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7 Weird Wedding Traditions Around the World

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Around the world, it is mostly considered that marriage is a sacred challenge or journey for a couple. And for that reason, in different countries around the world, it has become normal to help the future couple prepare for the ups and downs of their union.

These preparations usually come in a variety of shapes and severity levels across cultures. In this article, we will be taking a look at 7 of the weirdest wedding traditions around the world.

1. Scotland

There are different forms of torture. Some give you the privilege to cry, wail, think, and feel bad about finding yourself in such situations.

Some others were designed to take that privilege away from you and replace it with the weirdest form of happiness; suffering and smiling. In Scotland, your closet friends are mandated to drag you through the mud literally!

Meaning that they will bath you in whatever liquid or solid yucky thing that they have or can lay hands on. In other countries, the most fun part of a wedding is likely to be the part where people gather and play family games at the table, but the Scottish people have decided they want something more fun for the initiation process.

You are allowed to fall in love with an orthodox Scottish lady or guy, but do not forget that on your wedding day you are going to look like the happiest pig in the mud.

The recipe for the mud pool you’ll be swimming in isn’t all that complicated though: a couple of rotten tomatoes and eggs, curdle milk, flour, fish sauce, and then some spicy dirt and mud to garnish.

Your friends may decide to change the recipe just to suit their taste, but the general rule of thumb remains that the mixture must stink and be disgusting to look at. That is the recipe for perfection.

2. India

Eastern cultures are popular for their unique and mind-blowing traditions which usually show up out of nowhere, so there is a chance that you won’t be shocked to find out what kind of weird stuff happens during their weddings.

The one on this list is quite weird and doesn’t really have much to do with the wedding ceremony itself. there is a belief that individuals born when the planet Mars is situated in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th  house of an Indian astrological sign known as Rashi where born with a curse to remain eternally unhappy in their marital homes.

There is even a name for people like that they are usually called Mangaliks. to lift the curse they were born with such a person would have to undergo a particular procedure before the actual wedding ceremony with the love of their life. the ritual would involve the wedding of a Mangalik and a banana tree or an image of Vishnu.

Isn’t that just crazy those poor people will have to get married to his statue before actually getting married to a human-being. imagine what the fights in their marriages would be like, One could just go “Oh you cheated on me with a tree.”

More interesting, a famous Bollywood actress (name withheld) is rumored to have has a wedding ceremony with a tree before finally getting married to her husband.

3. France

Those french troublemakers definitely know how to entertain themselves in someone else’s wedding ceremony.

Real french traditional wedding ceremonies involve some very strange and kind of interesting nonsense. Just like other cultures, the French people feel that the couple should prepare for their marriage so that they can handle whatever comes with it.

But the way they do the pre-wedding preparation is by getting both the groom and the bride to drink champagne from a chamber pot. The reason for making them drink that much is so that they can get ready for a crazy wedding night!

As thoughtful as that may sound, it really isn’t the best idea. Anyways it is better than what used to happen before when people would gather all the leftovers from the ceremony and have the couple eating out of a toilet the best leave all of that for your imagination.

4. Germany

For some reason, a lot of people think that Germans might be a little bit too sexual and because of that you just may believe that the wedding initiation might involve something very sexual.

For the Germans, they have decided to flip the coin and give us something more civil than what is obtainable in other traditions that are featured in this article. For people who do not know the implications of German traditions, this may resemble something slightly savagely chaotic.

Before a person gets married a group of men would have to break into their house and break all porcelain objects in sight. While you may be tempted to call the police in other countries, in Germany, it is only a way your friends show that they genuinely care for you and they want what’s best for you.

So when someone comes into your house and breaks that valuable processing teapot you inherited from grandma you have no right to be upset.

5. The Republic of Congo

it is believed that people from Congo at the unhappiest when it comes to marriage, or at least that is what their wedding photos and ceremonies suggest.

It is a tradition that neither the couple nor the guests at their wedding ceremony are allowed to smile while the ceremony is on.

That might be one of the craziest things you have heard, but in Congo, wedding ceremonies are considered very serious events, and for that reason, nobody has the right to show some teeth, or show any form of happiness till the ceremony is over.

6. Sweden

If there is any group of people, who know how to make the most of their wedding traditions it is the people from Sweden.

The tradition is one of the funniest you might encounter on this list. It says that whenever the groom stepped out of a room, every other male guest is allowed to kiss the bride and the same applies to the bride, whenever she steps out every other female is allowed to kiss her husband.

This tradition is believed to make the bride and groom closer during the wedding ceremony because they would be scared to leave the room and have their soul mate be at the mercy of hungry friends, cousins, and distant relatives.

7. China

This had to come in last because it probably would be the weirdest. as difficult as it might be to believe, in Sichuan province of China, a bride-to-be is required to spend at least one hour daily for an entire month crying before her wedding day.

On the tenth day of the crying journey her mother joined her, and on the 20th day, she is joined by her grandmother this tradition is designed to help her get rid of all the tears before she gets married so that she can spend the rest of her marital life a happy person.

This seems like a very clever tradition. However, there is just something quite not right about it I mean why anyone would decide to cry without any reason to do so?

What do you think about these seven weird traditions? would you like to try any of them?

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