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7 Vehicles That Rocked the Nigerian Road in the 80s

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Before the advancement in the design and architecture of this modern day automobiles, there was a time when the Nigerian road was ruled by some epic cars who’s style and elegance stood out. These cars were driven mostly by the prominent men and women in the Nigerian society and such wasn’t available to the poor back masses.

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These same cars are now being abandoned and neglected or used as taxi in the major cities. In this post am going to take you back memory lanes to know more about these cars. Without further ado lets dive in

1. Peugeot 504

Peugeot 504

This beauty here was produced by the France based company between 1968 to 1983. It’s base model was powered by a 1.8 litre I4 engine and a four speed manual transmission.

The engine and transmission varied in subsequent models as the year went by,with some models fitted with a V6 engine and a 3 speed automatic GM-407 transmission. The body style of the Peugeot 504 varied. From the 4door mid size sedan to the two door coupe and even the wagon. All of which were rear wheel drives

The 504 offered simplicity and luxury with its elegantly curved body that stood out from other vehicles of its time.

2. Mercedes Benz 230E W123

Mercedes Benz 230E W123

Fondly referred to as mercedes “flat boot” by many Nigerian folks,the mercedes Benz 230E W123 was in the frontline of the German based auto makers luxury brands as early as the late 70s.

It was a very popular car in Nigeria in the early 80s and was driven by the most elite in the society which included the biafran war lord lieutenant general chukwuemeka odumegwu ojukwu and a host of others.

The base model of mercedes Benz 230E W123 is powered by a 2.0 litre I4 engine. Other models were also produce which included a limousine and a convertible.


3. Toyota Carina

Toyota Carina

Talk about fuel efficiency and low maintenance cost, the Toyota Carina offers them all. A car more economical to use than any other car on this list. No wonder it was mostly used by priest back in the days. The Toyota Carina is a car built with simplicity and service in mind.

With its 1.6 litre I4 engine and 5 speed manual transmission,the Toyota Carina was one of the most quiet cars of its time. The reliability offered by the Toyota Carina is unrivaled by any other car on this list.

4. Volkwagon Type 1

Volkswagen Type 1

If I finish this article without including this vehicle,am sure most of you will question my post. The Volkswagen type 1 popularly known as the beetle is a vehicle produced in Germany by the automakers “Volkswagen” by the formulation of the Nazi leader, Adolph Hitler. The concept behind the car was to create a cheaper means of transportation for his country’s new road network.

The beetle was brought into Nigeria by the colonial masters and survived many more years after the colonial masters has left. It was mostly driven back then by the most educated folks in the society.

The beetle is powered by a 1100cc H4 engine and a 4 speed transaxle gear transmission. The engine is rear position and lacked a well defined radiator system. This car was so loved that Volkswagen decided to remodel the brand and the new models can now be seen on the road once again.

5. Land Rover Series I,II

Land Rover Series I,II

Arguably the first off road vehicle to drive on a Nigerian road,the land rover series was also introduced by the colonial masters. It was used mostly by the colonial masters way before the Nigerian independence and its use continued after the British soldiers had gone.

The land rover series came in three body chassis which included a 2door pickup truck which is mostly used these days as tow trucks. It came with a 1.6 litre I4 engine and a 4speed manual transmission which produced a massive torque,making the land rover an ideal off road vehicle


6. Volvo 200 Series

Volvo 200 Series

Even though this vehicle wasn’t too popular back in the days owing to its alleged excessive fuel consumption,the station wagon chasis was used mostly as a family car and a means of public transport. The Volvo 200 series is one of the strongest cars on this list and has lasted the test of time.

You can still spot this monsters being converted and used as pickup trucks these days. Powered by a 1784cc I4 engine and 4 to 5 speed manual transmission,the Volvo 200 series can hit the road at up to 160km/h and exudes a distinctive loud noise when moving

7. Honda Accord

Honda Accord

Popular among the middle class back in the 80s. The Honda accord is a car that offered the users a simple and economic me and of transport.

This mid size saloon houses a 1598cc 12-valve I4 engine and a 5 speed manual transmission. Some models came with 4 speed automatic transmission. This car is still in production till now,with its more recent models having more sophisticated and intriguing features.

Honourable mentions

  1. Honda prelude
  2. Toyota land cruiser fj90
  3. Citroen DS
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