotionally unavailable

Some people commonly link natural emotions as a sign of being weak. They want to be loved but aren’t willing to neither get nor give it. Being emotionally unavailable clearly indicates signs that your partner isn’t motivated to be in a relationship and invariably means, you are wasting your time.

They may be willing to hang out, have sex, even make you happy but the moment when things start to get serious, they find it easy to drift off and break ties.

Emotionally unavailable people would readily define their relationship as “it’s complicated” and would be caught dead doing anything to improve the level of your relationship.

You’d always have to be the one putting in much work into the relationship. They find it easy to avoid serious conversations and might get defensive when you use the “we need to talk” line on them.

They display their disinterest in almost everything; they make themselves available to other females and aren’t afraid to show it, they find it easy not to reply text messages and important dates mean nothing to them.

You don’t want to be caught in the web of these individuals.


These are one of the most dangerous sets of people you ever want to take seriously. It’s rather obvious that such people find it extremely difficult to get along with their partners.

The egocentrism of a narcissist compels them to ruin everything no matter how important it may seem.

They care for nothing, and nothing moves them. All that matters to them is them. Their favorite subject is about themselves; every topic has to be linked to them, they idolize themselves and expect you to follow suit in telling them how amazing they think they are.

Their best word and letter is “I.” Anyone or anything outside the box of their existence means nothing to them, and you would be wasting your attention trying to get their attention to something they find no interest in.

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